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Posted on July 11 at 3:33 p.m.

Time to raise the cost per rider, and to sell a rider pass program to area employers so they can get their workers to work! Problem solved, but hey that might just be to easy!
We have over 500 taxi cabs in town, there is an alternative transportation system in place in town and the County. Six (6) workers traveling to work in a mini-van taxi @ $15.00 per overall ride minimum is $2.50 each way or five ($5.00) dollars per day per taxi ride shuttle, per worker. If the MTD can create terminal hubs so riders can take taxi shuttle's to work, then an alternative is truly available.
Lot's of cab's sitting around the MTD, downtown waiting for rides. I'm sure all those drivers would take MTD Vouchers and discount there meter ride ever day if they were assured of payment from a ticket window daily or even accept payment week to week.
Non union Insured drivers ready to work for the MTD as cash contractors already approved by the SB Police Department who have passed a background check and drug test. who's cabs are inspected mechanically through out the year.
This sounds like a win, win to me, but hey I'm just a cab driver who's open to new ideas and solutions rather then cumbersome government financing.
The name of the Taxi Business is being available! The City and County now have cabs available and they're ready to go!
I know it's a nice idea, but I'm to much a cynic and don't really see the politics of this ever happening. Maybe that's what's wrong, we've become inflexible and unable to see the forest for the tree's! It's to bad because we have 500 starving cabbies who sure could use the extra work, who would be willing to pay a licensing fee to get certified as a "MTD Cabby!" Take $20.00 per week from a "Certified MTD Cabby," off the payout per week, and everyone wins! There is a solution, there always is when you think outside the box and take the blinders off! Look around people we're here to help!

On Bus Riders Brace for Impact

Posted on April 9 at 2:50 a.m.

Jim Fiolek says; he'd probably have you arrested if you tried to taste everything there, (At the Santa Barbara Vintners Association Rivers Edge Wine Festival in Lompoc this Saturday) and he warned "You probably can't do it!" But lots of people will try and lots of people will also try to sober up once they reach the front gate when leaving in there cars. Oh yes many are paying big bucks to take the sensible route and get on one of many buses, and into hired limos, but with nearly 300 taxis county wide do you think you can find a cab at Rivers Edge? On this day Lompoc Police are open to all county cabbies to be available to offer safe rides for people, who after the end of the day need and should not be driving a car. Jim Fiolek is absolutely right, you probable can't do it, but yet its done wine festival after wine festival, year after year, and yet no one can find a cab stand or find a cab even if they wanted to take the responsible route and get in a cab. Last year I was shuffled around and told by parking lot supervisors to move get out and was on several occasions point blank screamed at to move while trying as a cabbie to safely move people into town, or around the county after this wonderful affair was over. Sad, I'm sure several county permitted cabbies would love to sit on an established cab stand at Santa Barbara Counties Rivers edge Wine Festival on Saturday, April 17th from say 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Sure would be nice to get a ride out of there and keep some overly served wine imbiber off the 246. Anybody got any ideas as to how we cabbies can get a decent visible cab stand at rivers edge?

On All Together Now

Posted on November 10 at 1:40 a.m.

My Vote was for Doreen Farr! Why because I didn't believe for a minute that Pappas was an independent. It was a Republican reuse that almost won on the idea that if you vote for me because I not anything then I'll provide for you what Republicans and Democrat's can't. In short, I'm the Greek Geek, school board something sent to you from Zeus to save the people of Santa Barbara County from their Athenian ways.... Sorry Steve but no wooden Trojan horse's for this kid from Chicago, who's had one or two to many shot's of ozao in wonderful "Greek Town" in my day. Nice try, and you almost pulled it off.. Lucky for us others also saw through your political scam, but it really goes to show you how unplugged-in most voters really are when it comes to local elections. Thanks though, for running a clean campaign...The people have spoken, so now it's time to end the saga.

On Roller-Coaster Ride for Steve Pappas

Posted on October 29 at 3:48 a.m.

About the only thing I could do or afford at one of those white tables, would be a cup of coffee, but having coffee with Arianna would certainly be a kick! Thank God she blogs cause I can't understand a word she says, when talking in her very heavy Greek accent, but for sure she writes a very informative daily on the internet. We all have allot to thank her for. She's living proof that with enough money and ambition you can achive anything in the USA, and especially Santa Barbara....

On None

Posted on April 24 at 2:37 a.m.

If there was a chicken farm up in the hills NW of Santa Barbara, and another west of Santa Maria with the winds blowing south west into Santa Barbara, and winds blowing East into Santa Maria, and they were called Greka Farms and they really stunk to high heaven you can bet Greka Farms would then be shut down, and shut down over night.. The Problem here is Oil from our county ground doesn't stink, but something does on the County Board, and it smells of money and the good old boy system of Republican politics pure and simple....If there's an inithative, and a want, Greka would have been a closed Oil Farm long ago, probably after the first spill.. Yup it smells like bad mangement at Greka, and county board members who are in denial of whats happening. Were being held up and there's no Sheriff watching the Bank!

On None

Posted on March 26 at 1:05 p.m.

I Know, I know, but it's very interesting to me to see the city spend huge amounts of beutifacation monies on projects like sidewalk repair on Chase Palm Park, and then add in planter boxes at who knows what cost in lew of education funds and teachers salaries.... It seems to me the City has lost touch as to what its real priorities are, especially when it comes to how it spends it's money and the School Budget! ... But yeah, lets make it wonderful for those day-trippers from LA and Oxnard.

On Setback for SB Waterfront Makeover

Posted on March 15 at 3:26 a.m.

Sadly everything you talked about here is pretty much true...Thanks for doing it in a very funny way..Informative enjoyable reading...Great stuff Nick!

On No Country for Old Dogs

Posted on March 5 at 1:25 a.m.

This is just GREAT! But will the taxi guys be able to pick people up at the curb, ( RED ZONE ) or will the SB Police give them a ticket if they do pick up at the curb? Thus confusing the general public, and making a Taxi Driver vulnerable to the whims of the Police, rather then serve his public as his permit allows him to do! ...Just so you know, the police are not cab friendly... So please don't hail a cab in a RED ZONE...Go to a yellow loading zone if you can find one, the cops seem to give them a pass there, as there is a lack of lucrative active legal city cab stands downtown. How about a Norman Rockwell picture of a "SB Cabby," getting a red zone ticket for trying to put bread on the table...Now that's Art!

On 1st Thursday -- 03/06/08 at Downtown Santa Barbara

Posted on March 3 at 5:39 p.m.

It's clear to me that Doreen Farr is the heavy and most qualified candidate for the people of Santa Barbara, County. The only other I know of is Steve Pappas,Didn't he own and run a restaurant that's now closed up near Santa Yenez? Lots of choices, but Farr is my candidate..

On 3rd District Supervisor Candidates' Forum to be Held in Isla Vista

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