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Posted on June 20 at 6:15 a.m.

And this group is looking into better waste-water recycling ... Heal The Ocean

"In our last E-letter we reported that HTO has been working with RMC Water, Los Angeles, on a study paid for by HTO to add specifics on the feasibility of upgrading and expanding the City's recycled water plant. That study proposal has turned out to be a template by which HTO is meeting with all Sanitary and Water districts on the Santa Barbara South Coast to work with them to productively convert waste(d)water to good-quality water to use. It is our dream that all wastewater pipes are turned around from the ocean – to Heal the Ocean this mission is even larger than the Rincon septic-to-sewer project, which took us 15 years to complete."

It is really encouraging to learn about a wide variety of groups, whether left , right, center, neutral or bipartisan, undertaking projects that are good for all of us. Instead of trying to twist everything into "the other party is bad using one example to smear everyone else" ... supporting groups such as these will result in benefits for everyone, in a cross-the-aisle, good neighborly manner. As intelligent reasonable adults, rising above the childish inter-party bickering.

On Pulling the $53 Million Desal Trigger

Posted on June 20 at 5:56 a.m.

Thanks, East Beach. After reading your detailed, politically neutral, fact-filled post - one can barely suppress laughter at the nonsensical, polarizing post that follows yours. Spin becomes mind-numbing and off-putting, especially when it is distorted.

On News Analysis: Pipeline Problems Date Back to 1986

Posted on June 18 at 4:42 p.m.

Thanks for re-posting with the conclusion

"Given Celeron’s culture of negligence and PHMSA’s tradition of toothlessness, the question has never been “if” and it hasn’t been “when.” It’s always been, “How bad?”

that some failed to reach themselves.

On News Analysis: Pipeline Problems Date Back to 1986

Posted on June 18 at 4:33 p.m.


Did I say fracking was good?

Nope - I excerpted a quote that indicate "lefties" support natural gas, in response to a charge that "lefties" do not support it. From the quotes, it is apparent that this administration, the Bidens, the Clintons support natural gas.

I personally - speaking for myself - not anyone else - do not like fracking. Period.

So, in answer to your question - fracking is good depending upon who you ask.

Governor Brown, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and others - yes fracking is good.

Me - fracking is bad.

Why do I feel like I am explaining something at a grade school level?

On Tear-Licking Dogs

Posted on June 18 at 8:30 a.m.

Once again - vague, unsubstantiated claims without any references or validation. Why don't you do some fact-checking first, before asking a question that would not be necessary, if you had. Your post looks really, really silly.

At the recent National Clean Energy Summit, Politico reported that Hillary Clinton repeated the natural gas as bridge theme and compared natural gas favorably to coal.

“The boom in domestic natural gas production is an example of American innovation changing the game,” Clinton said. “With the right safeguards in place, gas is cleaner than coal.”

Clinton’s support of natural gas should come as no surprise since during her tenure as Secretary of State she oversaw State Department efforts to encourage fracking for natural gas around the world. These efforts often directly benefited major American oil and gas companies such as Chevron, not known for their commitment to the environment.

In one example reported by Mother Jones, Mark Gitenstein, the U.S. Ambassador to Romania, explained how it was an ambassador’s job to work on behalf of corporations.

“The Romanians were just sitting on the leases, and Chevron was upset. So I intervened,” Gitenstein said. “This is traditionally what ambassadors do on behalf of American companies.”

Clinton is not alone among leading Democratic candidates for president in her strong support of global fracking of natural gas. Mother Jones also noted that Vice President Joseph Biden visited the Ukraine and assured the Ukrainian government that “We stand ready to assist you,” referring to developing their shale gas. Biden’s son Hunter also recently joined the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

Even with evidence mounting that using natural gas as a decades-long bridge to a low-carbon future is not possible, the current administration and the leaders of potential future administrations are all heavily invested in this approach. Of course, they assure us everything will be fine as long as we have the “right safeguards in place” and that the U.S. will be the country to teach the rest of the world about such safeguards,

Hillary Clinton touted it - as has the current administration - "the current administration and the leaders of potential future administrations are all heavily invested in this approach"

On Tear-Licking Dogs

Posted on June 18 at 8:20 a.m.


Not kudos at all if you read the OP. It was not Plains that took the county to court - it was Celeron.

