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Posted on April 21 at 8:26 a.m.

Robert "Bobby I" Simpson will be absolutely missed and mourned. He was a unique and special person who touched many lives, my own included. Bob was instrumental in my big wave surfing development and was a great friend. I am shocked by his tragic death, and maddened by some of the ridiculous reporting and comments I have read that somehow attempt to associate Bob with gang activity or somehow imply Bob deserved this. How horrible. Bob was a peaceful, friendly, funny guy, who was the absolute antithesis of anything "gang". I am shocked that anyone, especially those who never knew him, would even attempt to lay blame on him for this tragedy. I pray that the community of people that knew and loved Bob celebrate his life and begin to heal. Props to SB Sheriff & PD on the arrests. I hope Gallegos & his lackeys spend many horrible nights in prison,

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