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Posted on December 29 at 11:02 a.m.

Dear Dr Dan (Sir) I agree that all religion teaches the same. I no way meant that Yoga/Meditation are some religion. Definitely they are only Practices and no one should ever confuse them with religion. Practice of Yoga and Meditation can always be incorporated with practice of every religion.

Sir ~ Yoga /Meditation are lifestyle and if you will see in the story that I mentioned in my opinion , clearly states that the brother opted for a different lifestyle and influenced the other brother.

**Sir we will loose direction if we( the people who believe in Yoga & Meditation) ever relate it to some religion. (Period)**

Ignorant Souls only refer to people who ( are only running for their greed & Desire in the name of success) it can never be religious.

I only want people to think that when people relate Yoga & Meditation & India ,they say that even in India they don't find Indians practicing it so than I try to explain the reason( which is for first the fact is that Yoga & meditation is perceived with some religion but than i try to explain that it is just a practice and today it is practiced by the people who are more educated and enlightened (((especially people in America from all religions))) than the people whose society((( here I am referring to Hindus which is a general perception among people who don't know much about Yoga/meditation)))is considered to be related to ( yoga/meditation).

Sir (with my due regards) one thing I would like to share that I like Mr James Powell's point where he refers about Indian Poverty , I believe it is always good to help people we see in Need. If we see people in need in America or Japan we should help them.
Let us also start working for people in need in America simultaneously, I would request you that I am standing with you to help my brothers and sisters in Need in America.
Let you and all of us start a new initiative which will Help people in need in America. I request you to head this program and I will assist you in my full capacity that I can do with my honest Heart, this is my promise to you today.

So now we can have two programs, one for India and other for America. By Gods Grace we will be able to help more people in need.

On The Quiet Indian

Posted on December 29 at midnight

(Starting from Where I left )( Owing to word limitation)

Maybe, this is my way of promoting a healthy way of human living by providing what one can desire and which can result in his losing the path of true happiness(Road not taken by Robert Frost)

I have more to say about this beautiful article but maybe some other time.

I love you, Mr. James Powell for this thoughtful article.

On The Quiet Indian

Posted on December 28 at 11:58 p.m.

This is a beautiful article! Very Thoughtful and here is my opinion today.
Yoga and meditation is one attempt of a yogi to connect with life beyond himself.
I have always felt connected while meditating and performing yoga, to something which is outside my body.
It has always provided me a thread connection with someone else outside my body.
Here I see Educated and Enlightened People getting influenced by Yoga and Meditation (and They enjoy life with no boundaries to their happiness):
When I see someone fascinated by Meditation/Yoga. I tell myself isn't it the same way when I get fascinated by beautiful fragrance of a flower, I get fascinated by its color, its texture(its feel) And someday I want to name my loved one by the name of that flower which fascinated me. I can do that as I can understand the fragrance and beauty of that flower.

Many Indians cannot practice Yoga as they fascinated/involved other means to earn their living, and so Yoga and Meditation are shifting their base to more educated and enlightened society.
For a Hindu, it is difficult to be a yogi today.

I asked my father for the reason and he told me a story, by which he could easily explain me the reason. (Well I know it was a story that he cooked at the very moment.) His story starts with a family of 5 brothers who lived happily in the old city of Haridwar.

This was a beautiful Hindu family, having its roots and belief in the logic of Vedas. They lived a humble but a peaceful life. All 5 brothers got married and had kids. They all worked hard in the field.

The life was hard but again peaceful. One day the youngest brother met a trader who was involved in trading of some items. Slowly, he started working with him and made more and quick money than what the entire family made while working in the field.

As he became rich, he started criticizing and influencing other brothers and slowly other three brothers followed him. But the eldest didnot leave the holy path and his practice. But the children and wife of the eldest brother didn't approve it. He was still firm and didn't leave the path

Well when he died his son joined his Uncle's path.

Now in the age of lust and greed it is very difficult to live a life of a good yogi. Where one desires and his provider finds it incapable of providing him.

So somewhere we need to help this unfortunate person(and in my opinion this is what this article is all about), who couldn't resist to his temptations and kept ignoring the blissful life existing around him.

We who believe in Yoga/Meditation finds our duty in helping these ignorant souls that all these things were possible with the high conscience state of mind.

It is very true and as said over the period of time: One can only be a true yogi and enjoy the path of meditation once he is no more a voluptuous.

(Rest in Next)

On The Quiet Indian

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