Saltura Makes Modern Beachwear for Men

David Malina and Addison Proctor develop new Santa Barbara-based clothing brand.

Improving the World with Soccer and Love

Dunn School graduate Kelsey Sullivan, 28, adopts 14 boys from Sierra Leone.

Ice Cream at the Finish Line

Here are some tips and treats for the 36th Annual Beach Endurance Event.

Scoping Blue Planet Eyewear

Carpinteria sunglass company makes low-cost product with high values.

Why We Started the Fiesta Cruiser Ride

Explaining the 1979 origins of the annual bicycle trek that finishes Fiesta.

One Fatal Rx, Room for Cream?

Why, in option-obsessed nation, do we still have so few end-of-life choices?

Adopt a Pet and Lower Blood Pressure

Why having dogs and cats is good for your health. Read story.

Real-Time Exploring via E/V 'Nautilus'

How to dive to the seafloor without getting wet. Read story.

I.V. Elementary Parents Critique New Storke, El Colegio Intersection Design

Concerns remain about schoolchildren crossing the busy roads. Read story.

Dozens of Bikes, Thousands of Memories

The Hubbells' extensive bike collection represents years of cycling adventure. Read story.

California Legalization Could Bring Unexpected Changes

Indoor marijuana growhouses planned, but outdoors could prove more cost-effective. Read story.

Island Fox Endangered No More

Biologists herald the fastest recovery of a land mammal in the history of the Endangered Species Act.

Adoptable Pet of the Week

Lovable Labrador needs a home!

A Rio Rundown

Pondering the greatest athletes, Santa Barbara’s shining stars, and more from the Summer Olympics.

The Founding of Lompoc

W.W. Broughton established the town as liquor free.

Gaining Energy and Losing Weight with Fitness Transform

Mikki Reilly’s paleo diets and thrice-weekly workouts were all I needed to get in shape. Read story.

Newport Beach's Fashion Island

Fine hotels and shopping are here within sight of the blue Pacific. Read story.

Three Companies Receive Clean Energy Awards

They're changing the world one photon or scum pond at a time. Read story.

Animal Film Fest on September 1

Davey’s Voice hosts screenings and special guest George Zaverdas at the New Vic. Read story.

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