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Posted on May 16 at 12:51 a.m.

I live clear across the country but after reading this, I feel compelled to respond to the article and the comments that followed.

I am an atheist. I know a few atheists. I feel pretty comfortable in stating that we atheists couldn't care less what you think or what you do in your homes. Don't care, not one bit.

What we do care about is when religious organizations feel the need to tell us what we should think and what we should believe, how we should live our lives and how others should live theirs.

What we do care about it is their inability to let others live their own lives.

What we see is their fear. Fear that if someone does something contrary to their faith it will somehow diminish the meaning of that faith. Evangelical groups unfortunately feel that their way is the only way, all others are doomed.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship website has a pretty clear statement on it and to ignore and misstate it is puerile and misleading. This is an evangelical group seeking to bolster their numbers by converting very young children through fear and pear pressure. These are classic brainwashing techniques. CEF is only concerned with developing one community, their own.

The best thing parents can do is have their children take part in other after school activities. As in the end of the article, if no one attends, if they have no one who will listen, they will be forced to just go home.

I know other choices in some areas and for some people may be unavailable. Do the best for your children, teach them what you can and trust that being taught tolerance and being gifted with an open mind and the ability to question will be enough to get them through life.

And hey, if you want your children taught your beliefs, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Jainist, why not do it yourself rather than let someone else. Your children will appreciate the time you spend with them. There really is no need for this group and there never will be.

Oh, and PS, quoting Neitzche doesn't make you right especially when you misrepresent Stalin, Hitler and everyone else you mentioned. Replacing a culture and government with a cult of personality does not make it an atheistic regime. All those despots did was replace one god with another living one, same as Kim Jong il has done in North Korea. And when you imply that Hitler wasn't a christian and completely supported by the Catholic Church, you show just how ignorant you really are about European history.

Whoever is reading this, don't take their word on it, or even mine. Educate yourself and form your own opinion, because that is what makes America great.

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