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Posted on December 22 at 1:08 p.m.

Hi Bird: How sad you were not satisfied -- or grateful. I am a disabled senior, and a brown bag recipient for the past two years, and I have an absolutely opposite commentary to yours. I have continuously received fresh lettuce and bagged salads, potatoes, cabbage, squash, onions, varied seasonal fresh vegetables and a variety of fresh fruits. We receive these on a continual basis. Each bag contains a minimum of four (usually five) of these types of nutrious fresh foods. I always receive a fresh loaf of Oroweat bread, either rice or pasta, and a protein -- either a frozen chicken, large package of sliced ham or turkey, or one dozen fresh eggs as an example. The large cans of juice you mention are varied, and I like the apple/cherry mixed with water and ice, it is very refreshing. There is no "weird science" with any of the juices, and they taste fine considering they are not fresh. Perhaps you can afford the almost $5 for the "fresh" juices, but most of us cannot and we are grateful to get juice. I find the variety of foods to be a nutritious grouping and the additional cans of brand name corn, tuna, tomatoes, stew, peas, apricots, peaches, and soups help make many meals. Also the addition of milk, energy bars, cookies, macaroni and cheese, couscous, and an assortment of goodies donated by Trader Joe's make for a varied menu. There is always enough variety to make many meals for the two weeks until I receive another bag, and whatever I cannot use I share with another disabled person who needs food. Considering all the seasonal fresh fruits we receive in each bag such as plums, oranges, pears, apples, apricots etc. I am really shocked and disappointed by your comments. I find your commentary to be totally untrue actually and wonder why you wrote it. Last week I received large portions of fresh broccoli florets, pea pods, tangerines, oranges and yams, plus 2 lbs. of sliced deli ham (frozen -- and please note that was five fresh foods) plus all the other foods. After more than two years of receiving this program I cannot agree with anything that you wrote. I am sorry you feel as you do, but surely you are the exception as the recipients I know are truly grateful and extremely happy to get this wonderful and varied help especially as there are now so many more hungry families who need the food. Great Job Food Bank -- Your work IS appreciated!

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