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Posted on November 25 at 12:23 p.m.

Sam, Jar2 likes to make "Barry" and "Barry Soetoro" gibes so he can 'shoot some fish in the barrel' as he has stated; yeah, he's deeply prejudiced and a boring mouthpiece for the 1% whom he likes to play up to. Ignore.

On S.B. Responds to President's Executive Order on Immigration

Posted on November 25 at 6:54 a.m.

The grotesque marijuana grow debris covered by Hayden's article is a powerful argument for more "wilderness" designation in Los Padres. Without ROADS, the weed can't be easily hauled out in quantity, and this would reduce sick sh!t like we see described in Tyler's article.

On No Extra Wilderness for Los Padres

Posted on November 25 at 6:50 a.m.

Great article and great job by Forest Watch. random, whatever the merits of legalization, it's still illegal and GRODY to use National Forest lands for commercial cultivation of anything! Further, this article serves as another reason to extend "wilderness" designation throughout much of LP Forest since without roads large amounts of the weed cannot be hauled out for sale.

On Visiting an Old, Gross Marijuana Grow

Posted on November 24 at 6:31 a.m.

how joyful to be free of all those friggin screens...and I've been off the video juice for over 30 years...but my neighbors do detest Cox and it's pathetic service. This is a welcome chance for Ms Anker "now[to] welcome the opportunity to give up my[her] TV addiction "! Read fine literature, enjoy the scenic beauty of our town, hike in the foothills...sit around and think. Here's a cool mantra:
"Don't just DO something, simply sit there."

On Monopoly Despondency

Posted on November 24 at 6:24 a.m.

really a fine tribute. In the old histories of USA we were really a sort of nations of vagrants, adventurers, refugees...those seeking a different horizon...Huck Finn just floating down the Miss., Tom Sawyer fleeing from Aunt Polly's mission to "civilize" him, Thomas Wolfe, Poe, ... this obsession with the settled, with the new emphasis on conformity, sucking up to the monied forces now ruling the country. Thank you for writing about your friend, Miles.

On To Richard

Posted on November 22 at 12:29 p.m.

there are over 1 million "Arab" Israelis and they're scattered all over the country as well as in W. Bank and in Gaza. The Wall was a failure even more they began erecting the hideous thing. Also ck Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, the Antonine Wall...none of them did what their foolish builders proposed, but then jarv says we can/should seal off our borders. Jejeune, and an appropriate idea for an undeveloped brain.

On S.B. Responds to President's Executive Order on Immigration

Posted on November 22 at 9:38 a.m.

Keep drinking the plutocratic kool-aid, Jarv. Countries that try to be democratic and good neighbors do not "seal their borders" -- Israel's been trying, but no go; we tried along our southern border [remember your idol Geo Bush 43's $80 billion wall which is useless...raised taxes, too]; the E. Germans tried a "Wall" to seal off E. Berlin from democratic W. Berlin... you need a little history schooling with your morning draught of 1% elixir. And no, it ain't gonna happen. Get a real job.

On S.B. Responds to President's Executive Order on Immigration

Posted on November 22 at 9:34 a.m.

Attentive readers could sense even Peter MacDougall's less-than-enthusiastic support in his Aug. 20 letter for Measure S -- You didn't hide your distaste well at all, Peter. This letter was so obviously what he and the other authors felt they HAD to do...
My own many sources at SBCC also reflected significant negativity about Measure S -- hey look, the SBCC Trustees had a blowout and failed to re-elect some wonderful trustees...then they brought us Serban...they fired Servan...then brought us Gaskin. If Lori felt "kicked in the gut" by the repudiation of S, then she is indeed wrong for this job since there wasn't any true enthusiasm for S. I had never in my life voted against an education bond issue until S. Methinks SBCC is full-of-itself, that it took the community for granted, and now we're in this mess.

On Run Spot Run: The ABCs of Do-Re-Mi

Posted on November 22 at 9:19 a.m.

In the late 1930s Republican Senator Vandenberg gave up isolationism, too bad some of these posters can't do the same. "Seal the borders" -- idiotic poppycock, will never happen. Nomore, how can you write "The Dem's like illegal aliens for votes." -- illegals cannot vote.

On S.B. Responds to President's Executive Order on Immigration

Posted on November 22 at 7:02 a.m.

ahh, Jarvis, in your myopic idolization of the rich -- "people like to be around rich people and pretty things" -- you demonstrate you're both a mouthpiece and a wannabe of the 1%. Ethan, meanwhile, is living a genuine life in our still beautiful town, while you seek fish to skewer in a barrel. Try living a real life, Jarv, get outside a bit, witness the real beauty of us folks who work for a living and enjoy it to the hilt. Don't forget your meds.

On The Struggle is Real

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