September 22, 7:42 PM

passagerider on "Water Solutions Sought" As an engineer, I would suggest focusing on a 10-20 year view that would rank all options/approaches. A blend of approaches/techniques is the lowest risk approaches, Saying all that, a ... Read More.

September 22, 6:47 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" I like seeing teachers well paid, in present dollars. Let that sink in. I don't like hearing "poor schools never have enough money" because the salaries, benefits and pensions they ... Read More.

September 22, 6:39 PM

lonelywolf on "The Danger of Measure P" native, we will just have to disagree with you, please study your facts next time. Read More.

September 22, 6:24 PM

edukder on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " Here's a song about renting in the SB. Read More.

September 22, 6:20 PM

DavyBrown on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" Based on dozens of earlier comments on other threads, e.g. your attacks on Prop 30 and teacher salaries in Calif., you lie JJ when writing "I even like seeing teachers ... Read More.

September 22, 4:56 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" Just for you Davy Brown: Hate unions, hate the lackies elected to do their bidding, like teachers, value public education in concept very much, but no so much in practice ... Read More.

September 22, 4:34 PM

DavyBrown on "P Is for Products" Vote YES on P! It does not shut down current oil and gas development as the lying No on P folks have been directed to state by their corporate sponsors ... Read More.

September 22, 4:32 PM

DavyBrown on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" agree pardall "the UCRS is nothing like CalPERS" but Jarvis likes to conflate all of them. But UCRS does now have employees tossing in t least 5-7%, and after UC's ... Read More.

September 22, 4:13 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" Since as you claim there is no parallel to a teaching position, how can it now be measured in terms of " low salaries, huge workload increases, bad equipment and ... Read More.

September 22, 3:45 PM

pardallchewinggumspot on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" Don't know how you've conflated public employees with UCSB. There is no parallel in public employment to the part time lecturers and grad students at UCSB who get paid very ... Read More.

September 22, 3:20 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" Yang does work hard, is a cussed little beast when he wants to be, but he has done wonders at UCSB. We are lucky to have him. Particularly after the ... Read More.

September 22, 3:13 PM

zionist on "Drill Baby Drill?" It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. On the other hand, it's pretty damn hilarious. Read More.

September 22, 2:52 PM

pardallchewinggumspot on "Chancellor Gets a Raise" So with benefits his compensation goes from about $56/hour to $68/hour. Try hiring local legal representation for that. Yang does work 24/7. Generally, the taxpayer is not liable for UC ... Read More.

September 22, 2:51 PM

Botany on "Not Squeezed, Strangled" Did the owner tell you why? I'd be interested to know. I DO know that those multi-family properties around that area have been selling for astronomical prices recently. Maybe she ... Read More.

September 22, 2:48 PM

Eckermann on "Review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Santa Barbara Bowl" I really enjoyed the show (even the new songs). The musicianship was stellar and the mix on the voices the best I've heard at a Bowl show for a long ... Read More.

September 22, 1:54 PM

justtosay on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " Dear JarvisJarvis, I stand corrected regarding the history lesson. There appear to be a few different schools of thought out there, but I got ahead of myself speaking so definitively ... Read More.

September 22, 1:46 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Not Squeezed, Strangled" The real story is there is plenty of city sponsored senior housing in this town. Please enquire about what has been handed you here, before you rant about what was ... Read More.

September 22, 1:45 PM

spacey on "P Is for Products" One could hope that P is the gateway to the shutdown of oil and gas, but that would be un-true. The only way it could happen is with innovation, technology, ... Read More.

September 22, 1:40 PM

visionmatters on "Review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Santa Barbara Bowl" I thought they paced Still's voice pretty well. It was more disconcerting to watch him move. His hunched shoulders and rolling gait belying the color in his hair. He still ... Read More.

September 22, 1:39 PM

spacey on "Not Squeezed, Strangled" perspective. thank you. Read More.

September 22, 1:29 PM

JarvisJarvis on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " You are right about all of us coming to this discussion from different histories and perspectives. I worry when the last of us raised by Depression Age parents in the ... Read More.

September 22, 1:06 PM

amleon on "Review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Santa Barbara Bowl" I was there as well. I didn't think Stills's voice was in very good shape, even if was better than the last time. And it's really important to stress how ... Read More.

September 22, 12:38 PM

JarvisJarvis on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " Yikes, the New Deal politics did not pull us out of the Depression. They made things only worse. WWII finally pulled the national economy out of its slump and then ... Read More.

September 22, 12:33 PM

JarvisJarvis on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " Actually, the 1970's is when the California real estate market started catching up with the rest of the nation. What cost $100K in Washington DC area was still selling for ... Read More.

September 22, 12:25 PM

justtosay on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " Dear Sam_Tabada, Yes, that is pretty much the past that I was referring to, although some people have made it work since then as well. The 1970s is when the ... Read More.

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