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Posted on November 14 at 1:52 p.m.

This was a sad lack of leadership on the part of these electeds;as per our own county staff, we need this code modernized up to the standard of state law and similar counties. As it is, hearing officers have absurd constraints and this will not change until this obsolete code is updated.

The few actual cases involved proves the costs and risks would be quite minimal. The SBDPHAC DIrector did not request one additional penny; in fact it will cost more if aggressive enforcement leads to litigation - unlawful takings or a 42 USC 1983 etc.

Some people provoke animals out of malice, stupidity or, on occasion, circumstances which would confuse Lassie herself.

Yes some dogs do need supervision and conditions imposed but now the options are KILL THE DOG or DO NOTHING AT ALL. Many people prefer the latter option over the brutally over-broad prior option.

We don't want to be the county known as the Canine Auschwitz but this lack of foresight from our board raises the prospect of a reputation hit.

No decent person wants to be a dog-killing snitch or a collaborationist and there will be Resistance to this unjust law at all levels, inside and outside, and by all means necessary. Resistance to unjust canine euthanizations is a moral cause of the highest order and extraordinary means may be justified at the most refined level of philosophical and theological discourse.

The huge consensus for marine mammal protection dovetails with this issue. The Cause of the Underdogs will also draw steam from those who are suspicious of law enforcement, ie., undocumented labor and medical marijuana users. Law enforcement itself will probably support revision for the same reason that progressive law enforcement support an end to the drug war and overly aggressive immigration policy: no one can cooperate with law enforcement if the laws are unjust, and good cops understand this.

We all need to examine our conscience and balance the equities when confronted with an unjust law. These politicians have refused the change in open derogation of professional advice from animal control professionals, non-profit agencies and concerned citizens.

I recommend the non-violent direct action ofelectoral politics.

I suggest that no one contribute one penny to any incumbent who will not pledge to re-agendize and adopt and come the next election cycle no candidate who will not commit to redrafting the DDO not get one dime and one vote irregardless of any other political consideration.

Sad indeed that Sup. Adams supposedly all about libertarian principles had to chime in with fear-mongering rhetoric and had nothing to say about confiscatory government.

Remember what Yogi Berra said, "it's not over until its over" and if we don't see this back on the agenda soon enough expect some major consequences at the ballot box as most Santa Barbara County residents want a nuanced and effective animal control ordinance, not a one size fits all sledge hammer.

On The ‘Dangerous’ Dog Dilemma

Posted on May 28 at 11:03 p.m.

<Bring me a latte> There are so many 800 pound elephants in this parlor that I think I am wasting my time trying to point them out to people. Don't listen to me listen to Jake Richards

The GJ report is a side issue, the so-called "merger" was on the table before it was released, and thus the GJ report should not have been included in the lead paragraph. Makes me kind of wonder if the writer is spinning 4 an agenda...

Opening of the warming centers is not really "news" in that they were in their 3rd year. More spin/puffery? THe WC's are replicating the same errors with little real consideration of those mistakes and alternatives.

For instance, they actually INCREASE morbidity and perhaps mortality in that they spread colds, influenza, pneumonia, etc. The additional costs at county clinic and Healthcare for the Homeless Program far exceed the RARE case of exposure or hypothermia which MIGHT result once every five years or so...all of which could be avoided by distributing blue tarps and getting the over-rated Restorative Justice Cops to lay off of these poor wretched people on cold rainy days, at least. #PutAwaytheTicketBook #STOPtheWARonthePOOR

But yes, the "congregate" shelters make matters WORSE. Hence,

the lack of communication and cooperation is not due to lack of organizational structure it is due to turf-grabbing, axe-grinding and politicized vendettas by activism entrepreneurs, many of which seek influence in territory far from their (comfortable) private homes. These agendas include importation of out-of-county crews of scarcely rehabilitated hard drug addicts to take over jobs traditionally handled by unionized public employees and genuine volunteers such as Channelkeeper. The merger is inevitable but it is all up to Chandra whether or not it will include a decent Community Action Group component or if the contentiousness and pomposity of warring factions will continue indefinitely. (But that's really not up to her anyway, to fix that...)

I am so over all of this whining about who "attacked" whom I am taking on something much easier, like resolving Israel Palestine or the ihad vs Western culture in 'donesia

On Homeless Support Groups Uniting

Posted on May 28 at 8:58 p.m.

No use being fatalist. Many philanthropists are not down with the Koch Brothers World-Wide Koliphate. Look at how hard people need to struggle in Russia, which just raised the fine from $150 to $3000 for protesting. Yes, 200%. Bad as DHS, FBI, NSC,CIA may seem they are not the KGB, the Okhrana and their successor agencies. If you think things are as bad here as they are in Moscow you need to seriously re-evaluate which radio stations and websites you get your information from.

