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Posted on September 14 at 12:19 a.m.

I posted a response to this article here after reading it on the Ventura Star. I realize that Starshine did not call out celiacs in particluar but used the phrase gluten-free as some of you pointed out, but it is the same to us. irresistiblyglutenfree made one of the best points here "...when someone writes an article that ridicules gluten free, it just gives the clueless reader who stumbled upon it one more reason to pass a judgement when confronted with it." We already face this type of ridicule daily and not just from strangers. It is a pretty sensitive topic considering it is so new, all the attention it gets and the seriousness for those affected, because for so many people it is not a choice like veganism etc. I admit there are those who do talk about it a lot and it can seema bit much, well it is their daily life. Not to mention I have been in those situations where people are soooo bothered by you not eating that there is no way to get them to lay off accept give them the cold hard facts, some people can not let it go you don't want to eat their cookies. And when you explain, you are now the Debbie Downer. Anyway, I want to thank Starshine for visiting the gluten-free side (my post) and leaving a response to our grievances. I thought it was classy, but I am still mad ;)

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