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Posted on May 12 at 11:35 p.m.

My above comments were not intended to be "venomous". It's just scary that we live in a world that is so hostile to Christians in particular. Humans attempting to live out their faith are not no means. However, Christianity in itself is not evil or wrong. And no one can doubt or dismiss the wonderful impact that Christianity has had on this Nation since it's inception. We were founded on those it or not.
This author did one sided research to present a one sided view from a non objective standpoint. This article belonged in the editorial section...not the front page. It was an opinion piece not a matter of fact. My children attend a good news club and it is not what it has been made out to be. They are using a building on campus and building relationships with kids--not brainwashing. I have a prediction here...Cold Springs good news club will grow and will florish as time goes on.
To all of you who are atheist...

What do you do without faith and hope?

What do you do with the stagering evidence of the intricacy and vastness of this amazing universe?

What if your wrong? What if there is more?

On Reading, Writing, and Original Sin

Posted on May 8 at 12:08 a.m.

What a disappointing piece of "journalism". You never even went to a "Good News Club". How can you accurately report on something you have never seen yourself? I cannot recall another time in history when people were using fear tactics, intimidation and misinformation to quiet religious and social freedom:oh yeah:Communism! Boy , that worked well didn't it? Should we start burning books that our children might pick up in the library? That would be a proactive approach to stamping out this "Christian Movement" (evil as it is). Why would we want to love God or our neighbor? Sheesh!

PS: and the fire wasn't front page because:?

On Reading, Writing, and Original Sin

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