The Fox and the Chicken Coop

Bias, Deceit, and Sleaze in the Public Square

Some observations about bias, deceit, and sleaze in the public square. Read story.

Early Birds and Mad Dogs

Poodle ties record setting drought with record antipsychotic sales. Read story.

Who Would Want This Job?

Candidates line up for a dubious choice. Read story.

What Do You Know, and When Do You Say

You’re not a professional mental health worker. You have no duty to report someone acting suicidal or homicidal, or ... Read story.

The Fox and the Chicken Coop

Bias, Deceit, and Sleaze in the Public Square

Some observations about bias, deceit, and sleaze in the public square. Read story.

A Better Way to Care

An Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown

Community-level training and living support for disabled and disadvantaged people works better at less cost than state-run centers. Read story.

Unsustainable Santa Barbara

Multiple Water Conservation Measures to Consider

As a one-time leader in environmentalism, Santa Barbara should consider multiple conservation measures in place of desalination. Read story.

Business District Should Be Postponed

Change to District Elections Gives the Eastside a Council Voice

The change to district elections gives the Eastside a council voice. Read story.


A Great Divide Blinds the Common Good

A great divide blinds politicians to the common good and Obama's positive progress. Read story.

Women's Roles in Islam

Muslim women have long had professional and inheritance rights. Read story.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Stéphane Charbonnier died a hero. He stood against the tyrants of the world. Read story.

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United Vision for Eastside

More than 150 businesses have joined forces to establish different alternatives and oppose the current Eastside Business Improvement District petition. Read Letter

Be a Big Sister

Join me in supporting our local children for National Volunteer Week! Read Letter

Solvang Teachers Support Superintendent

A fair-minded, objective statement of support for Solvang School Superintendent Dr. John Karbula. Read Letter

Carp-Summerland Fire Needs New Stations

Community pride and safety will both be served by Measure Z Read Letter

Flexing Back

'Flexing Muscles Over Mussels,' included a gratuitous reference to a Coastal Commission staff person’s surname, in the process implying that working with the commission is akin to working with the devil. Read Letter

Donors Take Care

Donors responding to the Santa Barbara City College Foundation appeal may want to specify that contributions go to "Student Scholarships Only." Read Letter

Latinos on Boards and Commissions?

Is it not mandated that the Planning Commission members — and all other members of all city boards, commissions, and advisory groups — must be based upon the four majority and two minority-majority mandated districts? Read Letter

Understanding Common Core

State, local, and school leaders have been working to engage students with Common Core standards. Read Letter

School Basics

What is wrong with funding per student in Santa Barbara County? Read Letter

Budget Bludgeon

Kudos to the Board of Supervisors for asking Sheriff Brown hard questions regarding his budget. Read Letter

Turkish Prohibition Outrageous

I am outraged by California Assembly Bill 1410 sponsored by assemblymembers Nazarian, Achadjian, and Wilk. Read Letter

Ryan White Day

The AIDS story is forever interwoven in the story of the hemophilia bleeding disorder. Read Letter

Dirty Frackin' in Our Waters

It bears mentioning that several other oil-extraction waste-water injection sites are active just off our coast. Read Letter

Bad Deal

President Obama's deal with Iran would be a disaster. Read Letter

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