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Posted on October 15 at 11:35 a.m.

ok, wow, I respect that Hwy 154 is a dangerous road. I hear sirens up and down it most weekends, as I live off the pass. My letter was referring only to the last hill down from just above Cathedral Oaks. It's posted there at 55. It is not a spot notorious for accidents. The exit to Cathedral Oaks is posted at 50 mph! Curves above are posted at 45 mph! If you exceed the speed limit there, it is simply due to inadvertence when there is no other traffic, not intentional speeding. I would submit that most people regulate their speed naturally as they come down the hill towards the intersection below. I've lived just off the pass for more than 26 years. The presence of Hwy Patrol cars at that small area has never been to the extent it has been over the past two years at that spot. Just saying.

On Doing 70 on the 154

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