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Posted on June 22 at 5:25 p.m.

sbs124 – You are correct that many people refer to unlicensed drivers and those driving on suspended or revoked licenses (S/R) as one in the same. You are also correct that AB 353 only applied to unlicensed (97% illegal aliens). However, there are not separate vehicle codes for unlicensed and S/R drivers. These three vehicle codes cover both categories. VC Section 14602.6, 14607.4 and 14607.6. The only difference is the impact of AB 353.

I am unlicensedtokill and I did not misconstrue the facts. As I mentioned above the CA DMV report released in Dec 2012 and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report released in November 2011 both separate the data. The total number killed by both groups is around 7,200 a year. The unlicensed portion is about 4,000. I’ve found through “Public Records Requests” that those numbers are actually understated at least as they apply to California because many jurisdictions like San Francisco do not report license status so the man who killed my son is recorded as a licensed driver both in SWITERS and FARS (the CA and Federal traffic databases).

The California DMV study contained data from 1987. From 1987 through 1993 illegal aliens could and did get drivers licenses. The report twice mentions how bad as drivers they were even when they had licenses.

Xenophobia is defined as an unreasonable fear of foreigners. Considering the driving records of illegal aliens I would say at least as it pertains to driving that fear is certainly justified.

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 22 at 4:44 p.m.

Part 2

3.sbs124 The study which stares unlicensed drivers cause more collisions is correct. The data is based on unlicensed drivers, not " illegal alien" drivers. It includes people who have had their licenses suspended for DUI or wreckless driving as well as youth who have not yet been issued a license. Of course they found higher collision rates among that group

The DMV study from Dec 2012 and the AAA study from November 2011 both separate unlicensed drivers (never had a license) from those whose licenses have been suspended or revoked (S/R). According to a report from the FBI and DHS 97% of all unlicensed drivers in California are illegal aliens. The statistics are pretty similar between the two groups but in one of the reports they go out of their way to mention that those who have never had a license are actually worse drivers.

4.sbs124 If the person who killed DonR's son had temporary protected status, he had permission to be in the US and was fully documented. He was eligible for a driver's license.

The person (Roberto Galo) who killed my son entered the country illegally in 1998. When Honduras was granted TPS on January 5, 1999 sometime thereafter he applied and was granted TPS. That did give him the right to apply for a driver’s license which he did. Prior to getting caught driving without a license in June 2010 he had failed the test twice. He was a perfect example of how illegal aliens impacted policy which resulted in a death. Because of San Francisco’s policy that illegal people can do no wrong starting in November 2009 they stopped impounding cars of unlicensed drivers. They already weren’t prosecuting them. Because he was Hispanic, couldn’t speak English and didn’t have a license the charges were dropped and he kept driving. He actually failed the test a third time before he killed my son. Believe me I blame Gavin Newsom, George Gascón and Kamala Harris for my son’s death more than Roberto Galo. That said TPS for Honduras has no been renewed again, through May 2015. I don’t consider 16 years temporary but it sure is protective.

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 22 at 4:42 p.m.

sbs124, you state, “There are so many many untruths in the comments I don't even know where to start.” Start with the facts.

1. sbs124 Unlicensed drivers can, and most do, get car insurance.

The first part is correct. Anyone, can be covered with insurance. However, most (unlicensed) do not get insurance. While there are no specific statistics police at sobriety checkpoints and those on traffic duty have said that less than 20% have insurance. LAPD Chief Beck told me that his estimate was that 25% had insurance. Considering he wants to allow them to drive if anything he would lie high, not low. Even those numbers are probably high because many times the driver does not own the car and the owner is insured but the driver is not. Many of those policies will not pay if the driver is in a collision.

2. sbs124 AB 353 prohibits car impoundment for unlicensed driving only at checkpoints. This is because police departments throughout California were found to be conducting checkpoints in areas with high immigrant populations in order to increase revenue, as opposed to stopping drunk driving. The bill was passed to discourage this practice.

