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Posted on June 29 at 2:35 a.m.

"The people who know how to sell advertising aren't at the News-Press any longer..."

Where'd they go then? If you know about these "people" then you must know that since July of 06, the veteran retail sales reps on staff are STILL THERE (Since we're clearly not talking about the lack of classified advertising in Blue Edge).

We're talking about decent, hard working individuals who have tenures longer than the list of people that Wendy is suing (that's a long list and a lot of years of NP service). They do a damn fine job and to make a comment like that Conscience...just lacks consciousness. Unless of course you've worked on the inside...then you know the quality of these people and and their work.

While we're on the subject of selling ads...Blue Edge was responsible for selling their own. Period.

Peter's a good guy yes, but that doesn't mean he was capable of performing all the duties that his position required of him...that included advertising. Just because someone has a passion for surfing doesn't mean they know how to run a surf publication.
Earthclassic: you have valid points about the significance of surf culture to the central coast population and the need for a mag to represent it. That's what B.E. seeks to do...and the mild mannered Ginibi marginally succeeded at it. He admittedly had problems with speaking in front of groups, and lacked presence in department meetings. If you're gonna come to the table as head of operations, you gotta bring something other than boardshorts. C'mon guys, you've hung out with him...he earned his nickname for a reason. R.I.P. Purple Haze.

P.S. Arthur can boogie board?

On Is <em>News-Press</em>' Surf Mag <em>Blue Edge</em> Wiping Out?

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