August 21, 9:37 PM

whosecityisthis2012 on "From Jail to Late-Night Salvation?" Basically this is a church operating in a public building- the state promoting one religion., all-male one at that.....i don't care how well intentioned they are - this is proselytizing, ... Read More.

August 21, 9:32 PM

14noscams on "City College Needs Measure S" howgreenwasmyvalley: SBCC offers programs that wouldn't exist if they were restricted to locals: Marine Tech attracts people from all over the US because, gee whiz, you can't teach hard hat ... Read More.

August 21, 9:21 PM

nativegeo on "Who Backs Anti-Oil?" July was an interesting month for Santa Barbara County,’s Water Guardians saw their Measure P qualify for the ballot followed by a significant uptick in unemployment. According to the ... Read More.

August 21, 9:02 PM

14noscams on "Justice" Botany - this is a LE policy issue that's really unrelated to the Holzer murders. JarvisJarvis: I heard Amy Goodman's interviews with Ferguson locals this am on KCSB (Democracy Now). ... Read More.

August 21, 8:42 PM

billclausen on "Supes Support Jackson Gun Bill" Now that some White and Asian people got killed and the fact that it happened on the hallowed ground of Isla Vista it's been decided to do background checks. When ... Read More.

August 21, 8:37 PM

billclausen on "La Casa de la Raza Near Foreclosure?" " Who the hell runs an organization into the ground and then begs for more money over, over, and over again."-TheTruthShallSetYouFree August 21, 2014 at 5:51 p.m. Answer: The public ... Read More.

August 21, 8:14 PM

sunflower99 on "How to Make a Million" Personal insults have absolutely no place in intelligent discussion. It's the online version of graffiti ... Actually more like scrawling on the bathroom wall. (Per the Indie's discussion policy: "The ... Read More.

August 21, 7:55 PM

14noscams on "From Jail to Late-Night Salvation?" dou4now - My dad's version was the converse: - you can't make em water. This is a great program; it not only acknowledges people as fellow humans rather than branded ... Read More.

August 21, 7:46 PM

buckwheat on "Supes Support Jackson Gun Bill" ss local: I agree with you that there shouldn't be a data base for gun ownership. It would make much more sense to be rid of all guns. Read More.

August 21, 7:45 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Justice" Yeah, maybe Wilson got drunk and fell down ......... Read More.

August 21, 7:45 PM

EatTheRich on "Justice" @Botany: "Obviously, lots of people are making things up already, since they are calling him a murderer without any evidence to base that on." You need to look up the ... Read More.

August 21, 7:39 PM

JarvisJarvis on "City College Needs Measure S" As the names of the donors to the Yes on Measure S campaign are made public it will be easy to tell who really "needs" Measure S, because it is ... Read More.

August 21, 7:20 PM

Botany on "Justice" Obviously, lots of people are making things up already, since they are calling him a murderer without any evidence to base that on. Read More.

August 21, 6:55 PM

LHThom on "From Jail to Late-Night Salvation?" Thank you, Steve, and your Christian brothers. Your mom and dad would have been proud of you. Dang, you look so much like your dad. Say hi to Suzie for ... Read More.

August 21, 6:40 PM

wdpcuyama on "Cuyama Valley Drying Up" I have a USGS water supply paper (1110-B) "Ground Water in the Cuyama Valley" done in 1948-1951. It says the same thing! That was over 60 years ago and we ... Read More.

August 21, 6:35 PM

EatTheRich on "Justice" @JarvisJarvis: "Keep your eye on CNN's latest report and analysis of Officer Darren Wilson's reported facial injuries - they are real" So what was once a 'broken orbital bone' are ... Read More.

August 21, 6:27 PM

billclausen on "Right Racist" Agree Dewdly, and as I've said, when Eliot Rodger killed those six in Isla Vista it made headline news because in part, he used a gun for three of those ... Read More.

August 21, 6:17 PM

DavyBrown on "Justice" For what it's worth, like the ref & the song, & certainly somethings happenin' here, but what is ain't exactly clear, not sure why there's a man withu gun over ... Read More.

August 21, 5:59 PM

Indyholio on "Goleta Re-Appoints Four City Councilmembers" ...or continue to make smart choices about development, not necessarily stop it. Read More.

August 21, 5:51 PM

TheTruthShallSetYouFree on "La Casa de la Raza Near Foreclosure?" This racist organization needs to be closed down once and for all. They have embezzled money for years, then cried for an infusion of cash to carry on their hatred ... Read More.

August 21, 5:46 PM

dewdly on "Right Racist" While blacks kill each other in record numbers, including small children caught in the spray of bullets, Obama and Holder are called into action only when the shooter is perceived ... Read More.

August 21, 5:25 PM

billclausen on "Right Racist" I will recuse myself from rating my own comments, and having now looked at all the comments so far, I'd say we are all basically on the same side. I ... Read More.

August 21, 5:16 PM

billclausen on "Right Racist" The black americans I have spoken with, mostly in Oakland, not in SB, recognize that Obama does not represent their interests. Lincoln and MLK were both Republicans. Ron Paul was ... Read More.

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