Capitol Letters

California’s Political Geezers Strike a Blow for the Geriatric Set

Nancy Pelosi, Grandma of the House, Reclaims the Speakership

Nancy Pelosi, grandma of the House, reclaims the speakership. Read story.

The Best and Worst of 2018 in California Politics

It’s Hard to Overstate the Depth of the California Republican Party’s Collapse

It’s hard to overstate the depth of the California Republican Party’s collapse. Read story.

Daraka’s #MeToo Moment

Santa Barbara Dem Honcho’s Call-Out of Sexual Harassment Ousts State Chair

Santa Barbara Dem honcho’s call-out of sexual harassment outs state chair. Read story.

Dem Takeover in The O.C. Sparks Appeal For a Never-Trump GOP

State Republicans Suggesting Distancing Themselves from National Party

State Republicans are suggesting they distance themselves from the national party. Read story.

Midterms 2018: Political Postmortem

A Few Mysteries Remain in a Statewide Election that Played Out Mostly to Form

A few mysteries remain in a statewide election that played out mostly to form. Read story.

The Shape of the Future Comes Down to the Fight for the House

And the Heart of the Election Night Story Will Rest in California

And the heart of the election night story will rest in California. Read story.

Eleni Kounalakis Out to Prove 'Lite Guv' Can Wield Real Influence

The Diplomat-Developer Is One of Two Democrats Spending Millions to Capture the Office

The diplomat-developer is one of two Democrats spending millions to capture the office. Read story.

Red-to-Blue Crusaders Dispatch Aid to Nearby District

Katie Hill Looking to Unseat Rep. Steve Knight

Katie Hill is looking to unseat Rep. Steve Knight. Read story.

How Kavanaugh Fight Will Shape California Politics and Policy

Kamala’s Star Is Rising, While Kevin de León Misfired

Kamala’s star is rising, while Kevin de León misfired. Read story.

HBJ’s Historic Gender Equality Bill Signed

But Faces Uncertain Future

But it still faces an uncertain future. Read story.

DiFi’s #MeToo Moment

Why Feinstein Chose to Keep Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Letter Secret

Why Feinstein chose to keep Kavanaugh sexual assault letter secret. Read story.

HBJ’s High-Impact Legislative Session

Behind the Scenes with the State Senator

We went behind the scenes with the state senator. Read story.

Charter School Crusader Fights Unions in Bid for California Schools Supe

Tuck’s Rough Treatment by Dem Activists Reflects Dynamic of Campaign

Tuck’s rough treatment by Dem activists reflects the dynamic of the campaign. Read story.

Poverty the Shame of Santa Barbara

New Data Shows Rate in America’s Riviera Among Worst in California

The data shows the rate in America’s Riviera is among the worst in California. Read story.

Dem Activists Spurn Voters in Making U.S. Senate Endorsement

Party Backs Kevin de León, Who Lost His Own District to Feinstein in June 5 Primary

Party backs Kevin de León, who lost his own district to Feinstein in June 5 primary. Read story.

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