A Morgan, Arabian, and Spanish crossbreed, the Camarillo White Horses have been part of the Fiesta Equestrian Parade since 1929.

Paul Wellman

A Morgan, Arabian, and Spanish crossbreed, the Camarillo White Horses have been part of the Fiesta Equestrian Parade since 1929.

Fiesta Horse Parade Lineup

Order is subject to change.

P-1: Walking Group—Fiesta Flower Girls

P-2: Carriage and Wagon—Else Wolff

P-3: Mounted Color Guard—Long Beach Mounted Police

P-4: Float—Spirit of Fiesta

P-5: Band—Mariachi Mexicanisimo

P-6: Carriage and Wagon—Hattie Feazelle, La Reina de la Fiesta

P-7: Carriage and Wagon—Lt. Governor

P-8: Space

P-9: Carriage and Wagon—Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider

P-10: Group of Spanish Riders—El Presidente Michael and Sheila Dominguez

P-11: Carriage and Wagon—Honorary El Presidente Bill Janka

P-12: Single Spanish Riders—Honorary Grand Marshal Arnold Ayala

P-13: Carriage and Wagon—El Presidente’s Friends and Family

P-14: Float—Saint Barbara: Native Daughters, Reina del Mar

P-15: Posse—Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit

P-16: Carriage and Wagon—Celebrity Grand Marshal Ted Levine

P-17: Space

A-1: Group of Spanish Riders—Camarillo White Horses

A-2: Band—Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Pipe and Drum Corps

A-3: Carriage and Wagon—Airforce Colonel

A-4: Float—Native Daughters, Tierra de Oro #304

A-5: Band—Marine Corps Band

A-6: Float—Rickard Family

A-7: Carriage and Wagon—Congressmember Lois Capps

A-8: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. County Board of Supervisors Salud Carbajal and Janet Wolf

A-9: Posse—Santa Monica Mounted Police

A-10: Space

A-11: Carriage and Wagon—Assemblymember Pedro Nava

A-12: Posse—Escondido Mounted Posse

A-13: Carriage and Wagon—1836 De la Guerra Wedding Party

A-14: Group Spanish Riders—Los Padres Trail Riders

A-15: Posse—Kings County Sheriff’s Posse

A-16: Group Western Riders—Black Cowboys of the Golden West

A-17: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. City Council

A-18: Posse—Merced County Sheriff’s Posse

A-19: Carriage and Wagon—Past Presidentes

A-20: Float—Johnny Cochran Gang

A-21: Group Spanish Riders—Los Californios

A-22: Posse—Ventura County Sheriff’s Posse

A-23: Carriage and Wagon—Brittingham Family

A-24: Carriage and Wagon—Diehl Family

A-25: Group Spanish Riders—Hollywood Paso Finos

B-1: Space

B-2: Carriage and Wagon—Judy Pearce Family and Friends

B-3: Group Spanish Riders—Baroque Horses of Northern California

B-4: Float—8 Rotary Clubs Group

B-5: Band—Oxnard High School Marching Band

B-6: Carriage and Wagon—Impulse

B-7: Carriage and Wagon—Chumash

B-8: Group Western Riders—Rainbow Riders

B-9: Group Western Riders—Honorary Vaquero

B-10: Carriage and Wagon—Rodeo: Honorary Vaquero Family

B10a: Carriage and Wagon—Rodeo: Circus Wagon

B-11: Group Spanish Riders—Conejo Riders Drill Team

B-12: Float—Old Spanish Days Candy Kids

B-13: Band—Santa Barbara High School Marching Dons

B-14: Space

B-15: Space

B-16: Carriage and Wagon—Montecito Bank and Trust

B-17: Carriage and Wagon—La Cumbre Plaza

B-18: Carriage and Wagon—Dipaola Foundation

B-19: Group Western Riders—Shalhoob Group

B-20: Group Western Riders—War Horse and Military Foundation

B-21: Group Spanish Riders—Los Amigos

B-21a: Float—El Clampus Vitas

B-22: Carriage and Wagon—Wells Fargo Stagecoach

B-23: Carriage and Wagon—Bartlett, Pringle, Wolf

B-24: Carriage and Wagon—Albertsons

B-25: Group Spanish Riders—Cross Mountain Ranch: Boedekker, Trujillo

C-1: Carriage and Wagon—Los Padres National Forest

C-2: Carriage and Wagon—Gang from Crocker Row

C-3: Carriage and Wagon—Friends of Fiesta

C-4: Charros—Southern California Charros

C-5: Float—Old Spanish Days Italian Community

C-6: Space

C-7: Carriage and Wagon—Santa Barbara Shrine Club

C-8: Group Western Riders—The Lonesome Cowboys

C-9: Carriage and Wagon—Los Pobladores 200, Descendants of L.A. and S.B.’s Founding Families

C-10: Group Western Riders—The Giddy Up Gals

C-11: Single Spanish Riders—Kathleen MacQuiddy Galbraith

C-12: Space

C-13: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. Elks

C-14: Group Western Riders—The Willing Partners Group

C-15: Group Spanish Riders—El Charro Mexicano (El Maguey Andalusians)

C-16: Float—Garcia Dance Studio

C-16a: Charros—Grupo Charro Los Compadres

C-17: Group Spanish Riders—Camarillo Caballeros

C-18: Float—Ruiz Family

C-19: Charros—Charros los Tequileros

C-20: Space

C-21: Charros—Charros del Valle de Santa Ynez

C-22: Space

C-23: Group Spanish Riders—Los Cabillios

C-24: Charros—Rancho Talavera

C-25: Space

C-26: Space

C-27: Walking Group—S.B. City Fire Department

C-28: Float—Castro Family

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