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Posted on September 18 at 3:45 p.m.

Rob, while I respect your devotion to Hillary I'm afraid you missed the
point.To be fair, I was equally against a Presidential run by Jeb Bush. In regard to my comments about Hillary, I simply repeated what has been reported in the news. Call it a hit and run piece if you so choose but her record is what it is. My point was that allowing the Bushes, Clintons, or ANY family to create a Presidential Dynasty by passing the mantle of presidential power and leadership from one family member to another, no matter what their accomplishments and qualifications may be, is undemocratic and contrary to our country's founding principles. Serving in an "elected office" was never contemplated to be a life-long career or a family business. As a staunch democrat, I would think you would support any effort keep the Presidency and all other elected offices from being controlled be an elite few. "Let democracy preserve and defend opportunity for everyone," should be a mantra we both can

I share your enthusiasm for gender equality by electing a woman as
President. Of the 44 "men" who've served as President, only a handful have shown remarkable abilities and leadership, most have served honorably, and others have failed miserably. At this point in our history I agree that it's time we elect a woman as President. But I just don't agree that Hillary is the best candidate. My commentary expresses my opinion and will have ZERO impact on the success or failure Hillary's run for president in 2016. The sky will not fall if I do not support Hillary!

On Do We Really Want Hillary or Another Bush Presidency in 2016?

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