Education — Government In/Action

Dyslexia Bill Gets Gutted

Dyslexia bill, AB 1369, gets gutted by education groups. Read story.

Night of the Living Dog

SCOTUS Giveth, and SCOTUS Taketh Away; Poodle Riffs on Recent Death Penalty Ruling Read story.

What, No U.S. Independence?

The outcome of the American Revolution hung on the brink in 1776. Read story.

What Is an Ethical Will?

It's a way to help guide the next generation. Read story.

Education — Government In/Action

Dyslexia Bill Gets Gutted

Dyslexia bill, AB 1369, gets gutted by education groups. Read story.

'A Nice Cup of Tea'

Protective Stupidity on the Campaign Trail

Stumpers on the campaign trail should avoid protective stupidity. Read story.

Yes, She Can

Engineering Girls’ Passion for STEM

Engineering girls’ passion for science, tech, engineering, and math with mentors and role models. Read story.

'Love Is Love'

President Obama's Words on Same-Sex Marriage Equality Ruling

"When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free." Read story.

Can Grief Lead to Change?

Again, We Say 'Not One More'

Again, proponents of safety from gun violence must say "Not One More." Read story.

Women's Roles in Islam

Muslim women have long had professional and inheritance rights. Read story.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Stéphane Charbonnier died a hero. He stood against the tyrants of the world. Read story.

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Project Water

What the heck are leaders thinking by allowing more new buildings with the extreme drought conditions that exist in California? Read Letter

I ❤ Mulligans

I play golf regularly at Santa Barbara Golf Club … and, of course, eat at Mulligans! Read Letter

Fracking and Spin

Some public officials will go to great lengths to put a positive spin on our community’s recent tragedy. Read Letter

The Sweet Smell of Desal

People, it's time to go to work on the desal monster. Read Letter

Reduce Seeps and Methane

"Drilling could reduce seep volumes." Read Letter


This evening I went out to spray my suffering apple tree. Read Letter


On May 19, 2015, our world, our home was forever changed. Read Letter

It's Positively Medieval

Trying to unravel the ISIS ideology is complex. Behavior of Islamic terrorists is not. Read Letter

Polio Summer

Support the global fight to end polio. Read Letter

Second Amendment Dangers

When are people in this country going to wise up and see that we need to restrict guns? Read Letter

Kudos to Capps

It is seldom I would write to express my gratitude for an elected representative. Read Letter

Is That a Glass Before Me?

Why does Bakersfield, but not Santa Barbara, have drought signs? Read Letter

Gun Control and Racism

Why do shootings of black people only get media coverage when a white person is the shooter? Read Letter

Pharmacy Care

As a pharmacist, I believe it makes sense to utilize pharmacists to alleviate some of the pressure created by physician shortages. Read Letter

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