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Posted on December 25 at 7:58 p.m.

Police for the most part, have a low IQ's. They come to the job with an inferiority complex and end up overreacting to small non-issue incidents, { Kids with water balloons.} with small minded, brutish excessive force and think that it is funny! After all, they are the "man". So what ya going to do about it ? Call a COP. How many people are mistreated by the cops and just take the unfair and unwarranted abuse? The police have to be held to a high standard of protocol and those who are "bad apples" need to be held accountable. Clearly, Padilla is unfit to work as a police man and as a bad apple he needs to be fired. The public needs to be free of fear from all bullies.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

Posted on December 13 at 6:11 p.m.

There are far too many people now in California. Millions more want to move to our Golden State, unfortunately. Anyway, the point is the 101 Speedway. This blight that cuts our town in half is an ill-conceived, engineering nightmare. IE, much too short merge lanes and exit ramps, no shoulder between the number one lane and the wall. Along with those high speed nut-bars that think that Nas-car rules apply to our roads, all this make the 101 a crazy town expressway!
Now Cal-Trans again wants to build an inadequate patch job, (Band-aid). There are two other alternatives. One is build a bypass 101 that cuts behind the mountains at San Marcos Pass to Ventura at the 33, This would send those trucks and folks that are going North/South around SB. The other alternative is the “Funnel” that is a Tunnel built under the 101 that holds three lanes going south starting at the Z00 to Carpinteria from noon until midnight. Then the same tunnel would be one way going North from midnight to Noon. And Presto! No four years of gridlock while they build the new bridges. no dust and noise during construction. The dirt that is excavated would be ideal to shore up the eroding cliffs all along the railroad.
The Funnel would be a more cost effective way also to move the masses to their little jobs.... beep beep beep....I'm driv'in Here!

On Bare-Knuckle Politics — Santa Barbara-Style

Posted on November 23 at 8:40 p.m.

Solar stills 0 dollars to operate each year. This solar still used no fuel or power except that from the sun's rays and was thus able to provide pure water at a cost unmatched by any other means of distillation. Oddly, the method was forgotten in the intervening years and fuel operated stills were used whenever it was necessary to convert salty—or otherwise undrinkable water—to fresh.
Dr. Telkes and other scientists have worked with solar stills of various sizes. Our government's Department of the Interior is interested in the idea, and plans have been made for large seacoast installations to purify salt water for drinking and irrigation. In some designs no pumps would re needed because the sea itself would fill the condensing tanks at high

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On Cost Creep Lurks Over Desal Plant

Posted on November 13 at 10:59 p.m.

Naivegeo Is a Stooge for foreign sulfuric acid swigging, billionaire Polluters, who have perpetrated a snow job on some of the good citizens of Santa Barbara. Spending eight million dollars on oily deceptive advertising. It is obscene to witness multinational oil monopolies obviously buying votes, in their most deceptive and disgusting media blitz. Naivegeo continues to ignore the facts, these multinational oil monopolies use tons of toxic chemicals in mixtures that are poisonous to all living things on this earth. Their pumping of these secrete toxins into the earth, over miles and miles away, with slant drilling, from their drilling rigs, directly under our most valuable resource, Water! To blindly trust multinational oil conglomerates, that have diabolical documented histories of massive blunders and outright criminal behavior. Would be a big mistake.
These oil Barron's have no credibility of safety and have repeatedly throughout their history made promises of accountability only to repeatedly brake those promises and corroded the public trust. Enough already!

On Measure P Postmortem

Posted on November 13 at 8:32 p.m.

The stats show educated citizens of our county, did not fall for the massive bombardment of toxic dark money advertising that insistently Blitzed us here on the radio, TV, internet and in print for months. Selling deception, lies and fear. What is really twisted is that these Madison Avenue Public Relations companies, who sell Cigarettes and wine coolers to children. Have come over here to sell the average Voter on Fracking and the use of massive quantities of sulfuric acid as a reasonable, and benign... What is also sad, is to see now all the new Oil people, that are arriving in Santa Barbara from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, to extract our natural resources through extreme, dangerous methods that directly jeopardize our water and air quality! Do these outsiders have any connection to Santa Barbara? Do they worship money more than our water and air quality? Do they have anything to loose when thing go terribly wrong? The Gulf of Mexico off of Miss. TX, LA, AK, and FL are a dead zones. So in my life time the Gulf went from a living productive fishery to a toxic waste site. Thanks BP EXXON Texaco Chevron Shell Occidental Ect. ...So it has been put forward that College students should not be allowed to VOTE! How about this, no one over thirty years of age should be allowed to vote? If only Corporations were not given personage and unlimited contributions to our political system ...We Americans would have a chance at the Republic, rather than the Oligarchy that our sweet land of LIBERTY is slipping into!

On Measure P Postmortem

Posted on November 3 at 6:25 p.m.

The environmental hazards that are associated with "Extreme Extraction" production in Santa Barbara County are particularly problematic to the aquatic resources (surface water and shallow groundwater) by extremely saline water (mixed with toxic chemicals) or "brine", which is produced with oil and gas extraction. The primary source of concern is the migration of brine from buried reserve pits that are used to store produced water during recovery operations to our ground water needed for drinking and irrigation. However, there also are considerable risks of brine release from pipeline failures, poor infrastructure construction, and flow-back water from hydraulic fracturing associated with modern oilfield operations. Our surface water, and groundwater are at risk, from this brine produced with hydrocarbons. Potential mechanisms for the release of brine into our Aquifer include discharges from oil and gas wells, failure of cement casings at the well, earthquakes, tank battery failures, reserve pit discharge and pipeline breakages, as well as illegal dumping out the back of tankers going down our roads on rainy nights. In North Dakota it has been fully documented that brine from buried reserve pits that were used to store produced waters during recovery operations, leaked out contaminating water resources.
After an earthquake there is considerable risks of brine release from pipe-line failures, poor infrastructure construction as well as old infrastructure, and enhanced hydraulic connectivity between abandoned well bores, (there are many in SB ) and other oil and gas operations like hydraulic "fracking". Because of these serious risks to our water supply, why chance it? So please vote for a clean future on Tuesday and vote YES on P.

