A Matter of Smell

Thank you Angry Poodle for bringing up a small but aggravating issue on State Street. I refer to the obnoxious reek emanating from Abercrombie and Fitch, which, as Trixie noted, assaults the nostrils a long way from the storefront. As I bike down or up State, I can smell that cloying odor at least a block in either direction. Is this legal? I find it annoying in the extreme, but it doesn’t actually affect my health. Not so for others whose allergies to excessive fragrance can be quite uncomfortable. Does A&F have the right to gag us all with their signature scent, when it has nothing to do with their main product? Unlike a bakery or a gas station that might have a certain aroma that can’t be fully contained, a clothing store doesn’t necessarily have to vent choking fumes as a part of its business. At this point we are all pretty heavily imprinted with that smell and its associated store. Abercrombie and Fitch, saturate your customers inside your business if you like, but please let us passersby enjoy an unpolluted ocean breeze.

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