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Posted on August 15 at 11:23 p.m.

Why are you all overlooking the fact that the federal law in terms of substances (i.e - drugs and alcohol) supercedes any state law? The DEA is just doing their job. People in CA seem to think that you can vote in a "change" to those laws/regulations (Prop 215, and SB 420) BUT YOU CAN'T!!! That is not how drug laws work in the USA. Marijuana is an ILLEGAL drug on the list for Schedule 1 controlled substances ( which is why doctors cannot PRESCRIBE it. Some doctors try to get around the law by "recommending" it, not prescribing it. That is why it is NOT carried at pharmacies. People decided to open "dispensaries" which even by the state of CA, are illegal (see link below). They should have read the CA law a little closer. You are not allowed to make a profit distributing pot to anyone, even if they are on your "primary care" list. ( READ THIS PAGE, it is NOT written by the government. The federal government is just enforcing the laws, state and federal.
STOP COMPLAINING AND WHINING. There is no legal way to run a dispensary and make money from it in the United States. Sorry. End of story.
As a long time resident of SB I have seen the problems that the dispensaries bring into the neighborhoods where they are located. Outside of a few people who claim to need it medically, the majority of customers I see going in and out leave, go around the corner and give some to thier friends, either right on the street or in a nearby vehicle. The City Council originally chose to do nothing about the problem until residents spoke up. The laws need to be enforced. City leaders are losing the respect of the community. Things need to change quick before even worse things begin to happen.

On Shakedown From Feds Imperils Medicinal Marijuana

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