Mass Deportation Targets Black and Latino Men

Racial and gender disparities in immigration law enforcement reflect deeper issues in this country. Read story.

Soy Charlie; Je Suis ‘Illegal’

Poodle explores flying spit, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and district elections. Read story.

IRS Hovers over Bellosguardo

Will millions in back taxes go to feds instead of arts? Read story.

Jumping Ship

Is it ethical to take advantage of "hidden-city" flights when airlines offer them? Read story.

Mass Deportation Targets Black and Latino Men

Racial and gender disparities in immigration law enforcement reflect deeper issues in this country. Read story.

The Eastside Assessment Reaches Beyond Milpas

An Open Response to an Open Letter

Light industry west to Salsipuedes would be affected, and other concerns. Read story.

Not-So-Friendly Dating

February Is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. Read story.

Give the Milpas BID a Chance

Facts About the Eastside Business Improvement District

MCA counters Councilmember Murillo's assertions about the Eastside's Business Improvement District. Read story.

A Regulatory Battle Royale

Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels at Stake Again

As new oil drilling projects are proposed, the county is quietly deciding what amount of GHG emissions is significant. Read story.

The Tragedy of Paris

True freedom of speech furthers the progress of truth and intellectual discussion. Read story.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Stéphane Charbonnier died a hero. He stood against the tyrants of the world. Read story.

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Forget Him

I know many Isla Vistans were frustrated with the media presence and that victims went less noticed. Read Letter


Was there one line that day at DMV for undocumented workers and another line for all others? Read Letter

Circumcision Resolution?

As long as they are considering a resolution on declawing cats in Carpinteria … Read Letter

Voters Have Spoken

Santa Barbara County voters rejected an energy industry shutdown initiative in the last election by a decisive margin. Read Letter

Doing Her Job

Mayor Schneider has made clear statements about her reasons for contesting the widening as it is now proposed. Read Letter

It's About Accuracy

Wendy McCaw may have a degree in history, but whose version of events did she study? Read Letter

Underground Power for Public Safety

An accident on Saturday evening makes a compelling case for undergrounding utility power poles and live wires. Read Letter

Pension Dollars and Sense

No wonder the new S.B. County fire chief is smiling; he's stepping into a job that last paid $208,505 annually and another $113,174 in benefits. Read Letter

Chicken Quarters Barely Better

Let's face it: battery cages for laying hens are examples of the extent to which we will inflict cruelty on animals in the interest of the almighty dollar. Read Letter

High Times with the Pooch

THC toxicity is not to be taken lightly and can both be fatal and have long-term effects on a dog. Read Letter


The new year has begun, and so have the numerous financial appeals. Read Letter

Resolution Against Cat Declawing

A resolution is not a law; it is a formal expression of opinion or intention of the city council. Read Letter

A Lack of Sensitivity

The use of the word "illegal" in an article is not offensive in itself. The problem is its correct use. Read Letter

Ugly Racism

If my photo had a big headline of "Illegal" over my head, I would be more than livid. Read Letter

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