Sheriff Bill Brown in the Equestrian Parade, 2011.

Paul Wellman

Sheriff Bill Brown in the Equestrian Parade, 2011.

Fiesta Horse Parade Lineup

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Order is subject to change.

P-1: Walking Group—Fiesta Flower Girls

P-2: Mounted Color Guard—Long Beach Mounted Police

P-3: Walking Group—Spirit of Fiesta

P-4: Band—Mariachi Mexicanisimo

P-5: Float—OSD Sombrero Blanco

P-6: Carriage and Wagon—Celebrity Grand Marshal

P-7: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. Mayor, Helene Schneider

P-8: Group Spanish Riders—El Presidente and Guests

P-9: Carriage and Wagon—El Presidente’s Family and Honoraries

P-10: Mounted Color Guard—S.B. Mounted Sheriff’s Unit

P-11: Float—Saint Barbara

P-12: Carriage and Wagon—Junior Spirits

P-13: Space

P-14: Space

A-1: Group Spanish Riders—Costarricense de Paso

A-2: Walking Groups—U.S. Navy

A-3: Carriage and Wagon—1836 De la Guerra Wedding Party: Vi Obern

A-4: Group Spanish Riders—Los Padre Trail Riders

A-5: Float—OSD Hattie Memorial

A-5a: Posse—L.A. County Sheriffs

A-6: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. County Board of Supervisors: Salud Carbajal

A-7: Posse—Merced County Sheriffs

A-8: Charros—Southern California Charros

A-9: Group Western Riders—Black Cowboys of the Golden West

A-10: Carriage and Wagon—Women of the Early West

A-11: Group Western Riders—New Buffalo Soliders

A-12: Posse—Ventura County Sheriffs

A-13: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. City Council

A-14: Carriage and Wagon—Past El Presidentes

A-15: Posse—King’s County Sheriffs

A-16: Group Spanish Riders—Camarillo White Horses

A-17: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. Bank & Trust

A-17a: Carriage and Wagon—Union Bank

A-18: Mounted Color Guard—Santa Monica Mounted Police

A-19: Carriage and Wagon—Judy Pearce Family and Friends

A-20: Float—Chumash: Romero-Pacheco Family

A-21: Band—S.B. High School Marching Dons

A-22: Posse—Escondido Mounted Posse

A-23: Group Spanish Riders—California Andalusian Fiesta Day Group

A-24: Carriage and Wagon—KEYT

B-1: Float—Past El Presidentes

B-2: Group Spanish Riders—Hollywood Paso Finos

B-3: Carriage and Wagon—Impulse

B-4: Carriage and Wagon—Montecito Bank and Trust

B-5: Float—Rickard Family

B-6: Group Western Riders—Lonesome Cowboys and Cowgirls

B-7: Carriage and Wagon—Rodeo: Honorary Vaquero Family

B-8: Group Western Riders:—Rodeo: Rainbow Riders

B-9: Carriage and Wagon—Rodeo: Circus Wagon

B-10: Group Spanish Riders—Los Californios

B-11: Single Spanish Rider—Kathleen MacQuiddy Galbraith

B-12: Carriage and Wagon—SBPD PAL

B-13: Carriage and Wagon—Albertsons

B-14: Carriage and Wagon—Cox

B-15: Space

B-16: Group Western Riders—Conejo Riders

B-17: Float—Rotary

B-18: Band—Oxnard High School

B-19: Carriage and Wagon—La Cumbre/Paseo Nuevo

B-20: Charros—Charras Unidas de Villa

B-21: Carriage and Wagon—Los Rancheros Pobres

B-22: Carriage and Wagon—Chumash

B-23: Mounted Color Guard—War Horse Foundation

B-24: Carriage and Wagon—Wells Fargo Stagecoach

B-25: Space

C-1: Posse—Chino Police Mounted Unit

C-2: Carriage and Wagon—Gang from Crocker Row

C-3: Carriage and Wagon—Friends of Fiesta

C-4: Carriage and Wagon—U.S. Forest Service CREW

C-5: Float—Garcia Dance Studio

C-6: Band—Santa Paula High School

C-7: Space

C-8: Single Spanish Rider—El Charro

C-9: Charros—Charros Los Tequileros

C-10: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. Shrine Club

C-11: S.B. Elks

C-12: Float—NDGW: Tierro de Oro

C-13: Band—Camarillo High School

C-14: Space

C-15: Charros—Los Caballos de Musica

C-16: Carriage and Wagon—Diehl Family

C-17: Group Western Riders—Shalhoob Group

C-18: Charros—Rancho Los Dos Amigos

C-19: Band—Sacramento Youth Band

C-20: Carriage and Wagon—Lobero Theater

C-21: Carriage and Wagon—GranadaTheater

C-22: Charros—Rancho Arroyo

C-23: Group Spanish Riders—Majestic Acres

C-24: Space

C-25: Group Spanish Riders—Los Jinetes del Mar

C-26: Walking Group—S.B. Trust for Historic Preservation

C-27: Charros—Grupo Charros Los Compadres

C-27a: Charros—Charros de Santa Ynez

C-28: Carriage and Wagon—S.B. City Fire Department

C-29: Float—Castro Family

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