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Posted on July 11 at 8:50 p.m.

Bottom line: Dudely and her girls are so far in the sack with Sanchez and his goons that there is only one wise path: avoid contact with these insane clowns at all costs. "Coffee with a cop"? They can't be serious. Please observe that the motorcycle officers now carry AK-47s, that Beutel still wears a badge, that Tudor remains uncharged of his many crimes.
The law enforcement in this town is a scandal.
The county is not much better. The percentage of "officer involved" shootings in SBCO FAR exceeds what the population would indicate when compared to other California jurisdictions.
Great fire departments.
Horrid judicial/police, draconian jails where "innocent until proven guilty" means you could die at the hands of sub-normal IQ custody staff any day.
One day the feds will come in and shove them all aside with a series of indictments.
Just wait.

On Defense Attorney Claims City Cop Threatened Him

Posted on May 2 at 4:27 p.m.

Threats of arrest after the fact rather than reasonable guidelines BEFORE the event. Perfect. (This guy is lucky it was SBSD and not SBPD, or he may have received the Aaron Tudor treatment.)

On Earl Warren Disturbs the Peace

Posted on May 2 at 4:23 p.m.

Yet again another feather in the cap of Howdy-Doody Dudley. She seems to have learned well the lessons of Tom Sneddon: waste taxpayer money at will in pursuit of headlines. If Pini has any sense, he'll go to federal court and slam these idiots with a nice fat conspiracy, malicious prosecution, witness tampering, and racketeering lawsuit. This idiot county will give him a couple million in a nice, quiet settlement just to avoid the truth coming out about their corrupt officials.

On Burglary Charges Reduced for Dario Pini

Posted on May 1 at 8:27 p.m.

Ochoa on the Appellate Bench? Are you serious? He can't even maintain his calendar in SB or issue rulings without reading the lips of the Assistant D.A.'s before him. His wildly inconsistent sentences, pandering to Dudley and her girls, and transparent inability to stay awake or to even show up in the courtroom on time (if it isn't his wife disappearing or his vacation days or picking up his kids from school, it's Fiesta duties) will really go over well at the appellate level.
Another joke in SB courts!

On Judge George Eskin to Retire

Posted on May 1 at 3:46 p.m.

The fish always stinks from the head, and "dead tuna" Cam Sanchez OWNS this travesty. Let's all please find him the job out of town he's been looking for!
PSYCHO COPS have no place in SB, nor do those who support them.
Election Day means something!
Darryl Genis for D.A.!

On Man Tased After Acting Suspiciously Near Own Car

Posted on April 26 at 3:50 p.m.

Our little slice of paradise is the most corrupt, sick, dysfunctional political mess seen outside of The City of Commerce...and the same thing should happen to the idiots running this place: indictment, trial, conviction, prison. Cam Sanchez is a sick joke; his department holds a storm-trooper mentality. The DA's office holds sway over all, simply because they control who gets charged and who doesn't. They own the judges because the judges need political support come time to re-apply for their jobs. The circumstances here are patently clear, and the press manages to avoid a very germane element of this man's arrest: he's BLACK. Being black and on the streets in SB is probably cause for police contact in this burg, and anyone who doesn't believe it only needs to take a look at the percentages of minorities hassled by the police for every conceivable infraction, from "open container" to "public nuisance" (sleeping in Chase Palm Park). Okay, setting the blatant racism of law enforcement in SB aside, let's consider the embarrassing favoritism shown to elected officials or celebrities of any stripe: Koa Misi nearly kills a guy by punching him in the face after breaking into the guy's apartment, and he gets community service as a sentence because he's an NFL All-Star while others who get in fights get several years in state prison; Ilya Falcone drives drunk and gets what? NOTHING. Judge Ochoa's woefuly amateurish news-reader spouse is reported missing, thousands of dollars in public funds are expended looking for her, and she shows up half in the bag in a local bar at the end of the day, and it's called "a medical condition"...and she doesn't get the bill from the county; the taxpayers get it. The police/sheriffs shoot people on a monthly basis, Beutel and Tudor have their little game, and Dudley's investigations somewhat always come up with "justified use of force".
It's enough to make you puke.
Mr. Genis is correct in one respect, and wrong in another: something surely tragic will eventually happen (of course, if it happens to a black or transient, it won't be that big of a deal...just look at the unexplained deaths that take place in the local jail); but nothing at all will be done about it other than, in an extreme case, a hand-wringing press conference with Sanchez standing beside her in his pretty blue uniform with all the spangly crap on it. Dudley will simply do what she does: perform the usual CYA.

On Man Tased After Acting Suspiciously Near Own Car

Posted on March 21 at 6:21 p.m.