That was what Cedillo said but that was not the truth. Your first sentence is accurate. The rest is wrong. The city of Bell was extremely zealous in enforcing the unlicensed driving law. Nothing wrong with that. In fact considering how deadly these people are it should be encouraged. The problem that Bell had was that they were using the money to enrich the city manager and the staff. The Office of Traffic and Safety (OTS) pays for sobriety checkpoints through grants from the NHTSA. They are administered by the UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center. In 2010 over 2600 sobriety checkpoints were funded by the OTS. Despite Cedillo’s claim that these checkpoints were set up to catch people taking their kids to school and going to work checkpoints cannot be set up prior to 6:00 PM unless there is an event like a football game where there is lots of drinking. And even then the OTC must approve it. Of the 2600 checkpoints the number in Hispanic neighborhoods was actually less than the percentage of Hispanics in California.

Cities can fund their own sobriety checkpoints. In 2010 the OTC surveyed all of the police and sheriff departments and found (I don’t remember the exact number) about 100 sobriety checkpoints were done independently. None were done in Cedillo’s district.

The bill was not passed to discourage any practice. The bill was passed to make it easier and cheaper to drive. At the hearing for this bill which I testified in opposition Cedillo made one lie after another. I researched all his claims and could find nothing to substantiate them. I wrote to Dan Johnson his chief of staff and asked him to provide some documentation. Needless to say he never responded to either of my emails. If you write me from my web site I will be happy to send you the emails.

End Part 1

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 21 at 9:38 p.m.

Part Three

In most of California the law against unlicensed drivers is no longer enforced. Santa Barbara is a rare exception. Why is it not enforced? Because Carmen and about another 1.2 million regularly flaunt the law and they and illegal alien rights groups have put tremendous pressure on politicians, local police and city and district attorney’s to ignore the law. Galo was caught driving the wrong way on a one way street, no license and no insurance a few months before he killed my son. As they did in San Francisco starting in November 2009 the charges of driving without a license and driving without insurance were dropped. Los Angeles and San Francisco NEVER prosecute unlicensed drivers unless they’ve killed someone and not always then. Many other California cities don’t prosecute either. Ventura County issues a citation (which is not legal under California law). Most of the tickets are never paid as illegal aliens usually give fake names and fake addresses. (There are over 1 million open warrants in Los Angeles alone.)

If Carmen and most illegal aliens obeyed the law, at least as it pertains to driving, those who break the law would not be given a pass. Do you think if Carmen was caught and her car impounded she wouldn’t be out the next day driving the Expedition? San Francisco never even checked to see if Galo had ever tried to get a license even though he showed them a California ID which means he could have gotten a license. They did what is followed in most of California hundreds of times every day. Hispanic, no license, no problem. They are given a pass for one reason. Votes! My son and hundreds of others die every year in California because our corrupt politicians want to be re-elected and then as was the case with Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris run for statewide office.

Now I’m sure Hershel you will call me a bigot. Well if I am a bigot so is the truth.

BTW, I happen to be a very far left liberal.

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 21 at 9:37 p.m.

Part Two

Second, you absolutely can get liability insurance without a driver’s license. The major companies, State Farm, All State, etc. won’t write policies but the scumbag companies will. The guy who killed my son drove without insurance for years but when he killed my son he had a policy with Alliance. Too long to explain here but again go to my web site and you can read the whole story. California has no law about this one way or the other but my feeling and many attorneys I have spoken with believe that is not only illegal but a RICO violation. The theory being that regardless of any state or federal law it is illegal to sell a product that you know will be used for illegal purposes. In most cases products have many uses (like the nitrogen used in the Oklahoma bombing) but insuring an unlicensed driver has only one purpose. If you email me from the web site I will be happy to send you the documents.

Third, there are actually millions of US citizens driving even though their license has been suspended or revoked and their driving records are as atrocious as unlicensed drivers. Their cars are also under the same impound laws except that they are not protected under Gil Cedillo’s AB 353 which stops impounding cars caught at sobriety checkpoints and they are not protected under Beck’s Special Order 7 in Los Angeles. I’m certainly not defending their actions but doesn’t it strike you as absurd that illegal aliens are protected and US citizens are not? I’ve been told by many police and DA’s that they go easy on these people because they do nothing to those here illegally that drive.

Finally, would I feel better if an American had killed my son? No, of course not. But I would feel better if it was truly an accident that couldn’t have been avoided. No matter how good a driver we may be accidents do happen. When unlicensed drivers get behind the wheel nothing they do thereafter is an accident. Roberto Galo didn’t accidently buy a car. He didn’t accidently register the car (without insurance mind you). When he was caught the first time (more about that in a minute) he committed fraud to get his car back which was certainly not an accident. Then he continued to drive until he killed my son. Did he want to kill him? No. I’m sure that was the last thing he wanted to do that day. He was in the country under a program called Temporary Protective Status which means he could have gotten a license (although he originally entered the country illegally). He failed his test the first two times he took it before he was caught and then failed again before he killed my son. And that is how Carmen and her responsibility come into play.

