Our Home & Garden Special Issue 2021

Architects, Antiquers, Nursery Pros, Chefs, and Others Celebrate Indoors and Out

By Leslie Dinaberg | Photographs by Erick Madrid | Published May 20, 2021

Photo Credit: Erick Madrid

From private homes with public impact to public gardens offering private inspiration, our annual Home & Garden special issue for 2021 celebrates the many design and decorating options for residential life in Santa Barbara. We hope you find something that works in your living situation, whether that’s a small tree to plant on your patio or a complete remodel of your mansion.

Show Us Your Garden

Over the past year, some of us have been spending more time in our gardens than ever before. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables, or gnomes, we want to see it. Share a photo of your garden in our online photo gallery at independent.com/gardens.