On A Peek Inside Campaign Coffers

Posted on May 9 at 3:45 p.m.

This is awesome. Years ago, I shelled out over $100 for CPR for Professional Rescuers pending a ski patrol job, and over the years keep dropping bucks for my certs and upgrades (EMS, various First Aids, NSC & ARC). To have something like this for free - WOW! I'm there.

On Free “Hands Only” CPR May Trainings

Posted on May 9 at 3:39 p.m.

Interesting that the stock market doesn't seem the least bothered by election of a socialist...kind of makes you think

On S.B. Hosts Polling Site for French Presidential Election

Posted on May 4 at 8:11 p.m.

It would be interesting to see Mike Stoker and HBJ square off. I wonder if the former will stick to his libertarian guns, or sell out to pressure groups that want Big Government for corporate welfare and to crush individualism.. And with the added level of prestige and elite interest focused on this race, will the accessible, populist Hannah-Beth we know be eclipsed by a new, improved battle-hardened Candidate Jackson?

On Mike Stoker Makes Candidacy Official

Posted on May 4 at 8:09 p.m.

It would be interesting to see Mike Stoker and HBJ square off. I wonder if the former will stick to his libertarian guns, or sell out to pressure groups that want Big Government for corporate welfare and to crush individualism.. And with the added level of prestige and elite interest focused on this race, will the accessible, populist Hannah-Beth we know be eclipsed by a new, improved battle-hardened Candidate Jackson?

I can't help but recall the oft-repeated comment that Ronald Reagan could not be nominated by today's national Republican Party. Love him or despise him, you have to admit that John McCain was a formidable candidate. With Romney alienating the Christian Right, libertarians and a lot of conservative intellectuals, it seems that Obama's re-election is almost a dunk shot, IMHO, making our local races that much more interesting.

On State Senate Race Ramps Up

Posted on April 27 at 8:42 p.m.

I have been a close observer of this situation. A couple years ago there was only one person who slept there on an ongoing basis, and the county outreach worker who was on the SCHAC got him housed. In subsequent months, dozens of folks on "bivouac" took over where" Paul" had left off, and the labyrinth became unusable for devotions.

Any attempt by parishioners to pick up trash or ask people to follow some of the rules was treated by church staff as an infringement upon the powers and perogatives of themselves and of the priest.

The congregants were fed up but Episcopalianism is a top-down operation and things ground to a halt. Anglicanism is a denomination which has never really rejected the Divine Right of Kings. They still have a Queen and all that.

Anglicans supported the Tories in 1776 and the slave states in 1864 Today it is basically a top-down bureaucracy schisming into equally authoritarian right wing and left wing denominations Episcopal churches are run by a vestry of half a dozen people who constitute a dictatorship. The "elections" to vestry was a rubber stamps, without opposing candidates.

On the continent, that kind of clerical arrogance led to the Hussite and Anabaptist rebellions, the Lutheran revolt, the Hugenot and Calvinist wars. The Church of England never went though a reformation, thus, they are in a sense, in the negative sense, "more Catholic than the Pope".

Catholicism went through a Counter-Reformation, Thus, ironically, the Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestants denominations have ministries which conduct themselves in a manner more consistent with American Democratic ideals than does Episcopalianism.

As a result of this structural malady, Trinity was unable to be effective and Asman resorted to a self-defeating strategy of issuing edicts without awareness of what was going on out on the labyrinth, in the pews and on the street. Most of the homeless supported reasonable measures to rein in the miscreants who ruined it for everybody, but church staff took offense because they regarded themselves, as "vicars" of the rector. They felt no parishioners had any right to interact with the people who were sleeping out on the labyrinth and ruining it as a tourist attraction and as a sacred space.

There is nothing "sacred" about someone using the church lawn as a latrine, and if you read about Joshua's army, the Essenes, and what had been said in the Book of Ezekiel, you will realize that what was going on at Trinity was a defouling of sacred space and since Asman was unwilling to allow access to sanitary plumbing of any kind, it all had to end.

Had the church been willing to engage in a real dialogue, a more equitable solution could ahve been reached, but Anglican authoritarianism, wrapped up in sentimental liberal cliches, trumped any real progress. Going forward, the Christian Left will present more of the same, and its critics will be shunned.

On Trinity Spills Over Capacity

Posted on April 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Very nice writeup!

I've seen Joshua twice and highly recommend anyone go see him play even if they are not especially into violin. Redbox also has "The Red Violin" which is a good introduction...check out this Paganini riff

On Joshua Bell and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Posted on March 29 at 6:15 p.m.

Corrected link: and the CDC are the main sources for now. My goal is to break the cycle of poor hygience, which homeless service provider organizations perpetuate through lack of someone to "train the trainers".

On New Homeless Organization Nearly Formed

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