Defining Acts of War

It All Depends on Your Point of View

It all depends on your point of view. Read story.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Why Justin Fareed and ‘The Indy’ ain’t on speaking terms. Read story.

Jazzy State Street at Night

Bars are swinging and coeds dancing to Ulysses Jasz at the James Joyce. Read story.

Lollapalooza of a Gift

UCSB grapples with Charlie Munger’s $200 million gift. Read story.

Defining Acts of War

It All Depends on Your Point of View

It all depends on your point of view. Read story.

Community College Shower Access Bill Empowers Homeless Students

They Need No Longer Feel the Stigma of Being Smelly or Unkempt in Class

They need no longer feel the stigma of being smelly or unkempt in class. Read story.

Restore the Offshore Fracking Moratorium

Oil Industry Practice Threatens Marine and Terrestrial Life

Oil industry practice threatens marine and terrestrial life. Read story.

Ordinance Needs to Support Small Farmers, Vintners

On-Site Experience Necessary for Small-Volume Producer Sales

An on-site experience is necessary for small-volume producer sales. Read story.

The Arc of History

Will America Survive the Campaign Outcome?

Will America survive the campaign outcome? Read story.

Muslim Support for Bernie Sanders

The deep roots between Islam and Judaism is often overlooked. Read story.

Sri Lanka Is Trump Country

The idea of a wall thrills, really thrills some people. Read story.

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Women as Leaders

In his enormously successful books, John Grey has made a crucially important point: Men are from Mars. Read Letter

Common Sense Solution

Bruce Porter is well-equipped to move the county toward more common sense solutions to obtaining and utilizing water. Read Letter

Fake 'Windows' Tech?

Last month, I received a phone call from a person who identified himself as a security technician for Windows software. Read Letter

Prop. 64 for Hemp

There's more to Prop. 64 than just legalizing recreational pot smoking. Read Letter

Children and Families Applaud Jackson

Thankfully, in our representative democracy lawmaking is delegated to those with a passion for it. Read Letter

A Dubious Pot Proposition

It’s always hard to have an educated public discussion about anything when differing sides have an agenda with a bottom line and public discussions might jeopardize that bottom line. Read Letter

Foolish Disrespect

There is tremendous respect for our fallen non-veteran citizens — look at the Oklahoma City Memorial or the 9/11 Museum as just two examples. Read Letter

Poison Facts

The responsible use of poisons can prevent the unintentional deaths of children, pets, and wild animals including owls, hawks, and other birds. Read Letter

We Don't Need Him Either

Some say people change with time, but I guess those who say that have never met Salud Carbajal, who hasn't changed his colors since he first ran for 1st District supervisor. Read Letter

Passion and Compassion

Who are you going to vote for as county supervisor? Read Letter

Threats and Terror

America is under siege by Islamic terrorism. Read Letter

'Doggerel to Verse' Made Me Curse

Your headline “Doggerel to Verse” / For last week’s Poodle made me curse! Read Letter

Experience and Integrity

Voting is important. It allows us to fulfill our responsibility for living in a democracy. Read Letter

Disastrous Choices

This election in November is a disaster. Read Letter

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