How far do you drive daily?

Alarming news of the week?

Thanksgiviing means

New priority for the House?

After Jeff Sessions goes

Are you voting November 6?

Rawest nerve of the week?

Plastic drinking straws?

Trump in Helsinki?

What is ICE good for?

Choice for Sheriff?

Most watched June race?

Worst news of the week?

Who will Trump fire next?

Arm teachers?

Winter Olympics fave?

Stock market got you worried?

New Oscar category needed?

Do you like the new tax bill?

Net neutrality?

Whew! What a week! Watching:

Likely T-bird Day talk?

Sexual predators:

What does 'app' mean to you?

Is it better to wait for

Dismantle DACA?

White House reality show?

Which is most reassuring?

Food trucks

Today's book list?

Are you an immigrant?

Oscar pick?

Surprise of the week?

Most stupefying lie?

Which is smarter?

Favorite new emoji?

Online trolls

Are you voting?

Best dog breed?

Likely Halloween costume?

Favorite current Laker?

Favorite baseball team?

Worst intersection?

Favorite open space?

For president?

Best use of avocados?

Is the Posey amendment right?

Pot Prop 64?

Colin Kaepernick?

Favorite Gene Wilder movie?

Which is worse?

Best world to live in?

Britain in or out of EU?

The best uses of hemp?

Favorite ice cream?

Hillary in California:

Summer camp is...

$15 an hour?


New Santa Barbara bike lane

The next Supreme Court justice

Film faves for December?

Food trucks on our streets

Why are vacation rentals

Prepping for El Niño?

Dodger Chase Utley should be

Best event of the week?

What is art?

The Iran Nuclear Treaty

Who's funnier?

Donald Trump reminds me of

Fiesta favorite?

The Funk Zone is:

What's a 'livable' wage?

The next Lois Capps?

Best Deltopia scam:

Best reason to visit Cuba?

Most awkward holiday moment?

Jeb Bush for president?

Who really shot JFK?

What's the big game this week?

Cyclists should ride

Edward Snowden:

Pop-up dining


Dario Pini?

Patronizing Chick-fil-A?

Is SBIFF too exclusive?


Zero Dark Thirty

MarBorg's monopoly means

Corn vending carts

Artifical reefs are

Title IX

Texting while driving

A Target store in Goleta would:

UC tuition hikes are:

Best South Coast ’hood?

Santa Barbara's homeless?

$2 million for Library Plaza?

Medical pot shops in town?

Favorite part of SBIFF?

Obama vs. the Republicans?

In 2011, the world will:

2010 was:

Endangered species:

Anonymous commenters:

WikiLeaks are:

Best KCSB show?

New Noise must see band?

When sharks attack, you:

Can California be saved?

Least favorite commenter?

Who's your favorite commenter?

Katy Perry is so:

The fog is:

Best part of Fiesta 2010:

World Cup. I'm...

Future of Bishop Ranch?

Guns at Starbucks:

Josh Johnson in the NFL?

Atheism is...

Orcas should be...

Film fest done. Your thoughts?

Film Fest, One Week Into It..

Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

Earthquake Preparedness

Airport Full Body Scans...

Christmas this year...'s commenters?

Marijuana dispensaries?

UCSB Tuition Hikes:

Best waterfront dining?

Election results 2009?

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize:

Best surf spot?

Best band ever?

Most uncalled-for outburst:

Obama's Healthcare Speech:

Pot: Time to Legalize It?

La Brea Fire?

Foreign students:

Progress in Iraq?

The Jesusita Fire is:

Are we still evolving?

Mansions for Naples?


Obama v. McCain I: The Winner

Will work?

Catching Citizen McCaw?

Weddings are...

When will it rain again?

Which 2007 movie was the best?

What do you think of Blue Bee?

Favorite holiday drink?

What's up with the Nutcracker?

Any bets on who won the match?

Who is your favorite Democrat?

Bibbidy dibbidy?

What should Chassy do?

Fight Night?

Is it okay to snoop?

Favorite dried fruit?

Want to go to Haiti?

What sucks most?


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