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Posted on November 19 at 2:57 p.m.

Different people have done a great job at outlining various rights that marriage has over a domestic partnership.

Can someone give some thought to an "all inclusive" list of the highest priority rights that gay people would like to be afforded that are not included in a domestic partnership?

I think the movement for gay people's rights would be helped by being more specific as to exactly what (how many rights are needed?) they want as often ignorant people don't have the faintest idea of what their (very real) problem is.....

Having a numbered concise list of focused rights that need to be enabled to gay people may be easier than using the word "marriage." This whole equal rights chant is too vague for society to address properly.

Thanks. I look forward to seeing a concise list to help better understand this universal issue.

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Posted on November 19 at 2:17 p.m.

Different attitudes are prevalent pertaining to Westmont's partial culpability IF the young adults were Westmont students. As of yet there is no information stating that, however it is an issue that does exist IF it turns out the young adults are Westmont students.

(Incidentally, I happen to really like Westmont. I am a fan not a "hater." I think Westmont is a great school full of kind staff and mostly good hearted students. Westmont provides an idyllic place to get a first class education from highly respected and qualified professors.)

As of yet I do not have knowledge about the school's fire awareness education. I do know that they have strict rules that prohibit alcohol as well as coed dorms. I think that Snoofel and LWH16 also made a well spoken contribution to this line of reasoning.

This idea of "education" and an institution's culpability reminds me of the era of "sexual harassment in the work place." Not so long ago it was never spoken about. However, "now" in order to work somewhere you often have to "sign off" that you've received proper education and information to protect the employer from sexual harassment law suits.

Fire awareness is in an odd way a bit similar - both subjects seem like common sense that would be known and apparent to everyone. However, it turns out not to be the case and procedures have been set in place to uniformly standardize the education as well as behavioral expectations and protect different party's exposure to liability.

Just a thought.

Maybe this is an opportunity to standardize important fire education information to much of our youth - not just in Santa Barbara but everywhere. As we have shared, youth does have moments of less than great judgement. (Especially, young adults who are away from home for the first time.)

Perhaps a new standard is put in place by all colleges (especially in high fire areas) where expulsion is an immediate consequence of making fires or trespassing.

A standardized agreement is created and implemented by all colleges where students "sign off" and understand the severity and gravity of such behavior to help prevent future tragedy. (Driving under the influence could also be included in the "sign off." )

My deepest sympathies go out to everyone for their loss.

On Tea Fire Cause Is Determined

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