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Posted on May 16 at 6:47 p.m.

wow, do you put as much into keeping the smut off the registers at the level of our 5-6 year olds who know so much about telling religions apart...Do you stand up and say- the sweet little children of elementary schools should not be reading about graphic sexual acts from a homosexual standpoint because they are too young to understand that view? Probably not.
CEF teaches...hmmm 30 years ago when I attended a class here and there...that I am loved by a creator when I was terrible abused by relatives, and teachers and a few kids. When I couldn't turn to anyone, I was taught that there was someone that loved me so much he paid a price personally for me, not that I deserved anything, but that it was a free gift.
We all do things wrong. I knew as a small child I did things wrong. I had been taught that regardless, I was loved unconditoinally.
So CEF, which teaches Bible spirituality that people can be loved in every circumstance must be pretty bad. The threat of a God who loves you as a sinner (or imperfect person), I would think would be appealing to anyone unless they love the wrong things they do and don't want freedom from them.
Also, your history facts are a little off. The Bible was the only book taught out of even before the "first new england primer". When Evolution came into schools (religion that it is) the Bible became much more a threat.

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