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Posted on July 6 at 9:28 p.m.

My 5yo son, "B" has frequently talked about his friend Jerry for the last year and a half since first meeting him at Maravilla during Kindermusik with Kathy's Family Time class. Shortly after we began taking classes we enjoyed helping Jerry celebrate his 99th birthday. Then 3 1/2, "B" was in awe that someone could be that "old" and could play the ukelele while singing. Even when not taking classes "B" continued to ask about Jerry and wondered how he was doing. We had the pleasure of getting to see Jerry one last time this past winter and "B" loved having the chance to sing with him again.
Thank you Jerry for being you and for sharing your love of music with my son. I am sure he will always remember you. Much love to you wherever you may be.

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