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Posted on March 13 at 1:52 p.m.

Other than the fact that it was the Jesusita, and not the Tea Fire that roared through Mission Canyon, Richard Saunders is absolutely right: the bottom line issue is fire evacuation. It seems that the 'supporters' of the Garden are being given talking points to portray Mission Canyon residents as unreasonable, but they keep ignoring the main issue: if the permit is not revised to strictly control events and visitors, the Garden will have the 'right' to grow' to 165,000 visitors per year (for comparison, this is over 3 times the maximum at the Music Academy, an equally worthy nonprofit) and 'legitimize' and increase events and rentals for hundreds of visitors at a time that were never authorized under their prior permit. Their mitigation plan is a hoax, and the Garden will not pay a penny to support fire services or operations, and the Fire Department 'waived' the normal requirement for two access roads. It's not the classroom and research buildings that are the fire hazard, it is the uncontrolled number of visitors and events. There is no adequate mitigation other than to cut down on people and events. There is only one road out of the Canyon, and this fact significantly raises the risk of loss of life when (not if) another fire breaks out. The Garden's insistence on increased attendance is, therefore, both unreasonable and irresponsible.

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Posted on January 27 at 1:17 p.m.

How about a place where viewers can post their mini-reviews or even a simple thumbs up or down on films they've seen? So, far I've seen two wonderful ones and two dogs, and I might have avoided the dogs if the negative buzz was out there for us to read (and vice versa, of course!).

Thanks, Richard

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