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Posted on May 14 at 10:53 a.m.

The concert was amazing! The crowd was shouting with joy. There were laughs,screams,tears,sweat etc. When Florence performed Never Let Me Go, that's when a lot of people got emotional. There was a couple right next to me and the boyfriend proposed to the girlfriend. The boyfriend somehow had a connection and had the song dedicated to his girlfriend and the spotlight was shined on them. The girlfriend was so emotional having her boyfriend propose to her and have 6,000 audience members eyes on them. So sweet. After the concert proceeded, there was a LOT of pot smoking. Gross! A lot of people were having a great time, but the pot heads didn't because they got their butts kicked right out of the amphitheater. I remember moments before the concert was winding down, Florence said, "How the f**kdoes smoking a joint make our concert better?! I thought you can here because we sounded great regardless. You might just want to get that s**t out of your mouth before you turn to s**t". Florence wasn't so happy with the pot heads, but she as blessed with the audience she had on her first concert of her US Tour!!!

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