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Posted on October 11 at 2:19 a.m.

Highly reguated? Fine. Where are the enforcers of the regulations? If you can pump 3 billion gallons of oil industry tainted wastewater into California aquifers and it is only recently detected I can understand why regulation is something you can point to while not being too concerned about.
Let's just trust what the industry says. What could possibly go wrong?

On Oil Is Here to Stay

Posted on October 11 at 2:08 a.m.

I'm fine with situational ethics as long as it is informed by situational history. This is not be the case in most of our military engagements.

On The Ethics of War

Posted on October 11 at 2:01 a.m.

It is unfortunate that, by design, we have chosen to segregate traffic into vehicle classes, and the motorized vehicles have definitely been put in the upper class - to the extent that having nearly annihilated one of the lesser class they feel that a throw-away apology is all that is required. A large part of the problem is in how we design our traffic lanes, which often tragically induce stupor into the most dangerous participants. The fact that people operating machines weighing thousands of pounds and moving at advanced speeds feel quite comfortable being distracted by other devices in their employ is proof of this.
Some day we will come up with the right formula. I'm happy you survived your encounter, as others have been less fortunate.

On Drivers, Be Careful

Posted on October 11 at 1:45 a.m.

I thought the article was, at best, pabulum, given the very real horror of this scene. I'm also quite distressed by the responses to it, largely by males. When I think about this issue, one thing that always strikes me is the language that couches it. A woman who drinks and is promiscuous will certainly be referred to as a "slut", or "whore", or worse, but a male who engages in the exact same behavior is called - what? A "stud"? A - help me out here guys - because the language, as far as I see, simply does not exist. Why is that? I assert that it is because our culture tends towards misogyny. Yes, guys, there will be a predictable percentage of false accusations, but that will never, and never should, preclude the preponderance of the evidence. We are not the victims. Women are. Get it. Now.

On Of Lads and Ladies

Posted on August 28 at 9:43 p.m.

Are we to take a single data point (one bike count) and use that as scientific proof? I know I have my own confirmation bias, but this is the type of crap that you would expect from those who disregard science and use their "common sense" instead. The preponderance of actual data (that consists of more than a single point) confirms the assertion that if you increase the infrastructure you will increase the users of that infrastructure, and that includes infrastructure targeted at the proper mix of cyclists and autos.
I have personally written Mr. Hotchkiss twice, with very balanced input into his request for feedback, as he states my opinion is more important than his. I have heard nothing in return.
I guess the takeaway is that I should keep my powder dry and use it on those who actually care about the issue, not those who just pretend to while forwarding their self-serving agenda. At least the auto-sexuals are not in the closet.

On The Bicycle Alternative

Posted on February 16 at 9:43 p.m.

yes, certainly she means 20 lb of CO2 per gallon of gas.

On Elizabeth Kolbert on the End of the World

Posted on July 13 at 1:42 p.m.

Hear hear!

On Obamacare Plus

Posted on July 13 at 1:39 p.m.

Good to see a healthy discussion here. Regarding the provisions in Obamacare that promise to lower costs in the future, there are exactly zero in the bill that are proven cost controllers and only a piddling few that might save costs, fraud prevention being at the top of this list. Perhaps it's counterintuitive, but electronic medical record keeping does not save money, although it does improve qualtiy (prescription fill error rate in the VA is an order of magnitude lower than the general rate which about 7% -yikes!). Preventive medicine is also a mixed bag in terms of the data, managed care has never been shown to save money, the list goes on. The much ballyhooed ACOs are a complete fantasy.

That said, I much prefer to have this legislation in place than not, as it does improve a few of the more egregious shortcomings of the current "system". In the end, however, we will only get true cost controls and savings when we implement a single comprehensive plan for everyone paid through a single agency. Some variation of this approach is used in every wealthy nation, all of which have much better health outcomes than we do while paying, as you note, about half of what we do.

On Obamacare: Start All Over Again?

Posted on June 5 at 10:41 p.m.

What Abel and fellow GnOPers fail to recognize is that crossover votes in open primaries are significant, espescially with a strong contender on the other side. Gloating about their totals being above 50% is naive, or, most likely, hubris.
Let's assume Abel does get elected in the general. Is he truly going to distance himself from the "hyper-partisanship" which is practiced exclusively by his side of the aisle? Doubtful. All of this is of course contingent on his ability to squelch the issue of possible tax evasion until the election.

On Santa Barbara Votes: 2012 Primary Election

Posted on January 18 at 1:18 p.m.

Nicely done! But c'mon, the right wing struggle with this issue is a never ending source of amusement for us all (even some of them, until they get caught with their pants down). I would wish that it never ended if not for the tragic consequences of their hatred.

On Kristy McNichol Is Gay

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