Sisyphus in Modern Times

A New Look at Rolling the Stone

A new way to look at rolling the stone. Read story.

Bovine Canine

Trump sucks the oxygen out of the mayor’s race. Read story.

Trump: Last Gasp of the 1950s

The White House has gone wild. Read story.

Current Events Viewed from (Way) Afar

Extra-terrestrial concerned about Earth direction. Read story.

Sisyphus in Modern Times

A New Look at Rolling the Stone

A new way to look at rolling the stone. Read story.

Create Engaged Citizens with a Positive Public Education

We Can Heal the U.S. with Learning as a Way of Life

We can heal the U.S. with learning as a way of life. Read story.

Swimming Upstream in the D.C. Swamp

A Fight for Education in the Halls of Congress

A fight for education in the hallways and offices of Congress. Read story.

When the College App Comes Back 'Deferred'

How to Navigate Next Steps

How to navigate your next steps. Read story.

Yes, March for the Climate

But What Actions Will Affect This Defining Issue of Human History?

But what actions will affect this defining issue of human history? Read story.

The Divided States of America

Muslim ban challenges the founding values of our country. Read story.

Holiday Awkward

Hoping for a winter anywhere but here. Read story.

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Open to Alternative Schooling

I want to bring the Open Alternative School to the attention of parents of elementary school–age children. Read Letter

A Vision of Greed

Pearl Chase had a vision for Santa Barbara back in late 1920s after the big earthquake. Read Letter

Protesting Barbarism

I am deeply concerned about the events of May 16, during Turkish President Erdoğan's visit to Washington, D.C. Read Letter

Counsel Advice

A special counsel was just appointed to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 election and related matters. Read Letter

How to Fix State Street

The solutions to downtown's deterioration are not rocket science, but they require leadership, coordination, and the attention of the community. Read Letter

Ho Hum for Climate

It is a sign of the times and the unrelenting, high-octane protests that 1,000 people showed up April 29, created a massive human formation of a sun and the words “100% clean power” at La Playa Stadium. Read Letter

The Smoke Ban

I think the new Santa Barbara public smoking ban is a mistake. Read Letter

Reclaim Democracy

Let’s push Santa Barbara to be at the forefront of campaign finance reform. Read Letter

Buellton Rallies for RVs

The movement to overturn the Buellton RVs, Boats and Trailers ordinance is gaining momentum. Read Letter

Who Is Amy Goodman!

Amy Goodman, the creator, anchor and host of Democracy Now, appears in Santa Barbara on Thursday, May 18. Read Letter

A Move in the Right Direction

I am happy to hear that the Santa Barbara Foresters will be having their baseball games at Pershing Park this year. Read Letter

Economic Rebound?

Are President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-market, anti-regulatory policies improving the U.S. economy? Read Letter

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