On the Beach

Reaching a Fuller Perspective on the Refugio Spill

Reaching a fuller perspective on the Refugio spill. Read story.

7 Dogs for 7 Sisters

Forget Floyd and Manny; the real Fight of the Century’s taking place right here, right now. Read story.

The Creatives Are Coming!

To be safe from the drought, they can drink Perrier. Read story.

The Seat Thief

And other bad behavior at the movies. Read story.

On the Beach

Reaching a Fuller Perspective on the Refugio Spill

Reaching a fuller perspective on the Refugio spill. Read story.

Solution to Homelessness Lies at Hand

Permanent Supportive Housing Offers a Cost-Effective Answer

Permanent supportive housing offers a cost-effective answer. Read story.

Keep City Council Elections in Odd Years

Area Issues Get Buried During National Races, Money Is Wasted

Area issues get buried during national races, and money is wasted. Read story.

'Sometimes You Hear the Bullet'

In the ER the Night of the Isla Vista Shooting

An ER doctor recalls the night of the Isla Vista shooting. Read story.

Water Is Life

Stage III Drought Raises Farm Water Rates Dramatically in Goleta

Stage III drought raises farm water rates dramatically in Goleta. Read story.

Women's Roles in Islam

Muslim women have long had professional and inheritance rights. Read story.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Stéphane Charbonnier died a hero. He stood against the tyrants of the world. Read story.

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Like a Long-Lost Sneeze

The return of development at Naples, and Osgood, and a Mr. Liu, is like having that same allergy I’ve had for years coming back again this spring. Read Letter

Vote! It's a Community Gift

As graduation celebrations begin, consider giving a new graduate a gift that will last for years to come; help them register to vote! Read Letter

Gaviota Oil Blowout

People along the Gulf of Mexico are watching in horror as news reports show your citizens working on the beach and cleaning up oil without proper protection. Read Letter

Spill Liability: Would Jail Time Work?

People in charge of the decision making for oil corporations should be held criminally and personally responsible and liable when they are complicit in breaking the law. Read Letter

Bury Me with Soldiers

Father Charles R. Fink, a Roman Catholic priest of St. Philip Neri’s Church in Northport, New York, served in Vietnam from March 1969-March 1970 as a sergeant in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. Read Letter

Oil Futures

The oil industry is a gift to be cherished? Read Letter

A Prayer for Refugio

Please pray the little prayer for all affected by the oil spill at Refugio State Beach. Read Letter

Hit-and-Run Medical Help Sought

A hit-and-run victim has been left with medical bills. Read Letter

Clean Up Refugio Quicker

I am appalled by the scant response to the oil spill 18 miles north of Santa Barbara. Read Letter

City Taxin'

A claimed tax is "to go toward projects improving sidewalks, community buildings and fire and police stations," with no legal mandates. Read Letter

Community Support Fosters a Future

What is happening to many young people in foster care is not something that can be left unattended. Read Letter

Laws Are Made to Be Broken

Why was this rogue company from the insane clown posse state of Texas allowed to operate? Read Letter

Our Dogged Regulators?

How can the oil industry be managed when its regulator is tied to the growth of that very industry? Read Letter

A State of Gas

Listening to Senator Inhofe pontificate about global warming being a huge hoax would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic given his prominent role in the Senate regarding environmental issues. Read Letter

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