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Posted on June 8 at 6:44 p.m.

@Ken_Volok The only reason Peter Adam even got elected was because people in that district wanted Joni Gray kicked out and were betting that Adams was so far off the cliff to the right, self-serving, and a nasty mannered guy in general that the other supervisors would not go along with his ranting and raving "down with the government" positions (not to include him of course) …. and that has proven to be the case. I wouldn't be betting on him to occupy that 4th District seat again! Unfortunately, those in the 4th District have no representation on that Board in the meantime.

On Janet and Bill Win Big; M Loses Small

Posted on September 12 at 11:04 p.m.

Wasco, CA Farmers Say Fracking Chemicals Contaminate Wells, Kill Almond, Cherry Trees

Video of November 13, 2012 2:00 pm
Kern County Board of Supervisors Hearing, Bakersfield, CA.
Attorney and farmers give testimony to Supervisors about violation of Brown Act, chorine levels tested 14 times normal level in well water, caused by oil industry fracking below orchards to extract oil from the Monterey Shale formation, who have mineral rights to frack without permits below orchards. Cherry and almond orchards have low yields, one with 40 dead trees, ask Board for help. Fracking the Monterey Shale areas began last year on prime farmlands below orchards. Affected farmers are experiencing many problems and intimidation by the oil companies on land owned by these farmers. Oil companies have fenced off acres of the orchards and converting the land to fracking operations. Supervisors neglected to request testing of water wells and aquifers to determine the source, chemicals or extent of contaminant, health department emergency actions, quantitative testing of fruit and nuts for contamination, determine safety of food for consumption or demand fracking be stopped.

The entire hearing on item 1 is about 1 1/2 hours and very informative about oil and fracking companies and the lack of help or any demands for the health department be contacted immediately to investigate, test wells and local aquifers and ground water or to test the produce for chemicals and to certify the produce was safe for consumption before it was sold to wholesale markets for distribution throughout the U.S.

Worth the listen/watch. The farmers aren't against oil they just don't want their farms/animal stock destroyed and it is happening! BigOil there has refused to come to the table or even listen to their own consultants.

Nov Tue 11/13/12 - 2:00PM Regular Meeting PM 07h 32m Minutes Video
Scroll down to November 13, 2012 - 2 pm hearing. Find the video on the line.
Item #1 Starts at just about 5 minutes into the hearing

On Clean Energy: A Crop to Harvest

Posted on May 13 at noon

Adams is just one more disgraceful extreme-to-the-max Tea Party politician. His obnoxious behavior may work in Washington but doesn't play well here. He'll never accomplish anything with his arrogant attitude. LaVagnino won't even support this jerk! I'm betting he'll be a one-term, accomplish nothing, Supervisor!!

Those unfortunate enough to be in his district are getting the shaft!! No representation would be better than this guy!

On Adam Tries, Fails to Shrink Energy Division

Posted on April 12 at 4:53 p.m.

You must be mistaken. Sarah hasn't been anywhere around so don't believe that was her you saw flying overhead!

On Pappas Finally Pays Farr

Posted on December 23 at 5:58 p.m.

"Money spent at very few corporate stores in SB county stays in SB county, because few are based here (Powell-Peralta Skateboards being an example of a locally based corporation, Dekkers (sic?) another.)"

Very astute comment! Shop the local small businesses wherever they be located! 100% of that money stays local. Whatever happens with big box stores in SB, never ever, ever let the greedy Waltons/Walmart get their money-grubbing hands and trashy slave-labor manufactured cheap (unlike inexpensive) merchandise set foot in this town .....or kiss the majority of the locals good-bye!

On World Doesn't End — Second Time in Two Years!

Posted on December 23 at 4:58 p.m.

Picked up that rag one day while waiting for my car to be washed... caught this woman's rants and raves, dumped in the trash, and never took a second look again! Thought someone had escaped from a mental institution and somehow high-jacked the presses. Clearly her paper was nothing more than a self-serving way to vent her bitterness - apparently blaming everyone/everything else for her troubles. Clearly her employees meant nothing to her at all. Very sorry for them to have worked for this Scrooge-in-disguise and now she's thrown them out in the cold and just before Christmas no less! Sad, sick woman!

Adios, ciao, good riddance!

On <em>Santa Ynez Valley Journal</em> Prints Last Paper

Posted on December 16 at 10:23 a.m.

These poachers will probably get the same punishment BigOil gets for trashing up our seas & destroying sea life..... Nada! Oh - forgot to exclude those nasty government subsidies slapped on them! At least I don't think these bums will be getting any of those!

On Alleged Abalone Poachers Caught

Posted on October 31 at 6:06 p.m.

When are we going to get it? The system is broken!!

On County Has 71 Percent Prison Recidivism Rate

Posted on July 22 at 8:19 a.m.

I think the "alternative" is closer to the truth: "It credits Roberts with having acted as he did primarily to pull the Court back from the “precipice” of having the Court broadly seen as an arm of the Republican Party and the big-money interests – vide Bush v. Gore and Citizens United."

The decision in Citizens United was the sale of the (not so) United States to the Wall Street Corporations and Wall Street Banks - pure and simple.

You can add the Walmart Supreme Court decision and many others to the credits of our corrupt Supreme (Koch) Court! The decision regarding the Affordable Care Act just reflects their "feeling the heat" of the fed up We The People and concerned the growing demand for seriously needed reform of our Judicial Branch is a real threat to maintaining their status quo!!

Walmart Case: Supreme Court Aids The Powerful

For the workers, this legal "solution" amounts to the equivalent of asking Walmart to negotiate directly with every factory that produces its products on an individual basis, and not impose the price by wielding the power of its scale.

On Jurists and Consequences

Posted on July 22 at 7:01 a.m.

Public Opinion Strategies is really only interested in one opinion:

Campaigns -

Political Parties

Alabama Senate Republican Caucus
California Republican Party
Florida Republican Party
Georgia Senate Republican Caucus
Illinois House Republican Organization
Illinois Republican State Senate Campaign Committee
Iowa House Republican Caucus
Iowa Republican Party
Massachusetts Republican Party
Michigan Republican Party
Michigan Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Missouri GOP
Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
National Republican Senatorial Committee
New Mexico Republican Party
North Carolina House Republican Caucus
North Carolina Senate Republican Caucus
Republican Governors Association
Republican National Committee
Republican State Leadership Committee
Tennessee House Republican Caucus
Tennessee Republican Party
Tennessee Senate Caucus
Wisconsin Republican Party
Wisconsin State House Republican Caucus

Clients - CORPORATIONS - No surprise here - NCB-Wall Street Journal, Pfizer, Verizon, Walmart + others "trickling down" the Reagan gold dust on the 99% - yeah right! That yellow tricking down ain't gold dust! Wake up America!

On Maldonado Campaign Poll Claims Congressional Race Is Dead Heat

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