October 23, 8:28 AM

nativeson on "Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars" The poster "random_kook" wrote: "It's unfortunate that we don't even have a good candidate to support." End of quotes. Because of corruption in politics our Constitution has been so hacked ... Read More.

October 23, 8:16 AM

solvangman on "Have You Kicked Your Inner Poodle Today?" Won't pass because of what he mentions - overreach. We've been saying that all along. And that's current news. Read More.

October 23, 7:55 AM

nomoresanity on "Have You Kicked Your Inner Poodle Today?" As usual DB and Geeber only read the words they want to read, then quickly distill out some conclusion based upon their initial bias. Read Nicks article: if the hodgepodge ... Read More.

October 23, 7:52 AM

lawdy on "Gang Injunction Winners, Losers" cry me a river. Read More.

October 23, 7:29 AM

sensiblemolly on "Measure P: Can We See the Future Without It?" Oil exploration has been here for 100+ years. Steaming has been done for 60 years. Quite obviously we have lived with oil. If you had a disease, wouldn't you spend ... Read More.

October 23, 7:18 AM

random_kook on "Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars" It's unfortunate that we don't even have a good candidate to support. Read More.

October 23, 7:17 AM

AutoCoalition on "Bike Hoedown, Not Throwdown" The city has received bids from private companies to update the city's Bicycle Master Plan. The City has a budget of $220,000 for the update. Perhaps the Independent should send ... Read More.

October 23, 6:58 AM

at_large on "Dry Enough For You?" Only in Montecito is dirt "gold". In Santa Barbara dirt is brown. Thanks for explaining those curious, laughable signs on patches of dirt where once there had been a straggling ... Read More.

October 23, 6:54 AM

nativegeo on "Measure P Damaging" DB, you are straying from Water Guardian talking points. "The fields are playing out". Chairman Geeber says thousands of wells are getting drilled. Wear your Netflix Alumni shirt with pride. Read More.

October 23, 6:53 AM

solvangman on "Oil Tax Money Funds North County" Geeber, You are just flat wrong on the longevity of the current oil production in the county. I agree with your Measure S. We would both be much happier. Read More.

October 23, 6:48 AM

at_large on "Gang Injunction Winners, Losers" Didn't she rule that traditional law enforcement methods ARE sufficient, not "she ruled that their conduct constitutes a public nuisance that could not be adequately remedied via traditional law-enforcement methods."? ... Read More.

October 23, 6:42 AM

billclausen on "Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars" DavyBrown: Why are you defending the status quo? Read More.

October 23, 6:34 AM

DanGulp on "Hiking, Dogs, and Bears" loonpt I respectfully disagree with many of your positions. In your first post you suggest that it is the "fascist police." Having rules does not equal fascism. Rules are needed ... Read More.

October 23, 5:59 AM

DavyBrown on "Have You Kicked Your Inner Poodle Today?" I ain't no Guardian, but Nick's fury is evident since he can't quite bring himself to say it: YES on P! Just read again the oil industry's crimes against our ... Read More.

October 23, 5:55 AM

DavyBrown on "Oil Industry Does No Harm" Wah wah, the sky is falling, that's what Donald Dick's crying out about. Measure P is right for our County and right for our environment: YES on P! Read More.

October 23, 5:54 AM

DavyBrown on "Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars" ahh, John, back to that "6 March Ukraine vote" stuff -- get over it, and great calling 80% of our federal representatives "clowns, war criminals, and traitors to the US ... Read More.

October 23, 5:49 AM

DavyBrown on "Measure P: Litigation as a Weapon" you read too much into Citizens United, solvangguy, "oil" is an industry, yeah I know it began there in Summerland, but it's an archaic fossil fuel BIG BUSINESS whose time ... Read More.

October 23, 5:03 AM

geeber on "Oil Industry Does No Harm" Mr. Dick , do you live under a rock. How do you not know about Greka fouling waterways multiple times or the massive pollution at Guadalupe Dunes ? Wow, ignorance ... Read More.

October 23, 5:00 AM

geeber on "Oil Tax Money Funds North County" No current levels of taxation will be compromised as no current operations will be eliminated. Stop the lies. One salient point Reed makes is that the North County cannot stand ... Read More.

October 23, 4:44 AM

geeber on "Have You Kicked Your Inner Poodle Today?" Thanks Poodle for elaborating on oil industry malfeasance in the Guadalupe Dunes and Avila Beach cases of mass pollution for profit schemes that will not doubt be repeated unless measure ... Read More.

October 22, 11:24 PM

JohnTieber on "Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars" chastity wrote: "this whackadoodle leftist...skull faced moron...canned response telling me to contact hanna beth leftie. hanna beth leftie told me to contact skull faced capps..." Were there a prize for ... Read More.

October 22, 10:10 PM

atomic_state on "Arroyo Toad No Longer Endangered?" Before Camuesa Rd got closed to vehicular traffic at Mono Creek to protect Arroyo Toads, they were not present near the road. But after a few years, it got so ... Read More.

October 22, 9:40 PM

GEO on "Measure P Deserves Your Support " Dear naivegeo As everyone knows,Chevron bought Texaco Oil in 1991 and along with all there holdings, there were the hidden liabilities of the Texaco Ecuador plunder cover up.Texaco bribed Ecuadorian ... Read More.

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