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Posted on November 19 at 8:44 p.m.

Privatize the whole thing.

UC and the State it serves will thrive if it gets Jarvis, DrDan, Jerry Brown, and Das Williams to go away. UC will not thrive so long as Sacto mandates that all 4 ir-reconcilable interests represented by these "folk" be pleased by UC's proposals and policies.

Let UC go .. let it be free to live and thrive and frankly bring greater benefits to the State and the people than State government bulls--t allows to presently happen... and let Jerry Brown, Das Williams, and Jarvis be mutually happy pleasuring themselves with their narrow constitutiencies.

So long as UC answers to the State ... the numbers will never add up. You can count on that. Let it go, and let it sink or swim on it's own.

On UC Regents Move Toward Tuition Increase

Posted on October 26 at 7:55 a.m.

I know, I don't like the incivility that goes on in these comments sometimes. I hope I don't offend anyone in my comments below. Where my head's at, for what its worth:

I need my car, and I depend on my car. But I don't like that we're forced into things like fracking to sustain this automobile dependent way of life. I really don't like that we're forced into sending massive armies to the Middle East, committing the lives of our children and spending trillions, more of less permanently, to keep the oil flowing and sustain this automobile dependent way of life.

I would like these costs to be added to the ledger of "waste & cost of providing auto infrastructure", if we're talking about a comparison to "waste & cost of providing bike infrastructure".

I find lack of bike parking a major impediment to my own use of the bike for non-recreational purposes. So the city spent some money on bike racks on Canon Perdido, and at the request of businesses speaking on behalf of their patrons. Why are we to consider this action by the city to be wasteful?

Yes, I like engineering, and I like cost/benefit analysis. But if somebody is trying to say that, because there's some numbers out there saying bike commuting has declined over the past while .... maybe true ... but, why are we to conclude from that fact (true or false) that some few additional bike racks installed on Canon Perdido are going to cause bankruptcy to the public purse, and make no difference to the prevalence of bike commuting? I would think it might help, and I would think it is pretty cheap, or at least as cheap as anything else the government provides.

Seems to me, we've spent trillions and trillions over the past 10 or 20 years, to un-clog our choked roads, improve auto commuting times, and to make travelling by car less of a hell. And, I just don't think its working. Sometimes, after a massive freeway project, it gets better. But only for a little while. Soon enough, we're back to square one, choking on fumes.

I am intrigued by what folks in the Netherlands have done ... how they responded over the past 35 years or so, to the first oil crisis in the 1970's. I think we should study their data, look at their experience and consider the costs and benefits, and think about applying the best parts of what they did over here.

On Park Your Bike at Bicycle-Friendly Businesses

Posted on October 25 at 1:21 a.m.

SBCC enrollment is one piece of a bigger solution package.

It makes no sense at all. Drawing in kids from Europe, Canada, Latin America, LA, Bay, San Diego, frankly anywhere outside Santa Barbara County and the SBCC District Tax Base ... it makes no sense to enroll such folk outside our community into a "Community College". Community College enrollment at SBCC should come from children of families in Goleta, IV (residents, not transplants), SB, Montecito, Summerland, and Carp. In other words, enrollment from the SBCC tax district.

The excessive outside SBCC enrollment is creating major problems. Not the whole problem. But a big fat identifiable major part of the problem.

If the explosive growth of SBCC could be contained, the County/Cities/UCSB and others might have a fighting chance of helping IV / UCSB mature and reach self-control. UCSB is trying at least and the governments are trying too. But its not happening from SBCC.

Just one piece of the IV-Halloween-Flotopia puzzle. There is nothing UCSB can do improve things in IV, so long as SBCC non-district enrollment overwhelms it all.

On I.V.'s Halloween Horrors

Posted on August 30 at 9:02 p.m.


On Measure S: The $288 Million Question

Posted on June 14 at 12:05 a.m.

On the politics, I'm just about totally opposite of Mr. Vice President, and Mr. President.

But... Mr. Vice President Biden .... he knows thangs, and has been through some horrible thangs, similar to what I've been through, and that some few folk in IV have also been through, especially recently.

I appreciate the VP's comments sincerely. We'll never agree on politics. But we could have some good beers together, comparing notes on our losses.

Thank you Mr. Vice President.

On Vice President Joe Biden Addresses UCSB Graduates

Posted on April 7 at 9:50 p.m.

IV was attractive in the days of Borsodi's. It felt good. And unique. The best of a culture that student patrons, and their good patronage could support. Tastes change of course. But IMHO, It has sucked since then. What can be done?

It's up to this generation of students, to envision the Isla Vista culture they want, and also up to this generation of students to envision the kind of IV that the larger community of Santa Barbara can support (perhaps grudgingly, as old fart OldDawgs, whatever). Students, reach out to us in the County and City please, we foot the bill, but we love you any way! But you gotta reach out to us now.

It is senseless to expect the U to come in and act like a city or county government. It could, but you gotta fund them for that. There's no magic bullet here, and the tuition income doesn't even pay for the schooling, to say nothing of IV redevelopment and municipal type services.

However there may be sense in asking the U, and Student Government at the U, to pony up for helping Students engage on a planning and revisioning exercise for IV. But its a crap shoot, we've done it before... its kinda sorta up to each generation of folk to "step up". And the "generations" that arrive have no living memory beyond the 4 year cycle.

Some other out of the box thoughts ... hey County, City of Goleta, City of SB ... want to offer incentives for Student Housing? ... sorta mix the students in with regular working folks paying taxes? Mix the neighborhoods up, get away from "ghettos", student or otherwise? No, didn't think so, you want UCSB to house them right there in IV, or next to it, and continue the segregated student ghetto.

So.... how about that lost Malaysian airliner, anything new on that front?

On The Death of Isla Vista?

Posted on September 19 at 2:49 a.m.

@ Eckermann - I agree with last half of your post. But the first part is totally off base. You give sh-t to Foley, asking how you do it long term on loans, saying the answer is that you don't. But the sh-t you load on Foley is precisely for doing what you say to do ... stop the loans which were a short term expedient not sustainable in long term. So why do you give him sh-t for this? It's doing what you say to do, but you punish it anyway.

Are you truly a friend to this cause in this North American reality or not? Yeah, Yeah, give us Denmark or some other unhelpful suggestion that ain't happening in this section of North America. Any other helpful ideas before we just totally tune you out, and tune out your unhelpful trashing of folks trying to do at least something good at Casa, like folks Foley and many others? That is, the Casa located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA ... not the one in Copenhagen or some other subsidized right thinking EU bliss state..The real, of the here and now.

Thanks for your lack of support, in the reality of what we live here, not the beautiful reality (or theory) of "there", east of the meridian. feel free to engage locally when you're ready.

On 'Tough Love' for Homeless Shelter

Posted on May 23 at 6:11 a.m.

Michael McQuade, it's up there in the second paragraph and stated quite clearly.... "paid for by grants from the California Coastal Conservancy and UCSB’s Associated Students Coastal Fund and coordinated by the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER)."

I don't see "tuition" or the raising of it mentioned. So what are you ranting about?

On New Stairway for Campus Point

Posted on December 12 at 9:51 p.m.

Yeah, tons o' money in the homeless business. It's a veritable gold mine ... not.

On Casa Esperanza's Winter Shelter Opens

Posted on December 7 at 10:04 p.m.

I'm sure ice skating is fulfilling. But nothing can match the pleasures of spending other people's money.

On Ice Rink Project Gets $250,000

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