October 31, 10:57 AM

LindaSO on "What Really Matters About Measure P" This is an eye opener. Imagine my surprise to learn that the oil industry plays dirty. We'll probably never know how many of the shills on this site are being ... Read More.

October 31, 10:19 AM

Botany on "Change the 24th" Capp's commercial cuts off Mitchum in mid-sentence to intentionally distort what he is saying. Unlike what Nick Welch says, Capps is far from being a "nice nurse" and thrives on ... Read More.

October 31, 10:09 AM

lawdy on "An Anti-Endorsement" are all the no on P posters posting in their HQ on upper state. went into AAA and in the building next door No on P has a full command ... Read More.

October 31, 10:09 AM

nativegeo on "An Anti-Endorsement" I had a similar issue with the Yuppers, geeber, gee wally willikers and ben manski. geeber, I don't work for SME, but you know they can't get 130 wells drilled ... Read More.

October 31, 9:47 AM

GEO on "What Really Matters About Measure P" Thank you Art for stating the cost benefit analysis so clearly. We know these truths are evident to most folks. The fact is: We need clean uncontaminated water to live! ... Read More.

October 31, 9:32 AM

SB_Guy on "Council Cracks Down on Street People" How did Cathy Murillo get elected? Read More.

October 31, 9:30 AM

hodgmo on "Measure P Protects Santa Barbara County’s Future" I find this Texan experience compelling: Since measure P doesn't change current practices, and new oil extraction practices demonstrably pose risks whose long-term downsides outweigh any imaginable benefits, I'm ... Read More.

October 31, 9:04 AM

hodgmo on "Change the 24th" Nobody is perfect, and, almost by definition, nobody can be in the political arena. We are reminded that Lois Capps' office is not perfect. Great. Revelation. How, specifically, might things ... Read More.

October 31, 9:00 AM

Herschel_Greenspan on "Change the 24th" Here is pathetic, Mitchum on: Global warming, what global warming? Energy policy, drill baby drill Immigration, wall off America and deport millions ( except his gardner and maid) Economic policy ... Read More.

October 31, 8:51 AM

Friendofoil on "Measure P: No? Really?" Ditto what they said! VOTE NO on P Read More.

October 31, 8:27 AM

JohnTieber on "Change the 24th" "It is pathetic that we in Santa Barbara have kept the same people and party in office too long." 'Lois Capps — Empowering War and Domestic Tyranny Since 1998' Noozhawk ... Read More.

October 31, 8:12 AM

49erfan on "Measure P Protects Santa Barbara County’s Future" I think realitchecks points are being repeated because they're the whole argument against p. I still haven't seen evidence to dispute them. All I see is name calling, like being ... Read More.

October 31, 7:52 AM

Priceless on "Ellen DeGeneres Donates $10,000 to Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office" Can you two idiots just be thankful that there are generous people out willing to give? BTW, what have you two done lately to be generous to your community??? Read More.

October 31, 7:42 AM

49erfan on "An Anti-Endorsement" While it may be true that there are posters using multiple handles, I'm pretty sure it's going on for both sides. This is a campaign and those things happen. One ... Read More.

October 31, 7:15 AM

random_kook on "Ellen DeGeneres Donates $10,000 to Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office" The Sheriff should go door to door in Montecito to collect protection money, then they wouldn't need to shake down ordinary people for a few hundred bucks. Read More.

October 31, 7:05 AM

nuffalready on "Measure P Protects Santa Barbara County’s Future" DavyBrown, River, Herschel, LindaSO: Mr Roden wrings his hands about oilfield practices he knows nothing about. On zero facts (but lots of emotion) he urges us to phase out production ... Read More.

October 31, 6:46 AM

nuffalready on "What Really Matters About Measure P" Emotional prose indeed. But where are the data? Approximately in 2005, Komex H20 was commissioned by the regional water quality board to study the effects of oil production on water ... Read More.

October 31, 6:25 AM

DavyBrown on "Measure P: Shocked" yeah, 49fan should go visit LAs Alamos sometime and learn where it is: dude, shill, it's in Santa Barbara County where YOU DON'T LIVE. Yes on P! Read More.

October 31, 6:21 AM

DavyBrown on "An Anti-Endorsement" nothing new in the No on P'ers boosting the appearance of more folks in their ranks using deceptive tactics like Thomas and others commenting on the same site with different ... Read More.

October 31, 6:16 AM

DavyBrown on "Measure P Protects Santa Barbara County’s Future" realitycheck88's not a paid shill, he lives up some canyon in Santa Ynez and has been howling his ultra-libertarian blarney a longtime: agree H-G that his six or seven copy-pasted ... Read More.

October 31, 5:56 AM

John_Adams on "Council Cracks Down on Street People" "A new police officer costs $150,000 a year, and the funds would have to come out of the city’s RESERVES." Read More.

October 31, 5:50 AM

John_Adams on "Where's the Support for the District Elections Committee?" Leo, the reason you have no credible support is because this is a Republican scheme for gerrymandering so Latino Republicans like you can try to get elected without knowing the ... Read More.

October 31, 3:30 AM

geeber on "An Anti-Endorsement" Off topic, sort of - on another local site that has seen major debate on P by letters to ed's and commenters there has been an exposure of No-P deception. ... Read More.

October 31, 2:57 AM

geeber on "Measure P: Shocked" Why is former S.B.Co Sheriff Thomas posting under two different monikers on this site? Is it to give the impression that more folks support the Nopes? If he is doing ... Read More.

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