End Part Two

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 21 at 9:35 p.m.


While I appreciate your appreciation of my pain as with drivers licenses in Utah and liability insurance for unlicensed drivers and anger management you know nothing of what you speak.

First, illegal aliens cannot get a driver’s licenses in Utah. What they get is called a driver privilege card which is good for one year. Illegal aliens can get a driver’s license in New Mexico. Like what is happening in California the promise was once they were licensed they would be safer drivers and they would get insurance. Sounds like it makes sense. What happened in New Mexico was fatalities increased for the next four years, collisions increased, speeding increased and the number of uninsured went from 26% to 29%. On top of all that is the program has been fraught with massive fraud. I literally just received driving statistics for Utah this week so I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the data but I can tell you the results will not be good. Over 75% of the fatalities caused by unlicensed drivers fall into the following categories. Forty-eight percent are drunk compared to twenty percent for the rest of the population. The next 35% of fatalities are from running stop signs, running red lights and speeding. Of course because they hit and run so often many of the fatalities have no reason given.A 10 year old knows that you can’t do that. Getting a driver’s license will not stop that behavior. I suggest that you go to my web site where you can read the report I sent to the assembly transportation committee and my verbal testimony that I gave in front of the committee hearing on April 22. You can also view a video of the hearing.

End Part One

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 21 at 4:57 p.m.


Part 2

For over 4,000 people a year, going to work, family gatherings or even grocery shopping are risks that may end with them never returning because Carmen and her ilk have decided that the laws don’t apply to them. The SBDP are doing the right thing by enforcing the law regardless of immigration status.

As to the LAPD Solution you should check the results before you praise the policy. First, the policy is being challenged in court. Local police do not have the authority to change state driving laws. Regardless of that let’s look at the results. The policy went into effect at the end of last April. Impounds were down 39% through the end of the year. Fatalities and serious injuries were up 7%. Over 40% of all collisions in Los Angeles are hit and runs. Is that what you are suggesting for Santa Barbara?

You want to read about a real tragedy. Go to

On Stop the Impound Madness

Posted on June 21 at 4:56 p.m.


On any given day Carmen and other people like her drive and kill 20 people in the United States. Of the 7200 deaths about 4,000 are killed by illegal aliens driving without a license. They kill at a rate 5X’s higher than licensed drivers. They drive drunk at a rate 5X’s higher than licensed drivers. And they hit and run 10x’s more than licensed drivers. (Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)

While Carmen fears that she may get caught and have to pay $2300 to get her car back I would pay anything to get my son back who was killed by an illegal alien driving without a license in November 2010. Carmen, you share some responsibility for his death and the over 75,000 killed since you illegally arrived. This is a reality for the millions of people who have lost loved ones thanks to Carmen and the illegal alien community.

If I visit any civilized country in the world I pay whatever taxes they have that apply and it does not grant me any legal status to remain there. And unlike this “civilized country” if I snuck in or overstayed my visa they actually make me leave regardless of whatever taxes I’ve paid. Carmen, if you don’t want to pay those taxes I guarantee you that no one will stop you if you want to go home.

Regardless of the reasons for Prop 187 with the exception of a few years in the late 90’s because of the boom the state has been a financial disaster. Not all because of illegal immigration but that has certainly been a major contributor to our perpetual deficits despite some of the highest taxes in the nation.

The Santa Barbara Police are not going to an unnecessary extreme. They are following the law. Driving without a license is never the smallest of things. Because the Santa Barbara Police are enforcing the law and trying to protect everyone you think they are not supporting the community. In fact Hispanics are killed at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the population. By the way someone who is in the country illegally is no more a part of the community than the person who breaks into your house becomes a member of the family.

The Office of Traffic and Safety is responsible for DUI Checkpoints throughout the state. One of the rules is that they need to be set in areas that have a high incidence of drunk drivers. In almost every incidence they catch more unlicensed drivers than they do drunk drivers. I have been stopped multiple times recently in Agoura Hills and Malibu. Hardly areas with many (if any) illegal aliens.


On Stop the Impound Madness

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