December 28, 10:45 PM

realitycheck88 on "Homeless Youth Resources" Smaller government, more personal responsibility, incentives for parents to behave well, fewer stupid bleeding heart "programs" that benefit only people like the author of the opinion piece and the bureaucrats ... Read More.

December 28, 10:34 PM

Carnage on "Authorities Cracking Down on ATVs" @atomic_state, the cutting of oak tree branches was the final nail in the coffin , but in reality once the monkey flower was put on the endangered list, the place ... Read More.

December 28, 10:09 PM

ml4 on "The Beach Glass" ... let us know which beaches in SB proper allow using these beach wine glasses for their intended purpose sans beach permit application process. Read More.

December 28, 9:47 PM

whatsinsb on "Police Prejudiced Against 'Blacks and Browns'?" re: the Globetrotter's being laid out for 30-minutes on Haley at Santa Barbara Streets during December '83. As I recall involved officer's screwed up on the ID received relative to ... Read More.

December 28, 8:14 PM

Ken_Volok on "Vegetation Cleared from Douglas Preserve" Negative nellies, nattering nabobs, know it alls and kooks with the occasional loon to put things in proper perspective. Read More.

December 28, 6:48 PM

tabatha on "Vegetation Cleared from Douglas Preserve" Agreed. A contingent of negative nellies and know-it-alls are unfortunately typical of internet boards. Non-native eucs are hazardous as they grow older, and not that great for native wildlife - ... Read More.

December 28, 4:45 PM

lovebrucez1 on "A Walk for GMO Labeling" there is *NO SALVATION* in walking across (under satans authority ) = USA what will it gain you if done so ...? Clue 1 = NOTHING Read More.

December 28, 4:44 PM

billclausen on "Local Websites Provide Real-Time Weather Information" "No more new growth. Period. Live with less and like it. Period." JarvisJarvis (anonymous profile) December 28, 2014 at 12:10 p.m Tell that to the supposedly-intellectual heads of UCSB who ... Read More.

December 28, 4:32 PM

billclausen on "Humanely Produced Eggs for the New Year" "Eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship, enjoyment at a distance.” Ingrid Newkirk – Founder, PETA Think about it: No more ... Read More.

December 28, 3:12 PM

MichelMjohn on "Humanely Produced Eggs for the New Year" Hooray! -It's about time. Read More.

December 28, 2:09 PM

JayB on "Review: The Imitation Game" Sigh. Turing didn't invent the computer, he invented *Computer Science*. The movie, which gets the history, Turing's personality, and his accomplishments all wrong, gives nary a hint of this until ... Read More.

December 28, 1:21 PM

oldtimer on "California Crossing with Cracker’s David Lowery" Look at all the comments about yOur new album,, Wow,,, must be the title!!! Read More.

December 28, 12:49 PM

nativeson on "Branding the Presidio Neighborhood" So we should "learn to read", eh, Sam? OK, here’s some info which has as many links to its source as you have given for your “thousands of Chumash murdered” ... Read More.

December 28, 12:10 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Local Websites Provide Real-Time Weather Information" No more new growth. Period. Live with less and like it. Period. Read More.

December 28, 11:34 AM

tabatha on "Local Websites Provide Real-Time Weather Information" Talking about California rain patterns, here is an interesting article: excerpt: "Storm and drought are essentially the whole story of water and life in California in ways that have always ... Read More.

December 28, 11:34 AM

JarvisJarvis on "In from the Cold " Residents of Trona love it and have a real booster organization going to attract more people to it, so wash your mouth. "Homeless" can,t be choosers anyway. Whether they squat ... Read More.

December 28, 11:22 AM

RandyJanssen on "Humanely Produced Eggs for the New Year" National animal rights groups like the HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA have become urban concentrated vegan cults. They raise millions of dollars by pretending to take care of dogs and ... Read More.

December 28, 11:07 AM

atomic_state on "In from the Cold " Trona stinks to high heaven already, ha ha. Ah, the smell of money. Hats off to the miners who toil in that hell to secure roof and food, and much ... Read More.

December 28, 11:02 AM

Ken_Volok on "TV Is the New Art House" Internet piracy is theft, and it hurts indy film producers such as the makers of Snowpiercer and Melancholia the most; as well as having a negative impact on midbudget mainstream ... Read More.

December 28, 9:33 AM

JarvisJarvis on "Branding the Presidio Neighborhood" NB: Santa Barbara Mission was founded two years after Father Serra's death. Waiting to be enlightened about what exactly it was that Father Serra did and said about Mission Santa ... Read More.

December 28, 8:59 AM

JarvisJarvis on "Branding the Presidio Neighborhood" Nuke 'em, Sam. Wipe their stain forever from our memory banks and re-set the clock back to zero. And make the Chumash give up all their ill-gotten casino gains at ... Read More.

December 28, 8:40 AM

JarvisJarvis on "In from the Cold " Relocation to vastly more affordable areas in this state is the solution for local "homelessness", which is a voluntary condition requiring nothing more than handing out maps to Ridgecrest and ... Read More.

December 28, 8:39 AM

Sam_Tababa on "Branding the Presidio Neighborhood" Well it seems that Jarvis is a Catholic. No wonder you're so easily duped. The rest of you need to learn to read. Parroting the history you are supposed to ... Read More.

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