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Posted on May 2 at 8:37 a.m.

It wasn't just loud for this one event. It is loud everytime there is an event with amplified music. Hours of screeching Mexican ranchera music the week before. Even with closed windows one can hear it.

I've lived by the Bowl for decades and rarely ever hear noise from their concerts. But the EWS events? Loud!

On Earl Warren Disturbs the Peace

Posted on April 26 at 11:49 a.m.

Ms. Kilgore also works with the school's kitchen staff and parents to encourage healthier, whole foods to be eaten.

She discourages juice boxes, energy drinks, cheese doodles, flavored milkfruit roll ups and other processed foods laden with high-fructose corn syrup. She supports alternatives to sugary, processed foods. She set an example for her students and staff by changing her diet and slimming down her 6 ft frame.

On Principal Kisses Pig as Reward for Improved Test Scores

Posted on April 11 at 7:04 a.m.

Removing this art bench will not solve the youch problem by the Habit, Parking Lot 10. They will go elsewhere such as under the Tonic overhang which gives sun and rain protection.

We need a better plan for making life more pleasant downtown for tax-paying citizens and families of this town. So many of us long time locals don't go downtown much anymore due to the hassle factor.

Some of them have large dogs, pit bulls that they get from shelters and that they can't safely control. I fear for my little dog's safety these days. She's been aggressively rushed by youch dogs.

On Cops Take Aim at Public Art Piece

Posted on April 9 at 12:01 p.m.

The lethal force of a bullet against a pet dog on a trail is unnecessary. It's just plain wrong. Bad behavior. Irresponsible gun use.

They should be responsible for their actions. Shooting a 40 lb pet on our trails. Shameful. Brea should know about these brave "hunters."

On Dogs Versus Hunters in the Backcountry

Posted on April 9 at 8:57 a.m.

Perhaps we should have a letter writing campaign to newspapers in Brea. Those of us who are apalled that hunters had a loaded gun and shot and killed a pet dog is horrible. It's a dangerous situation. Let them know what their residents did to our community.

Hold them responsible for their actions. I don't care if it wasn't posted or they didn't know the rules or if they could legally carry a loaded gun and hunt there.

He recklessly shot someone's pet dog when the dog had a collar and there were clear alternatives for defending himself.

On Dogs Versus Hunters in the Backcountry

Posted on April 4 at 2:39 p.m.

I am a medical doctor. It states he was a diabetic. He was not taking care of his health. He may have been using drugs.

Diabetes in a fifty-something man is complicated by atherosclerotic narrowing and kidney compromise among other things.

He likely died of natural causes and they await the toxicology report which can take a couple of weeks. He most likely died due to cardiac arythmia or myocardial infarction due to his uncontrolled diabetes.

No conspiracy or cover up. Just a common thing happening, (as far as a diabetic dying.

On Authorities Investigating Homeless Man’s Death

Posted on May 18 at 7:34 a.m.

CitizenX is informed because he's been hounded and victimized by the system. They have gone after his family's legit businesses too.

Something stinks in this town. We deserve answers from the city administrators, mayor and police department. Why is the will of CA voters (Compassionate Use Act of 1996) and the vote to keep safe access via the regulated, store front dispensaries being ignored?

Reliable polls show over 50% of those asked think marijuana is no big deal. Peoples' lives shouldn't be ruined over cannabis, especially not those who operated dispensaries and tried to be compliant with the ordinance, paid their taxes and had transparent as to operations.

One SB dispensary was run by the same family since 1996. These people are barely scraping by financially. They aren't rolling in the money from "profit." When one has to pay commercial rent, have an attorney on retainer, pay for insurance, security guard, payroll and benefits for employees that doesn't leave much room for profit in this industry in this town. It's expensive to grow quality cannabis.

We don't make coffee drinkers "grow their own."I can't grow pot at my house, nor can I whip up a decent Pinot in the bathtub. I shouldn't have to grow my own medicine. I need safe access to quality cannabis so I can get relief from my symptoms.

On Dope Days Are Over?

Posted on May 16 at 5:27 p.m.

[Taking a break from singing D I N O S A you R a dinosaur (ke$ha)] to tell Carpeterian, You are out of touch.

You are out of touch with the 66% of Santa Barbarans who voted to maintain safe access to medical cannabis via the store front dispensaries.

You are out of touch with the majority of the population of the US who think pot is no big deal, medical or not.

On Dope Days Are Over?

Posted on May 16 at 8:14 a.m.


No. Your model is not the answer.

This medicinal plant grows all over the world and has been used safely by many for centuries.

No sterile" delivery systems with layers of beaurocracy needed or wanted.

I am not a criminal. Leave me alone to do what I want in peace and quiet in my own home.

Let me have safe access to this medicinal herb via regulated, trusted store front dispensaries...just like we voted to do in November 2010 when we defeated measure T. Those who voted in the city of SB made it clear we wanted safe access and to keep the dispensaries.

Does the mayor, DA, city council not listen to its voters and citizens?

On Dope Days Are Over?

Posted on May 11 at 2:23 p.m.

I'm so happy for Sheila to hear how things ended up. I used to talk to her a few times a week when she was on the streets.She is a sweet person who's had some bad luck. Mental illness also played a role. So glad that she is safer now.

As to her stuff, so true for many. Where's a safe place to leave things while looking for work? Could the city consider day lockers like they used to have at big bus stations?

She is a talented knitter! Perhaps she should consider making some pieces for next year's seasonal Yes store on State.

On A Room of Her Own Now

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