After-School Activities Guide 2019

Be Amazed at All There Is to Do After School with Our Complete Listings

by Terry Ortega, Amber White, and Graham Brown

Here are a few items that today’s students need to make sure they
are ready for the new school year.

Crayons to create the next masterpiece.
Composition book to compose the next great play, poem, story, or song.
Paper and pencil to write down remedies for diseases, climate change, and political conflict.
Calculator to count the number of friends you stick up for and the bullies that you won’t tolerate.
Planner to make sure you don’t forget school vacations.
Highlighter to keep track of your dreams, however unique and outrageous they may be. 
Oh, and one more thing…a backpack to hold your supplies as well as your individuality and ideals.

Now be brave and have an exceptional school year!