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Posted on September 25 at 9:31 p.m.

Arguably art... means it's art! I had art classes with Dan. Our instructor would ask us "What is art?" Some of us wanted to know - others mocked the question. Art is what ever catches your senses and sparks a thought. Maybe Man shouldn't try to create anything. As long as it doesn't hurt somebody or ruin our environment - all is fair. Maybe we are fools to think that the limitation of either political party will improve our lives. I'll cast my first ever vote... when the big charade is over. Less is more. Another artistic expression that people who just follow will also find difficult. Leader tell us what to do. Tell us your plan. Make us rich. Abortion is mainly murder. The environment should not be ruined. We could have learned volumes from aboriginal ways. We are in for some really painful adjustments. We all know it.

On Artist Wants Liberals to Turn Other Cheek on McCain

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