Santa Barbara Learns About the Train

Living amid a Commuter Culture Disruption

Living amid a commuter culture disruption Read story.

Climate Change According to Al Gore

Al Gore talks climate change in Santa Barbara Read story.

Barney Brantingham Retires

After 60 years in journalism, Santa Barbara’s On the Beat columnist hangs up his typewriter. Read story.

Current Events Viewed from (Way) Afar

Extra-terrestrial concerned about Earth direction. Read story.

Santa Barbara Learns About the Train

Living amid a Commuter Culture Disruption

Living amid a commuter culture disruption Read story.

Lompoc Overturns Prohibition Again

Temperance Ends for Marijuana in 2018

As in 1933 for alcohol, temperance came to an end for marijuana in 2018. Read story.

The Child in the White House

The 6-year-old is boorish, belligerent, bombastic, antagonistic, pugilistic, narcissistic, demagogic, and misogynistic. (I hope I haven't left anything out.) Read story.

Homeowners: Check Your Insurance Policies

California Law Says Flooding and Landslide Caused by Fire Are Covered

California law says Thomas Fire flooding and landslide are covered. Read story.

About the Thomas Fire Mud on the Beach

Heal the Ocean Asks for Agency Support

Heal the Ocean asks all ocean lovers to support the agencies working hard to get us out of this mess. Read story.

Killing Ends the Universe for All

We start to forget victims' own rich lives, the fact that they lived a life as we are now. Read story.

Holiday Awkward

Hoping for a winter anywhere but here. Read story.

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101 Opens

Observations from Paradise Read Letter

Not Amazon

An economic photo essay Read Letter


The Poodle mistakenly refers to Former President Jimmy Carter as a megalomaniac from the south. Read Letter

Trump Aces Cognitive Test

Admiral Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s doctor, gave a briefing to the White House Press. Read Letter

Fight for Rail

If our community had pushed hard for a commuter rail system, we would not be cut off. Read Letter

Ode to Our First Responders and Rescuers

Peeking through the crack of our terror and the nightmarish stories Read Letter

This Did Not Have to Happen

I am distraught because I am convinced that this did not have to happen. Read Letter

Time to Ban the Ban

Please consider temporarily lifting the ban on short-term rentals in Santa Barbara. Read Letter

En Garde

As the 50-year anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill approaches, allowing offshore oil drilling underscores the retrograde nature of the Trump administration when it comes to all matters related to the environment. Read Letter

Year of the Dog

This year, the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog, could have one hell of a bark or even worse bite. Read Letter

District 3 Speaks Out

Why should Westside residents not have the opportunity to choose their representative? Read Letter

To the Firefighters

You are the best! Read Letter

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