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Posted on September 14 at 2:10 p.m.

This CEO has done nothing but bring this organization down. Everything I read and with talking with community members and even staff at the clubs, this guy makes decisions behind closed doors and never involves anyone in the decision process. We have some great people and great staff who work at the clubs (Hicks is one of them) who have been working for years and have great connections with the youth and our community. This CEO would rather eliminate those people rather than utilize their skills and connections during tough times. The Boys and Girls Club serves our community and should respond and answer to the needs of the community. Unless community members speak up and ask to be heard, we will always have Dictators like this CEO who will call their own shots and never listen to our needs. If you really care about our Boys and Girls Clubs and are outraged by this recent incident (along with others) please voice your concern to the United Boys and Girls Club Board:

On Layoffs Hit Boys and Girls Clubs

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