Aching for Nick

2000 Ten Years without Nick 2010

Dearest Nick,

I sometimes allow myself to dream of.

One more sunset

Two more dances

Three more smiles

Four more talks

Five more laughs

Six more hugs

Seven more kisses

Eight more photos

Nine more videos

Ten more years.with you

However, in order for me to survive this, I focus on being grateful for

knowing you and the fifteen years we had together

Thank you for the little

signs I believe are for me.

I will love and miss you.forever

Love, Mom

(In memory of Nicholas Samuel Markowitz, 9/19/1984-8/9/2000.)

Ten years of allegiance and convictions have made us acutely aware how privileged we were to have the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office working on our case. Our family would like to thank them for helping us honor Nick with compassion.

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