American Exceptionalism in the Rearview Mirror

'There’s a battle outside, and it’s raging.'

'There’s a battle outside, and it’s raging.' Read story.

Triple Homicide Collides with Second Amendment

The Poodle riffs on silencers, baseball, Congress, and rage-a-holics with guns. Read story.

Back in the USSR

Gяээtiпgs, Amэяiкaпs! Barney impulsively flies off to St. Petersburg. Read story.

Current Events Viewed from (Way) Afar

Extra-terrestrial concerned about Earth direction. Read story.

American Exceptionalism in the Rearview Mirror

'There’s a battle outside, and it’s raging.'

'There’s a battle outside, and it’s raging.' Read story.

An Especially Good Time to Address Climate Change

People Are Taking Action and Raising Hope that We Will Win the Climate War

People are taking action and raising hope — not despair — that we will win the climate war. Read story.

Time Is Running Out for Carrizo Plain

National Monument Status Threatened for a Cherished Resource

National monument status threatened for a cherished resource. Read story.

First 100 Day of Isla Vista's Community Services District

Early Days Bring Policies, Procedures, Safety Patrols, and an Intern Staff

Early days bring policies, procedures, safety patrol advocacy, and an intern staff. Read story.

Setting the Record Straight on 'Old Spanish Days'

Santa Barbara's Historic Pride Is Sometimes Misunderstood

Santa Barbara's historic pride is sometimes misunderstood. Read story.

The Divided States of America

Muslim ban challenges the founding values of our country. Read story.

Holiday Awkward

Hoping for a winter anywhere but here. Read story.

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Library Alarums

What is going on at our wonderful downtown library? Read Letter

The Price of Entry II

Since my first letter, I have also checked into the entry fees at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Read Letter

No Honor in the Hometown

Let your expectations become aligned with what is possible. Read Letter

A Very Expensive Nightmare

What the Parks and Recreation Department is trying to do with the East Beach Grill will most likely not be a good decision. Read Letter

Dick Smith in Disrepair

Dick Smith truly was a renaissance man whom many would consider the 'John Muir of the Central Coast.' Read Letter

Legally Low in Cost

Santa Barbara's Local Coastal Program (LCP) was certified on the basis of low-cost visitor-serving facilities being provided in accordance with one of the policies of the California Coastal Act, to my recollection. Read Letter

Improving State Street

I have lived here for 27 years and have always been a regular visitor to downtown. Read Letter

Not a Print

Cover art inappropriate to the seriousness of the Han story. Read Letter

Whack a Bench

Moving the benches on State Street to adjacent streets would encourage the panhandlers to sit there, off of State Street. Read Letter

Local Locales

We read in today's Independent about the results of a retail study commissioned by the Downtown Organization regarding the proliferation of empty storefronts downtown. Read Letter

In Taxes We Trust

AB 653 frees California tribes from property taxes once an “application” was filed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take a property into trust. Read Letter

The Price of Entry

I recently visited the MOXI science museum for the first time, and as a grandparent, I was struck by the expense. Read Letter

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