Hillary's Speech

Last night was an emotional evening at the convention and I found myself unable to write my usual late night blog. So I begin this morning instead. For those readers who do not know me, I must explain that I was and continue to be a Hillary supporter. I co-founded the group called Santa Barbarans for Hillary and worked on her campaign for president for more than a year. So I will leave the deep political analysis to others, except for a few comments, and focus on the personal aspect of this story.

From a political perspective, Hillary nailed it with her speech. To use a sports metaphor- she hit a home run. (I grew up with the Brooklyn Dodgers so this really has meaning for me.) While she talked about her experiences on the campaign trail and her personal feelings, Hillary continually emphasized her support for Obama. She put to rest any concerns about her lack of commitment to his campaign. I think it could be summed up in her comment that this is "about the American people."

The anticipation was high for her speech. It was the main event last night and for many HRC delegates the most important moment at the convention. All around me were Hillary supporters, even those who were voting for Obama. Everyone cheered during the video and then applauded wildly when she appeared on stage. The applause and sign waving continued until she was able to be heard. There was electricity in the arena. Like many others, I began to cry.
I could not hold back my tears. For so many of us who never believed we would see a woman president, Hillary's run was an opportunity to break the highest of glass ceilings. And when she stepped down in June, it seemed as if a dream had died. This morning, the emotion of last night is still with me.

In trying to find some reconciliation, I believe Hillary's comment that "together we made history" will help many of us move forward. I for one am ready. As one who believes strongly in role models, Hillary has done that for young women for generations to come. She was the first and we will never forget that. Hillary's recitation of Harriet Tubman's statement " keep going, keep going" resonated with everyone. It was her message to us that she will fight for a Democratic win in November. For all Hillary supporters, we also heard loud and clear that she will remain on the political stage and continue to fight for the issues we believe in. Hillary will be a leader for years to come!

Tonight we will cast our votes for the Dem. nomination. But Hillary's story is not over and many delegates are still struggling with this decision.

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