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Posted on October 5 at 12:16 a.m.

I'm way past PMS but I remember many times using that time to feel and let out the sadness that seemed always to be there. It was very therapeutic. I think it's important to let boys and men know that we are still ourselves but MUCH more emotionally sensitive and need respect even more than usual. The Native Americans (the Crees are the only ones I know about) go to the moss tent to be with other women during their periods. The thing is, once the period actually starts, the difficult symptoms lighten. It was always a relief. Unlike mixtapedrake, I appreciate your article, Starshine. Thanks.

On PMS: A Safety Guide for Men

Posted on August 10 at 8:49 p.m.

That was a lovely article and I appreciate the way that Charles Donnelan wove together the culture of Santa Barbara with Channing's history, honoring both in the process. I had no idea, until I saw the show and heard Elyse Gonzales and Cherie Peake speak, to what extent Channing had actually connected with Picasso. I knew Channing and never realized it was such an intense involvement. The exhibit was beautifully curated and the work put into it extensive. Thank you Charles Donnelan for your part in bringing attention to the show and to Channing Peake, one of our legendary Santa Barbara artists.

On Cubist Cowboy

Posted on August 7 at 10:24 p.m.

Sometime in the 90s I noticed a change in the the driving attitude in SB. Everyone seemed to agree that it was an LA driving style (i.e., running red lights, going way too fast in small, tight areas, being discourteous, etc). It got to a point eventually that it was the norm and it wasn't so strange. The SY Valley, where I've resided and/or worked for 45 years, has had the same kind of change in the way people drive, however, there has always been a wild element there. The cattle ranching kids, for instance, including a couple of girls I knew back in the 70s who played "chicken" on Alamo Pintado, were some of the wild ones. True, there were fewer cars at that time but it was still dangerous. One of those same girls was riding in a truck, in the cab with 2 other adults, coming out of the east end of Solvang, when a car with 2 speeding teenagers crashed head-on into them and everyone was killed. Crazy driving behavior is not new. I think the population growth, lack of a sense of community and economic instability are all added factors in the changes we've seen in people's driving styles.

On Teen Arrested For Fatal Rollover Crash

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