"Why, I wondered, did Celeron take the County of Santa Barbara to federal court when none of the other pipeline owners operating in Santa Barbara saw fit to do the same? Because Celeron prevailed in that showdown, pipeline safety inspections and enforcement for the All American line were relegated to an egregiously understaffed and underfunded federal safety agency — the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), at which the top three executive leadership positions are now conspicuously vacant."

Was Celeron - that forced the issue of not having a shut-off valve and installed the pipe - Democrat or Republican?

And regardless of the political affiliation of the owners - the pipe break happened in 2015. Not 2013. Not 2010. Not 2000. etc.

It was on the watch of the current owners. Anything else, is a twisting of the facts. When you buy a company - you own it - and all of its problems. If it it had happened when Vulcan had a majority stake, then it would have been the fault of Vulcan. But it did not.

On Tear-Licking Dogs

Posted on June 17 at 6:41 p.m.


"Vulcan sold its majority interest to other Plains partners in December 2010, but it retained a sizable stake that it gradually sold off over the next three years. Allen still has a tiny stake in the company — less than 0.5 percent, according to Vulcan spokeswoman Alexa Rudin."

So someone with a stake of less than 0.5 percent after 2013, is responsible for an oil spill in 2015, and the current owners and management have nothing to do with it. You must think everyone else is an idiot.

Currently, " Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital is co-leading a $30 million investment in Siluria Technologies, a San Francisco company that’s developing methods to convert natural gas into plastics, chemicals and transportation fuels.

Siluria uses methane, which is the key component of natural gas and the world’s most abundant hydrocarbon, in a conversion process that includes advanced nanotechnology, biotechnology and chemical engineering.

The company says it is the first to provide “an economically viable and commercially scalable alternative to petroleum.” And it says the products produced from natural gas are indistinguishable from those made from oil, which is about five times as expensive as natural gas."

So someone who is pursuing natural gas as an alternative to oil in San Francisco, is responsible for an oil spill in Goleta by a company in which he has had a less than 0.5% share since 2013. Yup.

On Tear-Licking Dogs

Posted on June 15 at 10:19 p.m.

Hillary and Obama are tax and spenders? What hat did you pull that BS out of.

Reagan, Bush I, Bush II all spent far far more than Obama. In fact Bush II's congress was said to be spending like drunken sailors.

If you think the increase in the national debt is thanks to spending, you really don't have a clue. Look it up.

On A Sound Infrastructure Indicates a Sound Country

Posted on June 13 at 8:20 p.m.

Type into Google and see the difference for yourselves:

Obama Infrastructure

GOP infrastructure

There are articles from a variety of sources, not just MSNBC.

Btw, Rachel Maddow asks all of her guests regularly, whether they are from the left or the right, whether she has gotten any details incorrect. If she is called out, she corrects on air, any errors she has made. There is no other person on TV that does that.

She recently had an interview with a Republican from the Union Leader, who is allowing all GOP candidates to be heard, unlike the Fox News debate. He praised her for the work she did on that topic.

Please do not smear people just because they are liberal, which seems to be a national sport by the right.

On A Sound Infrastructure Indicates a Sound Country

Posted on June 11 at 10:20 a.m.

nomoresanity - personal attacks do not support arguments either for or against a particular topic. They are really lame and beneath any serious discussion.

Lumping me in with JT is baseless. I post less than once a week, often less than once a month, and only if I see something I know to be wrong. And I always try to back up my assertions with text written using correct terminology from established articles.

However, that procedure can also be done correctly or incorrectly as I discovered when reading a link to a post that claimed as a summary the meme that was debunked in the article at the link.

I do not provide bunches of links in any post because people hardly ever use those links. The best option is to excerpt at most three paragraphs from the article and then provide the link, for those who are interested to read more. The excerpt provides a summary of what the article is saying. (And yes, I have on occasion posted more than three paragraphs, but no longer do that.)

For example - if I have read or heard (usually from a TV source) something about a topic in which I am not an expert, and it runs counter to something posted, then I cut-and-paste paragraphs that use the correct terminology to present an opposing opinion.

So, please, cut the personal attacks. On some boards, personal attacks are not allowed.

On Vaccination Bill Penalizes Schoolchidren

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