PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fire Preparedness for You and Your Property

In the event of a wildfire, the effort that is placed on preparing yourself and your property will greatly enhance your property’s survivability.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department offers the following tips to help you prepare:

  • Pull weeds or weed whip before the seed heads mature to reduce fire hazards and invasive plant seed banks.
  • Remove yard waste and other debris from your yard.
  • Be Ready! Have a plan of action in case a wildfire occurs in your area.
  • Pre-cut and label materials to cover your windows and vents. Store them along with a hammer and nails in an easily accessible place.
  • Locate woodpiles and fuel tanks at least 30 feet from all structures and maintain a 10 foot vegetation free zone around them.
  • Make sure your decks, porches and landings are free of unnecessary clutter and that anything remaining can be removed quickly.
  • Be sure to keep your water reservoirs and portable tanks filled. Have maps and hoses stored with the rest of your emergency supplies (ladders, shovels, etc.).

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people that fire season is now year round. What you do now can increase your home’s survivability later. Please visit Ready! Set! Go! program for more information on preparing your personal wildfire action plan.

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