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Posted on September 5 at 2:37 p.m.

just had dinner there last night.. right after drinks and apps at Lark.

perhaps (as italiansurg mentioned) the comically overpriced menu is the leading problem.. especially after a busy summer season.. that's supposed to be the bread and butter months for a restaurant in SB.

or perhaps SB populous won't support all these new "hipster" restaurants, with only "premium" liquor, non-traditional mixers, and adamant desire to stray from any traditional food or beverage item (see: caesar salad, cranberry juice, belevedere, crown royal, makers mark, etc).

after being told "NO" to my favorites.. feeling alienated by my lack of "cool" factor.. I have no desire to go back and feel humbled by the waitstaff when I'm forking out $50/head minimum.

"we don't mix with plain juice.. we only use fresh muddled fruit"

"we don't carry makers mark or crown royal.. we only have premium whiskey"

"we don't have caesar salad.. we only make gourmet salads"

I guess when you don't carry any commercially successful products.. your chances of success go hand in hand.

On Anchor's Away?

Posted on August 16 at 5:40 p.m.

good riddance! Wiley was supposed to prioritize his opinion for the constituents.. not city staff. Jim's butt buddy is finally gone! Let's see if council will appoint our community a legal representative with our best interest as priority.. not the dictator and dept heads.

On City Attorney Steve Wiley Retires

Posted on August 9 at 5:30 p.m.

I'd be willing to bet these two incidents are related...

"Badly Burned Body Found Along Highway 101"

On Sheriff's Office Eradicates More Weed Fields

Posted on October 31 at 4:22 p.m.

Agreed. Richard Foster did a fine job explaining the circumstances in an unbiased manner.

Thank you!

On Goleta City Council's unanimous vote against even studying whether to develop Bishop Ranch shows that the city is

Posted on May 4 at 10:15 a.m.

Erik Axelson was a beacon of light and hope for our county parks department. An innovative, experienced parks manager from New York City, he had the passion that so many public employees lack. He brought charisma and new energy to a dying and decrepit group of managers.

It truly is sad to see an "old guard" mentality in the governing of our parks and county programs. Our leadership has made an unfortunate mistake. Instead of guiding Mr. Axelson's passion and drive to improve our parks, the "leadership" decides to hire a new "interim parks director" - only to leave the state of the department's future in question again.

Mr. Axelson, I encourage you to keep your passion alive. You did make a difference in your short time here in SB County.

On County Prunes Park Services

Posted on April 23 at 8:27 a.m.

Arnoldi's wouldn't be the same without Willy!

On Willy Gilbert

Posted on March 21 at 10:52 p.m.

Although believable.. and perhaps probable.. interesting enough to mention that I thought the Sheriff's Dept. did a great job covering their butts by mentioning: "Deputies were ordered to back off because of the danger Kadell posed, explained Sugars, and they lost sight of him near Santa Claus Lane. Soon after..."

I think we've all watched a bunch of high speed car chases on reality TV.. Has anyone watched one where this happens??

On Hit-and-Run Suspect Flees Authorities, Causes Injury Accident

Posted on January 14 at 9:46 p.m.

Completely a PR piece.

White: "Embarrassing"

Francisco: "Shocked and ashamed"

..."though Police Chief Cam Sanchez mentioned he and his team are perfectly happy where they are now"...

This should of been in the City Administrators report months, if not years ago. That's the proper channel for the public. Not silly PR pieces. Come on Jim.. quit the smoke and mirrors.

On New Casa for Cops?

Posted on June 30 at 7:26 p.m.

Due Process - the only right mentioned twice with the 5th and 14th Amendment in our Constitution.

Both city staff and city council have brought this into question. A letter from the Parks Director state her initial decision to deny the festival was "unappealable".(Public Record)

Twiin Productions brought this to council who opened up the appeal process to Parks Commission, who approved their permit.

(It get's confusing here) After an appeal on the 1st appeal's decision, City Council then votes to give unappealable decision making authority to city staff to determine if Chase Palm Field is viable.

Why does city staff have unappealable decision making authority? That's not the way our country was designed to work.

Suing the city is probably not what Twiin wants to do - or they probably would have done that a while ago instead of creating solutions for the issues raised. But I'm sure they've got a bunch of attorneys calling them with ideas, and they probably are weighing the options.

I know these guys have learned a lot from this process, and they are invested in Santa Barbara - let's hope city staff and Twiin can work out plans to keep the festival in Santa Barbara - with less impact to our community.

On West Beach Fest Unplugged

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