Your Money or Your Life

The U.S. Health-Care System: Imperfect but Effective

The U.S. health-care system may be imperfect, but it's been effective. Read story.

Dog Star Rising

Talking chum vests and an assisted suicide bill. Read story.

Woody and Angela: Working the Work Ethic

Woody's auto detailing moves to Milpas Street. Read story.

Say It Isn’t So, Ms. Lee

Was it ethical to publish 'Go Set a Watchman' at this point? Read story.

Your Money or Your Life

The U.S. Health-Care System: Imperfect but Effective

The U.S. health-care system may be imperfect, but it's been effective. Read story.

Whose Pope? Whose Church?

Pope Spotlighted Dorothy Day, Cofounder of Catholic Worker

Pope spotlighted Dorothy Day, cofounder of Catholic Worker, and condemned no one. Read story.

Heart of Darkness

Mass Murder Receives Only Lip Service

The sickness that mass shooters had in their hearts is the same sickness that lies in the heart of our collective society. Read story.

Leverage over Iran's Nukes Has Been Lost

Nuclear Deal Involves Untrustworthy Partner

Nuclear deal involves untrustworthy partner and emboldens other nations. Read story.

Fight for Women's Rights Goes On

Planned Parenthood Offers Health Services and Education, Too

Planned Parenthood offers health services and education that preclude need for abortion. Read story.

Extremists, Get Out of My Country

The Chattanooga shooter followed political dogma unguided by religion. Read story.

Is It an Election or a Bad Reality TV Show?

On the war in Yemen and other things we don't like to think about. Read story.

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A Real Candidate

Has Donald Trump morphed into a real candidate? Read Letter

No to Oil Trains

The residents of Santa Maria, Orcutt, and Lompoc have reason to be displeased with the judgment and service of their representatives in county government. Read Letter

Milkweed Varietal Vagaries

Unfortunately, native milkweed species are difficult to find and even more difficult to grow. Read Letter

Warm, Cozy Soj

The Sojourner represented the best of Santa Barbara to me when I moved there in 1981. Read Letter

Incarceration Country

Decades past, certain USA entrepreneurs became alarmed at a growing underclass of mostly minorities who were uneducated, undisciplined, unproductive, often enough ill, challenged, jobless, homeless. Read Letter

History Mystery

I have always been curious about Santa Barbara’s fixation on the Spaniards, from the street names to the architecture, to Old Spanish Days. Read Letter

Raise Wages for Love's Sake

I'm fighting to raise the minimum wage for my girlfriend, 28 years old, who works 60-plus hours a week at two to three jobs and can still barely afford to rent a room in this town. Read Letter

Trump Questions

Is Donald Trump presidential material? Read Letter

Peaker Plant Plight

The Ellwood "peaker plant," situated less than 1,000 feet from Ellwood school, houses gas-fired jet-engine turbines that emit excessive carbon pollution and cancer-causing fine particulates. Read Letter

Death Sentence Stay?

I am asking Santa Barbarans to help Richard Glossip get justice, or at the very least a 60-day stay of execution. Read Letter

Animal Services Update

Caring for the public and animals in our region is the most important reason the Santa Barbara County Animal Services agency exists. Read Letter

Santo Serra?

Just sayin' ... Read Letter

UC Talk Not

How shocking it is to see Janet Napolitano wanting to proscribe what can and cannot be said on a University of California campus. Read Letter

Playing Politics

Today the president applauded the pope's stance on global warming and said absolutely nothing about the slavery that occurred during Spanish colonization under Junipero Serra. Read Letter

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