PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Friday, September 7, 2012

Summit for Danny Bosnia

Since 2000, The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse has raised funds for the Daniel Bryant Youth and Family Treatment Center by hosting Summit for Danny mountain climbs both locally and internationally. On September 3rd – Sept 10th, 23 climbers will be arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina to climb beautiful, Maglic Mountain to support Santa Barbara youth that are overcoming addiction.

This climb is motivating, as we began this journey 12 years ago and now we are in a permanent home. Our purpose now, is to raise the scholarship funds to help continue delivering the quality treatment our children deserve” stated Patty Bryant, Summit for Danny Founder and CADA board member.

The climbs began in 1999, on the eve of the millennium when Bob and Patty Bryant climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds to create a treatment program for adolescents in Santa Barbara. This event was named “Summit for Danny”. This event came to be when Bob Bryant’s son, Daniel Bryant, tragically lost his life to a heroin overdose in 1995. Bryant was determined that other children, parents and family members should never experience the same pain. By turning his personal tragedy into hope for others, he created a center where local teens and their families could receive treatment for substance abuse.

In 2000, the Bryant’s led a team of community leaders on a first ascent of an unnamed mountain in the Canadian Arctic. The funds raised from these two climbs enabled the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to open the Daniel Bryant Youth and Family Treatment Center on March 22, 2001 and subsequent climbs enabled the purchase of a permanent home for this facility in 2011!

The Summit for Danny Bosnia will be the 8th mountain ascent that the Bryant’s and local community supporters make. This year, the climbers will tackle Bosnia’s highest peak - Maglic Mountain. All participants pay their own trip costs and commit to raising a minimum of $1,500 towards the goal of $100,000 for the Center.

For those who are unable to participate in Summit for Danny Bosnia but would like to be involved, please join the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse for a local summit climb on the morning of October 27th at Manning Park in Montecito.

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