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Posted on May 31 at 8:02 a.m.

Totally agree, emenzies! My kid graduates SBJHS this Spring, and I am thrilled she gets to keep her principal all the way to high school graduation. Becchio has a philosophy of 'be where the kids are', which is vital to what's happening at SBHS. Caprito was a good man, agreed. I too think he got buried. With parental support coming up from SBJHS into SBHS, I think Becchio stands a good chance of being a GREAT principal.

On Extreme Makeover: High School Edition

Posted on May 26 at 9:25 a.m.

Interesting. I walked up State Friday at 6 PM, from Gutierrez to Carrillo. Counted 51 transients, bums, panhandlers...whatever the term is as of this week. The crew in front of the Habit was aggressive, young, with 4 pit bulls. They're not mentally ill, abused, or anything else. They're part of the Rainbow Gathering, and they have no qualms saying 'how bout you give me $5 for not commenting on your body?' Lots of LA-types were giving them money, and walking on, feeling good about themselves. The crew in front of Rite Aid, in contrast, were older white men, reeking of booze and smoking. I was panhandled twice by men at that location with the identical story: just need bus fare to get back to Oakland. They were there last Friday too. Stop already with the mentally ill sympathy plea. The ones on State are straight grifting, and they're unabashed about it. No it's not pleasant, and whether one is stopping at a longtime local eatery, or box store, one is not likely to return to such an inhospitable environment. As tax revenues decline from loss of business, so will funding for programs, both the effective ones and not-so-worthy ones, that would address some of these problems. Maybe that's a good way to make Homeless, Inc effective - only the programs that work would survive. But it's really a silly way to go about fixing the problem: increasing the problem while driving down the revenues that fund the fixes.

On Please Pass the Scapegoat

Posted on May 25 at 11:19 p.m.

sez_me is on to something. People die here. The only thing guaranteed to you by the event of your birth is your death. All the stuff in the middle of those two events is fairly negotiable. Just publishing that homeless die on the street tells us nothing. It is used to scare us into thinking there's a crisis, but we don't know that. We don't know if their death rates are higher compared to the housed. We can postulate a great many things, but without definitive numbers, it's hard to know the landscape we're really standing on. The homeless are not being attacked, but instead being asked to abide by the same laws and rules the rest of us live by, whether housed or not. Most homeless do indeed do that. A segment doesn't. I agree with Old Dawg about flattening everyone into one group, but I move in a different direction with it. Some of the able-bodied Rainbow Gathering group, replete with pit bulls and obnoxious behavior, are being lumped in with homeless in general, and thus compassion is expected. Sorry, but I won't be ponying up. Please don't flame a voice like sez_me. Just because a voice doesn't subscribe to the official line doesn't make it less relevant. It tells you where your official line has holes in it. Thus, it's a useful voice.

On Homeless Man Dies Near Milpas Offramp

Posted on May 21 at 11:55 p.m.


On How to Deal with It

Posted on May 21 at 5:23 p.m.

So, the world didn't end on schedule. Now what you got on offer, OldDawg?

On How to Deal with It

Posted on May 21 at 5:20 p.m.

I would have thought EZK would have jumped on his own solution: drive the bums out, no more conservatives on council. But I guess he'd rather chastise the rest of us on accepting peeing in public as bohemian, desirable ambiance, and keep up the whine about conservatives on council.

On Area Could Be Charming

Posted on May 20 at 10:12 p.m.

I'm with sez_me. Tonight, while shopping at TJ's on Milpas, I saw two police cars, a paramedic, and ambulance at Rabobank. They were all trying to get a stretcher along the embankment by the 101 Freeway, because a dead body was reported there. That is a notorious hangout for drug and alcohol use by homeless. While we were watching them, a fight broke out in the TJ's parking lot between a drunk homeless woman, who punched a drunk homeless man. Two more drunk homeless men approached, so the security guard had to deal with all four of them trying to fight during rush hour, while shoppers were just trying to make it to their car. Driving up State an hour later, I counted 51 homeless of all types between Gutierrez and Carrillo. Something is way wrong here, folks. This isn't about corporate greed and economic fallout. It's not about looking the other way and pretending there's no problem in the name of tolerance. We've got a crew of grifters hanging out here, and Homeless Inc can't wait to service them, wash their feet, and tell them how victimized they are. When did we, as a society, get the idea that it was fine to drop out, hang out, and be a parasite on everyone else? I am not asking for a Nordstrom sanitized world. But neither will I tolerate the town being taken over by out-of-area aggressive grifters bent only on furthering their lifestyle at the expense of ours.

On How to Deal with It

Posted on May 19 at 3:02 p.m.

Hmm. Thomas, your financial logic is bad, but your idea has some merit. Current spending on homeless: County of SB: $36m. City of SB: $3m. 2009 annual IRS form 999 reported revenue intake for Casa Esperanza: $3m. Rescue Mission: $2m. Transition House: $3m. Add it up: $47m. For 1500 homeless people, over 1,000 of them in Santa Barbara alone. That is $31,000 per homeless individual. Your $3,000 solution is better than what we're spending now, because it looks like all we're doing is growing this problem.

On Homeless Crime Wave: Perception or Reality?

Posted on May 19 at 2:55 p.m.

That's right, gardengal. No lynch mob can succeed knowing their case is non-existent. Funny how Nick wrote this as a smear, and posted it as 'news', when the latter category implies there would be some reasonable expectation of an unbiased story. Led by the McDermott-wing fringe on this board, the Indy lost any sense of credibility as a news media outlet some time ago. This just cements that they're liberal shills for the Dem Central Committee. What next, a fawning news story on how wonderful Daraka is? How qualified Deborah is? How beloved Iya is? You guys used to be great, a shining alternative to the News Supress. Now you're a yellow rag for the Dems, with a tiny cadre of commenters rehashing tired themes: non-existent CADA conspiracies to your beloved pot to Dale Francisco's daily bowel movement schedule (McDermott) to trying to pitch Helene as some sort of moderate. Even liberals are commenting the Indy has slipped, and is too liberal.

On Self Given Conflict of Interest Warning

Posted on May 19 at 12:01 p.m.

Yeah, there's an increase. Last year, the police reported a 20% increase in transient-related crime across the city since 2000, and a 472% increase in the lower Milpas corridor over the same 10 year period. Time to look at some other solutions - the present set isn't working.

On Homeless Crime Wave: Perception or Reality?

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