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Posted on October 1 at 6:14 a.m.

Great posts above. I've encountered three bears over some decades tramping around our backcountry: all three ran when I saw them, and I chased trying to photograph them! Once again, DOGS, and how these highly civilized, artificially-evolved, human-trained creatures can run amok in nature and in near-wilderness. Eckermann is completely correct writing: "Dogs can rustle up and agitate all manner of critters such as rattle snakes, mountain lions, and bears." In more than 40 years chatting with backcountry hikers, no one has EVER mentioned a Calif. black bear attacking them. Oh yes, never get between a sow and her cub[s].
I like and enjoy dogs, but they're inappropriate in the near-wilderness and true wilderness backcountry behind SB.

On Hunt for Bear Called Off

Posted on September 30 at 9:03 a.m.

excellent piece, and agree lawdy about the LAX airbus scene: all those heads bent over to worship at the miniature altar of almighty's particularly depressing that so many of the young succumb to this boring addiction. Kurzweil & other techno-futurists want us to believe this frenzy will lead to crowd wisdom and a divine Singularity: what amazing horsesh!t -- thanks Miriam!

On Hand-Held Computer Addiction

Posted on September 27 at 4:21 p.m.

agree HGWMV, I recall just plucking abalone from 20 feet free diving in our local waters...and working with USC's Bob Givens at Big Bear Cove on Catalina revealed those gleaming beds of abs to which you refer.
Yet, unless you're Chumash, and even if from the oldtime families like the Hollisters, you and yours were once "the new comers and their constant desire for expansion."

On Council Clears Path for Desalination

Posted on September 26 at 6:55 p.m.

Oh, YES on P! wins easily, so then you'll be fully Invalidated. No one is happy about any American workers losing their jobs, whether in north county SB or Arkansas. However, petroleum's a fading fossil fuel bonanza whose time is up. I can't wait for Measures Q and R in the future which will further limit [not end] dangerous secondary recovery methods.

On Robert Redford Endorses Measure P

Posted on September 26 at 6:51 p.m.

yeah loon there is indeed some of this "left-wing state worshiping religious fanatics who think the answer to everything is to create a new government program" but most unfortunately there's even more gauche posters "afflicted with right-wing internerds who can't discern the difference between exhalation of breath and the poorly-regulated idle of a freighter sitting off our coast." [thanks g'sesh!]
The lefties like Tabatha exhibit more openness and willingness to debate real facts, note her many webrefs, whereas the extreme rightwing kooks like Jarvis2 just repeat the same stale talking points; pretty boring and tedious, another old fart just clogging the thread.
Climate change is happening all around us, let's see the 50 points on Oct. 3. While it's a good idea to "allocate resources to [poor] Native American tribes", I'm hoping none would go to the Santa Ynez Branch of the Chumash whose 12 story Casino Tower of Babel [oops, Mammon] should keep them in plenty of chips. See, loon, there's no call here for any new government program to help these wealthy local Native Americans. You are like crudely dudely in being a false flag obsessional follower: nothing is real to you, it's always wag the dog.

On Climate Change in the Air

Posted on September 23 at 7:27 p.m.

Bill, though it sounds good, you've got zero data to back your catchy statement [12:58am] "Old shacks on the prairies did a better job of educating kids then the modern schoolhouses of today. " Teachers DO speak up, and believe me the layers of bureaucracy above them make it hard to be heard. Teaching is a low-status, low-pay [contra all the BS Jarvis puts out without thinking] profession where in many cases standardized test scores mean higher/lower pay and possibly termination.
I happily voted for Prop 30, and I will vote for Measure S.

On Chancellor Gets a Raise

Posted on September 12 at 3:03 p.m.


On Should Scotland be an independent country?

Posted on September 12 at 3:02 p.m.

work on the sideburns, zønen, way too bushy, man

On Holzer Case on Hold

Posted on September 10 at 7:04 p.m.

We've disagreed on this too many times, JarvFoo, to rehash it all now. No sane government employee will, or should, accept switch of so-called pension to a 401(K)'s a loss, man. You wanna make it all about the selfish unions, but I'm all for the folks guaranteed, yeah, GUARANTEED (get over your false indignation), a decent pension.
Although, we could agree that on the "1% of government pensioners", say a recently retired Sheriff who was on these threads recently, in there with a gov't pension of just over $200,000@ year as e.g.... then, No, no, I say cut at the top in finance, industry, corporate welfare, and crazy government pensions. You cut like this to make good the lower 95% of this future obligation.
I will someday use my own 401(K), -- and that 15% of workers who have the guaranteed benefits orthodox gov't pension will all fare much better than I will. However, we SHOULD ALL BE ON THESE GOV'T PENSIONS. Make that 15% 90%.
401(K)'s are a bad deal.

On City Union Protests Over Pay, Health Care

Posted on September 10 at 1:09 p.m.

loon: "the fact is that ISIS is a benefit to the US and Israel " ...uh, don't think so...??

On Services, Not Incarceration

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