On Extreme Extraction Danger

Posted on November 3 at 11:27 a.m.

I am a Conservative that thinks Measure P is a good idea! Here is why. The water that is in the ground that we use to water our horses and hydrate our crops is a shared resource. That is to say our ground water is not just under my ranch it goes all over the county. Like an underground river. This river is subject to change after an earthquake it can change direction. New springs open up and others can go dry. Earthquakes here in California are not predictable they can come at any time and they can be of varying intensity and duration. In 1933 Long Beach CA. had a Doozy that lasted over a minute and knocked down most of the brick buildings and flattened oil derricks severing oil lines and creating a twenty square block sink hole that was thirty feet deep right in town. The city of Santa Barbara Dec.21,1812 had a 7.1 quake . On June 28,1925 at 6:40 am Santa Barbara had a 6.3 that lasted just 22 seconds that collapsed the Sheffield Dam sending 45 million gallions of water into downtown taking out houses. William Pfleging and Henry Ketz saved Santa Barbera from burning down by their acts of courage shutting down the main gas lines immediately after the first shockwave hit. Fire in 1906 after their quake distroyed 80% of the city. On Nov.4,,1927 5:49 am Lompoc had a 7.1 quake that created a 6' Tsunami that hit Pismo Beach. In July 21, 1952 Kern County 4:52am quake 7.3 on a thrust fault resulted in five foot shift near Tehachapi, Railroad tunnels collapsed. In Paloma fires at the refinery and all the way down in Long Beach cracked pipes caused an explosion and fire in their refinery. Gas and water lines were severed. Oil pipelines in Bakersfield were destroyed sending undisclosed amounts of crude out into the rivers and streams. August.17 1978 3:55 pm. A 5.1 quake hit one mile South of Santa Barbara derailing a freight train in Goleta. So when will the next Quake hit Santa Barbara? Well as a mater of fact there are quakes here almost every day. You may not notice them yet they go on all the time. Measure P will prevent oil companies from fracking the ground which puts chemicals into the rock under high pressure . During an earthquake these cracks can open up and send these chemicals into the ground water. Will a massive quake like the one that destroyed the Fukushima power stations happen here? Sure hope not! I am pragmatic though when it comes to the safety of our water supply and the legacy that I leave my children and grand kids! If you want to gamble go to the Chumash Casino, it is very nice. But if you don't want to risk losing our most precious resource- water- Vote YES On P.

On Extreme Extraction Danger

Posted on November 2 at 9:46 a.m.

Tabatha thethorns4 is a scared little ol' person who watches Miss Information on the faux "news" religiously. The sad truth is people eat this hate stuff up. This thorns person thinks that the world is our enemy. This is obviously a sad case. My 93 year out grand mother had so much junk mail from the fear promoters, wanting her money that we had to take take action to protect her from Jerry Fraudwel. She was living on SS and a small pension. Love and fear can not coexist.

On Mitchum: Not for Women

Posted on November 2 at 8:43 a.m.

A better headline would have been "Vote No On Everything" oh BTW, There is fracking going on, off our shore today in Santa Barbara and all over Ventura. It would be interesting to see the source of Dr. James Boles funding at UCSB and what consulting gigs he has in the pipeline! Mr. Boles said. "But we don't see anything obvious. It's hard to explain."

In August, the hot rocks ignited the roots of plants growing in the slide area, causing the forest fire. But scientists are at a loss to explain why no fires have occurred on hundreds of other shale landslides in Los Padres.

"What's so different about this one?" Mr. Boles said. "That's the question we keep asking, every time we go out there."

On their last trip to the Dick Smith Wilderness, the geologists dug up some of the hot rock, let it cool for an hour and stuffed it in their backpacks to send to U.S. Geological Survey labs in Denver. There, it will be analyzed with an electron microscope.

"We'll be able to determine whether there's enough sulfide mineral to support our theory," Mr. King said. "For a geologist, this is a very exciting find. We're not aware of any other features of this nature, where a landslide has started a fire."

On Ballot Review by Concerned Taxpayers

Posted on November 1 at 7:48 p.m.

Go 49 ears ...A lot of the crude pipelines were installed in 1961 and before . Go to the chevron map that has all the pipelines and pumping stations. Many were installed by Union Oil now Chevron. Some have been replaced. Like a few down by Mussel Shoals that ruptured recently. 49erfan why do you put so much trust in these multinational oil companies that have a proven track record of at every opportunity, of cutting corners to save a nickel ? Chevron’s been promoting methodology that will allow them to continue to pollute, to continue to emit tons of greenhouse emissions and other invisible extremely toxic gases into our air daily, rather than doing it the right way. Not Cool.
OK, You were in the Air force for twenty years we salute you dedicated service to our country. Assuming that you were in our Air Force. Tell me if the planes that you flew on were not maintained or only maintained with makeshift repairs and you knew it was going on and you reported it to your superior officer and was told to shut up. Then a plane went down killing your family and friends would you be just a little POed? Think about it.

On Measure P: Disappointment

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