The criminal in this case is Dudley herself. She should be prosecuted for conspiracy to suppress evidence of Tudor's violent crimes, Beutel's ongoing fraud/corruption, and for prosecutorial abuses which are sadly ENDLESS in this community.
Does anyone in SB notice that on a "slow crime day" (no gang violence, no armed robberies, no hit-and-runs, no car-chases, no officer-involved shootings) that SBPD gets ultra-active in writing endless citations for 647E PC (sleeping in the park), 1.05.010 MC (possession of an open container; it can be a soft drink can, folks!), and 16028 VC (not having current insurance evidence in your vehicle)?
Bottom line: law enforcement and the courts in SB is the #1 BUSINESS. Without every petty arrest and every over-zealous prosecution (look at our arrest/trial stats compared to our population numbers; it's a joke), we just might have to cut staff in the courts and lay off those cretins who work at the jail. Wouldn't be good for the economy...but churning arrests and prisoners and collecting fines & bail sure is. The whole thing stinks and everyone on the street knows it. When's election day? Where is the Board of Supervisors in all of this flagrant over-reaching?
These people need to go away a.s.a.p.

On Dudley Will Retry Denunzio

Posted on March 7 at 9:54 p.m.

Presumption of innocence in SB is a joke, and we all know it. Dudley's Devils are all about one thing and one thing only: winning at any cost. They win every ruling from the bench because every judge in this county is beholden to the DA for support at election time. If you don't think that Ochoa isn't bought-and-paid-for, then you don't think.
As for the jail: postcards are de rigeur in Ventura, and it's just another poke in the eye of those who can't make bail on the most minor of charges. The SB jail has far more serious problems, like no heat in the cells, like mildew dripping off the walls, like a medical staff straight out of a sit-com, where drugs are administered to the mentally ill by the handful, not properly dosed or administered, where inmates who complain about ANYthing are left in "safety cells", stripped naked and left in 4x4 boxes reeking with others' feces and urine until they "are better able to control themselves". Most inmates lose drastic percentages of body weight simply because the putrid diet they are served doesn't provide enough calories to maintain weight. Someone here referenced medical and dental care; they obviously know nothing about what really goes on in the jail. If you complain of a cavity or oral pain, you get a tooth pulled by a guy who admits to being a trained...veterinarian. If you're suffering from any serious internal condition, a nurse--hardly a doctor--shows up and gives you aspirin. Doesn't anyone wonder why so many inmates in SB die while in custody? It doesn't take a vicious beating by staff (although they're happy to provide one if you like). It only takes neglect. If you use more toilet paper than the D.A.-puppet Classification Officer deems appropriate, guess what? Use your hand. Books sent in from the outside are summarily and randomly sent back to Amazon and Barnes & Noble without explanation, simply because the jail staff either can't read or they suspect that Ram Das is a terrorist...or because it's easier to reject books than it is to deliver them to inmates. Why the Grand Jury doesn't actually have to power to DO something is the real issue, for there have been numerous reports of conditions in the SBCO Jail, all indicating that things are nothing less than draconian.
This all sounds like the stuff of fiction or the rantings of a nut, I'm sure. But get pulled over in a DUI stop by Kasi Beutel or Aaron Tudor and fail to give them their version of "respect", and you'll get a few days in jail to see for yourself.
Enjoy the ride.

On New Restrictions on Jail Mail

Posted on February 28 at 10:40 p.m.

Let me get this straight: wife of judge "goes missing" enforcement reacts as though she was a kidnapped infant, pulls out all the stops, generates $100k in expenses throughout the day...and now it's all a big "nevermind"?

Who pays this bill? If this was a "false alarm", who gets charged with the crime of filing the false report?
If this was ANYone else, there a) would not have been any search by authorities for at least 24 hours b) would be constant media updates and investigatory reports and public humiliation for all concerned.

Oh...wait...I forgot: the SB media/courts/celeb machine is really all one big C.Y.A. business. And this is simply "business as usual".
The only thing missing here is Cam Sanchez stepping on his tongue.

On KEYT Anchor Paula Lopez Reported Missing

Posted on February 15 at 7:35 p.m.

Sickening. This is celebrity-fawning b.s. which only makes the SB Courts' corruption more transparent than ever.
Let's go back a year or two...there was guy who was trying to prevent a "stripper" (with a rap sheet of multiple thefts/ripoffs) from ripping him off in a motel room in Carp, and a jury found him guilty of busting her in the face. Similar injuries as Misi's victim, half as serious, half the med costs/restitution. Like Misi, no priors. The guy in Carp went to trial to defend himself against an insane publicity-craving DA's overcharging. As it was described in the press, he claimed "defense of self and property", but a jury of whackos who delivered a verdict on the eve of Fiesta (one of them even appeared in court dressed in mariachi costume!) sent the guy to prison for ten years. Same charges. Ten years. He's gone. Oh...but the guy wasn't an NFL star. THAT was his real crime. SB Courts should hang its head in shame...but Dudley and her crew are shameless.

On Dolphins Linebacker Sentenced for Isla Vista Battery

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