Enhancing Our Community

On Commerce, Water, Jobs, and Camp 4

Santa Barbara County is a wonderful place to live. Read story.

Full-Frontal Dog

Will a name change save county Mental Health? Read story.

Scoping Out the Fest

Film festival offers not-to-be-missed foreign flicks and documentaries, too. Read story.

Searching for Myra

As we get closer to the end of our road, we get more curious about where it began. Read story.

Enhancing Our Community

On Commerce, Water, Jobs, and Camp 4

Santa Barbara County is a wonderful place to live. Read story.

Coastal Commission Coup d’Etat

Commissioners Mark 40th Anniversary by Trying to Fire Executive Director

Commissioners mark 40th anniversary by trying to fire executive director. Read story.

State Water and the Desecration of the Goodland

Building Continues Apace Despite the Drought

Goletians must reflect on what got our community into this mess in the first place. Read story.

Protecting California's Coast Requires a Firm Hand, not Politics

Removing Charles Lester as Coastal Commission Chief Is Ill-Advised

The financial clout of coastal projects requires Charles Lester's integrity at the top. Read story.

Unproductive Drama

Anointing Lester, Demonizing the Agency, and Getting Us Nowhere

Anointing Lester and demonizing the agency is getting us nowhere. Read story.

Extremists Endanger Muslims, Too

ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other group. Read story.

Is It an Election or a Bad Reality TV Show?

On the war in Yemen and other things we don't like to think about. Read story.

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I find it curious that Mayor Helene Schneider is quoted saying the system is “rigged, meant to protect the politically connected, the powerful.” Read Letter

Voting Human

This particular presidential campaign is delicious horror show Read Letter

Kudos to EDC

For 20 years Exxon and Venoco have been fracking offshore at the oil rigs we all see from town. Read Letter

Cave Collapse Timely

It's incredibly lucky that no one was inside during the collapse of the More Mesa caves. Read Letter

Paris Presentation Praise

Really enjoyed the presentation about the Paris talks that Ethan Stewart gave at Antioch in January. Read Letter

Something Smells Fishy

Santa Barbara's Planning Commission tossed a red herring when it claimed outlawing vacation rentals would reduce the county's affordable housing crisis. Read Letter

From EOF to Park?

Did you know that Venoco’s Ellwood Onshore Facility (EOF) located next to the Bacara Resort has been operating as a “nonconforming use” since 1991? Read Letter

Fossil Fuel Fix

We are blessed to have two state legislators who are working to clean up the messes made by too many decades of fossil fuel development. Read Letter

Top Cop Qualifications

Nick Welsh's article about the police department serves as a reminder that Santa Barbara has begun selection of a new chief. Read Letter

Lying, and Making Stuff Up

Should police lie to get an involuntary/false confession? Read Letter

The Left Coast

Richard Charter is absolutely right about national marine sanctuaries. Read Letter

Fox in the Coop?

In actual practice, Supervisor Peter Adam’s far right, anti-government, anti-environmental views are less about removing protections from wetlands and more about adding protections for the oil industry. Read Letter

Pick Up Thanks

The Westside and in particular the San Andres corridor are disproportionately impacted by illegal dumping on city streets. Read Letter

Coastal Submission

As a Coastal Commission staff member 1978-2000, I supported coastal access but often seemed like a voice in the wilderness. Read Letter

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