November 27, 5:39 PM

DrDan on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" agree MSG, and listen to the tremors of fear in Natty's bizarre kaka...keep wondering, oh yeah, and I'm sure you've begun divesting your portfolio of oil stocks, natster. Read More.

November 27, 4:43 PM

Ken_Volok on "Quelling the 'Thursday Night Effect'" If you don't live in that neighborhood why do you care if college students are acting like college students? Seems like a lot of nannystaters like jarvis just want to ... Read More.

November 27, 4:27 PM

dewdly on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" Blacks are used to divide whites making them easier to control. The dividing line is set between "liberal" and "conservative", between college students and working men and their families. College ... Read More.

November 27, 3:45 PM

MSG1936 on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" I hope the Independent reports just as vocally when the courts throw out the lawsuit as baseless. An oil company suing over vested rights because a community says they can't ... Read More.

November 27, 3:19 PM

nativegeo on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" Priceless, right on! The P guardians have lost all credibility. Why would anyone listen to Katie Davis and her minions again. Shell is taking on drilling ban in Mora County ... Read More.

November 27, 1:33 PM

DrDan on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" agree JL, much of this fulminating about data few of us have read...and there is a LOT of data. Read More.

November 27, 1:32 PM

DrDan on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" Priceless steams uselessly about the San Benito lawsuit, but ignores Hoffman's crucial phrase "whereas Measure P aimed to ban new projects [only] using those methods", but P would NOT have ... Read More.

November 27, 1:28 PM

JohnLocke on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" Have any of you read the evidence or heard the testimony? I thought not. So what is the basis for your opinions? Read More.

November 27, 1:20 PM

DrDan on "Misery at the Missions" NattyG, give a reference for these quotation, please, since the date matters. Many of us have been opposing the fee-to-trust of the Camp 4 property, but in fact the Bureau ... Read More.

November 27, 12:55 PM

tabatha on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" Low oil prices by OPEC are aimed at getting rid of the shale boom in the US. The lawsuit will probably go nowhere because it will be too expensive to ... Read More.

November 27, 12:32 PM

dewdly on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" Once again liberals are asked to defend the indefensible. They have had to swallow a lot to hang in there with Obama, but their devotion is being sorely tested by ... Read More.

November 27, 12:29 PM

nativeson on "What I Learned at Wounded Knee" Well (as my late English teacher Mrs. Thomas would say, "That's a deep subject"), atomic_state, you were clear enough. It's more likely that I came on a bit stronger than ... Read More.

November 27, 10:40 AM

nativegeo on "Misery at the Missions" Barney, we can thank our liberal county supervisors and their progressive base for current abuse. The control freaks are on your side now. "A few decades ago, the Chumash were ... Read More.

November 27, 9:42 AM

DrDan on "Misery at the Missions" Wikip, certainly an unreliable site, rather contradicts bc's overconfident assertion that "we certainly know that The Indians were treated horribly" -- Wikip is very popular and still regurgitates this slanted ... Read More.

November 27, 7:12 AM

zappa on "Homeless Camps Cleaned Up " If you lived downwind/near any of these camps during the now seemingly perpetual "fire season," you might indeed feel safer. There really is a difference between the "homeless" (or the ... Read More.

November 27, 7:01 AM

SBPorVida on "S.B. Responds to President's Immigration Reform" Glad to hear it, Bill. I would as well--even aside from the immigration issue, workers in America deserve a living wage and we should all pay fairly. But you're right--exploiting ... Read More.

November 27, 7:00 AM

zappa on "Misery at the Missions" There's ittle doubt that California's Indians (and those elsewhere) were treated terribly by those promoting Spanish colonialism, religious belief systems and, later, "manifest destiny." I think the record is pretty ... Read More.

November 27, 6:51 AM

Priceless on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" What? A Lawsuit? And here we were told by the backers of Measure P that the opponents were just blowing smoke. Enviro's are the same everywhere. Sue the crap out ... Read More.

November 27, 6:40 AM

nomoresanity on "Quelling the 'Thursday Night Effect'" " If that is the "problem" then fight it at the root. Trimming the leaves and branches just makes the plant grow back heartier and bushier." Wow loon, your getting ... Read More.

November 27, 6:39 AM

atomic_state on "What I Learned at Wounded Knee" OK, I was pretty vague in my first post. "One might even point out that it's now common knowledge that Saddam did not attack us on 9/11." INTENDED meaning was ... Read More.

November 27, 6:37 AM

nomoresanity on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" ahem is more comfortable with a crew from CC than UCSB. btw-I was listening to a MAJOR Bay Area radio station yesterday and the host commented: "...but of course that ... Read More.

November 27, 6:29 AM

nomoresanity on "Misery at the Missions" Agree completely with bc that we all know the mixed truth. The fact that wiki has it worded that way is indicative of nothing. Do I get to use wiki ... Read More.

November 27, 5:47 AM

nativeson on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" The poster “Priceless” stated: “Race relations are worse today than ever before”. That is accurate, and here is a section of an NY Times article that may help to explain ... Read More.

November 27, 5:27 AM

DrDan on "Misery at the Missions" Many people still need to read this book, Bill. Many today do NOT "know that Native Americans were horribly treated" at the Missions, including ours here in SB. Junipero Serra ... Read More.

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