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Posted on March 3 at 1:51 p.m.

I wish the health effects were BS but unfortunately they are real. It makes sense for the average american to want to think that there is no problem with radio frequency radiation since we are getting bigger doses of it all the time.

A smoking analogy works here. I can decide to not use a cell phone or wireless connection (smoke) and avoid direct exposure but if I have a little smart meter broadcaster on my bedroom wall I don't have much choice and I am also being constantly exposed to the "second hand smoke" of other meters nearest me.

Unfortunately over 3% of Californians exhibit electrosensitivity so these little devices are bringing on symptoms in over 1,000,000 right now. It could take public health officials a while to identify the cause.

Is your ability to watch your usage on a computer app worth the possible suffering of thousands in your area? That's why a precautionary approach is called for before exposing large populations to an unpiloted technology

On Smart Meters Can Be Postponed If Homeowners Act Today

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