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Posted on October 15 at 6:54 a.m.

Philip - wonderful opinion piece. You are to be commended for having the courage to publically out a story that has been kept under the radar for so many years. I suggest a career change to investigative reporter after your stint as CEO, though the pay might not be as good.
This election has really reinvigorated the democratic process! I guess there is a silver-lining to all this drama at the College - otherwise we'd have the same oligarchy.

On Incumbency Mystery Solved

Posted on October 14 at 11:19 p.m.

This was such a cogent, well written endorsement! Kudos to the Independent editorial staff - I presume that there must have been tremendous pressure to endorse the old established incumbency. But this endorsement is the right thing to do. I sat in those board meetings last spring when speaker after speaker asked for just a modicum of respect for public input. It was met with indifference; in fact, with down right scorn and disdain by both President Serban and Board President Dobbs. I am not part of a special interest group, I am a community member, and I made up my mind then and there that these board members were not governing in the best interests of the community - that they actually hated the public comments portion of the meeting! They have become a money cabal, not for the interests of the college or the students, but of their own egos and the look goods for themselves in the community. One has just to read their candidate's statements to see that what's in it for them is the bragging rights to how many boards they can be appointed to - that, and the easy $200 per meeting and private health insurance billed to the college. Let them use Medicare. The new candidates bring renewed energy and focus to the board. They will actually do some work! I have doubts that the present board members even look at the agenda before they sit down at the meetings - they seem so befuddled by the evasive and plodding comments from the President. Finally, I want to say that when the new board members are seated, I'll still be coming to the meetings and watching, evaluating whether their actions match their words. This campaign has reinvigorated the democratic process and the accountability of our elected representatives. I am especially going to watch Morrie Jurkowitz, Joan Livingston, and Luis Villegas because their terms are coming due next, and of course, President Serban - whose arrogance toward the community seems unparalleled. I sincerely hope she gets booted out with this old board - it is her plotting and dissembling that is the reason this bungling board is being voted out. How could they still not get it? Duh! LMAO right to the polls. : )

On Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees

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