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Posted on May 26 at 1:06 p.m.

What is it called when more posts are made by one person, and none of the posts have much value, other than to repeat a name? Spam.

On What Will the Refugio Oil Spill Kill?

Posted on May 26 at 12:49 p.m.

Yes, everyone knows about the natural seeps in COP. Also, most people know that there is highly diverse marine life in the area. There is oil and there is oil. To equate the slow release by seeps with the overwhelming number of gallons from a leak, is something even school children will say "not fair".

First of all, marine life thrives for the most part, despite the seeps. Second, oil leaks coat marine animals, plants, all sorts of critters and they die - i.e. not thrive.

Thriving versus dying.

On Refugio Oil Spill a Crime Scene?

Posted on May 26 at 12:40 p.m.

CHART: How Many Birds Are Killed By Wind, Solar, Oil, And Coal?

Either way, the results show that even with high-range estimates for renewables compared to low-range estimates for fossil fuels, fossil fuels are responsible for far more bird fatalities than solar or wind. Note the chart below:


"The Indy didn't correct its mistaken attribution, it allowed readers to continue to believe its false information." Please provide a link that refutes that claim. All I have seen is the warmer temperatures are the cause.

On What Will the Refugio Oil Spill Kill?

Posted on May 25 at 6:59 a.m.

As far back as 2001, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania declared that providing housing to the homeless is a “solution that can pay for itself.” Seattle, for instance, saved a lot of money with its housing-first program for recovering alcoholics. The Pathways to Housing program, which started in 1992 in New York City and was one of the initial housing-first programs, saved the public up to $42,893 per year, according to a 2011 report.

Utah and Colorado have also seen dramatic success. Utah has seen almost a 90 percent decrease in homelessness since its implementation of the housing-first model in 2005, the Christian Science Monitor recently reported. Colorado’s housing-first programs report a 96 percent rate of home-retention. Both states have also saved a lot of money. Here’s the New Yorker’s James Surowiecki to explain:

Homeless people are not cheap to take care of. The cost of shelters, emergency-room visits, ambulances, police, and so on quickly piles up. Lloyd Pendleton, the director of Utah’s Homeless Task Force, told me of one individual whose care one year cost nearly a million dollars, and said that, with the traditional approach, the average chronically homeless person used to cost Salt Lake City more than twenty thousand dollars a year. Putting someone into permanent housing costs the state just eight thousand dollars, and that’s after you include the cost of the case managers who work with the formerly homeless to help them adjust.

On Solution to Homelessness Lies at Hand

Posted on May 25 at 6:48 a.m.

Utah is winning the war on chronic homelessness with 'Housing First' program

Last month, officials announced that they had reduced by 91% the ranks of the chronically homeless — defined as someone who has spent at least one year full-time on the streets — and are now approaching "functional zero."

In 2005, when state officials began placing people in permanent housing, they counted 1,932 chronically homeless. Today, with 1,764 people housed, that number has plummeted to just 178 statewide. And officials have their sights set on those remaining.

"We know these individuals by name, know their situation," said Gordon Walker, director of the state Housing and Community Development Division. "And we can help them move out of chronic homelessness, if they choose."

Compassionate conservatism works.

On Solution to Homelessness Lies at Hand

Posted on May 25 at 6:45 a.m.

CNN: GOPer 'No doubt Obama born in Hawaii'

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

Posted on May 24 at 10:43 p.m.

"The state of Hawaii has determined that the birth certificate the Obama administration posted online is forged. It doesn't have a state seal and it's not on the correct form."

Please provide a link to that sheer and utter nonsense. If that were true, don't you think that the republican critters in congress would have immediately started impeachment proceedings? The nonsense is completely mind-boggling. I saw the Hawaii official state on a news program, that the BC was valid. It was also reported in all news media, and stopped Trump in his tracks. If the opposite had been said, don't you think that Trump would have trumpeted about it every day and taken Obama to court?

"Although parents cannot renounce U.S. citizens on behalf of their minor children under 18 years of age, minor children can renounce their U.S. citizenship by convincing a U.S. diplomatic or consular officer that they understand the consequences of renunciation and that they are not relinquishing their U.S. citizenship under undue duress or influence"

If that had happened, there would have been OFFICIAL records of Obama voluntarily giving up his US citizenship. There are NO, ZERO, NADA official records of Obama either giving up his US citizenship, or changing his name. None. Just sheer vaporware of the idiotic nut jobs.

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

Posted on May 24 at 3:31 p.m.

There is no “legal provision” of the United States whereby a minor could release his US Citizenship. It could not have happened.

Oh, believer in conspiracy theories, you have just crashed again.

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

Posted on May 24 at 3:20 p.m.

"Other than reverse flow check valves, to our knowledge, the use of automatic shutoff valves on liquid pipelines in the United States is a very uncommon (or rare) due to the over pressure risk ."

So what should Capps have done, now? Still change to the very rare automatic shutoff valves?

Methinks someone has come full circle, to the point where there would have been no reason for Capps to change a common procedure to a rare procedure. Imagine the howling if she had done such a dastardly thing, adding more expense just for SB county.

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

Posted on May 24 at 12:09 p.m.

I think there is a great deal of sampling and monitoring going on. Some have managed to get in before the oil reaches them.

There are two marine protected areas affected near the spill - Naples and Campus Point.

While pipes are far safer than road or rail, there should be far more inspections. Once every five years? Also, the feds do not have enough manpower to do the job effectively. I suppose that is thanks to the never-ending cutting of budgets that congress likes to do.

So I blame all the cutting congress critters - it is all YOUR fault that the pipe broke. You should be fined. You should be out here cleaning up. [/sarcasm]

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

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