Border-Tighteners Celebrate Ruling Against Immigrants Paying In-State Tuition

React to Appellate Judges’ Ruling that the Practice Was Unconstitutional

A Santa Barbara organization dedicated to tightening the United States borders - Californians for Population Stabilization - lauded an appellate court ruling challenging the constitutionality of a state law that allows California immigrant college students to pay in-state tuition. The appellate judges decreed that the state law - which allowed immigrants who could demonstrate they attended three years of California High school to apply for in-state tuition - flew in the face of Congressional efforts to limit immigration. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of several out-of-state students who charged it was unfair that they had to pay out-of-state tuition while immigrants in the country illegally could qualify for the cheaper costs. This year, the California Legislature approved a bill that would expand those opportunities by enabling immigrant students with three years of high school to apply for limited student aid. PUEBLO, a countywide organization that advocates for immigrants, strongly endorsed that law, which has yet to be signed by the governor.

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