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Posted on August 7 at 7:53 a.m.

After my false arrest for a DUI- I had one glass of wine and BAC of 0.02- i now assume All people are innocent until proven guilty.

Once you go thru the process when you are innocent and sit in that hellhole they call a jail you too will have a different view point.

My advice if you are ever questioned/ stopped for a suspected DUI:
ask if they are video/audio taping the interrogations ( you want evidence of what you said, did and what they said and did);
if you have a witness present demand that they be allowed to watch the field sobriety tests and questioning other wise it is your word against the cop;
never admit you even had one drink! ( they will likely arrest you);
when they ask you if there is any reason why you can not do the FST state all possible reasons and do not answer "NO" especially after they repeat the question 20 times trying to get you to say "NO there is not any reason i can not do this test" ( if there is no tape of this the arresting office will state you didnt not tell them of your medical problems, your bum knee or ankle, your headaches, your high blood pressure, your arthritis, recent surgery, etc- all reasons why you would not be able to perform the test accurately);
I am not sure if you should Blow or not- most attorneys say dont but if the crime lab is running faulty tests then what the heck do you do? ANd if the breath-analyzers are faulty- geez... at least if you submit a blood speciman you have aright to re-test it and check for contamination, etc. But if you refuse to Blow I think they arrest you on the spot.
In mY case i did not blow for fear the machine would be inaccurate and i knew the cop was going to arrest me because i did not perform the FST 100% accurate due to many health issues. IT took MONTHS to get the results back and after 7 months of sitting on pins and needles the DA dropped all charges.
Now because the Cop was deadset on arresting me I have to spend additional money getting my arrest record sealed.
So for all you folks that automatically think because someone has been arrested for a DUI they MUST be guilty- think again!!
Fortunately I had the money to hire a good attorney- but what about the poor hardworking guy that has one beer after work, or the hotel maid that has a glass of wine with dinner and someone else causes an accident- the cops have to charge someone, so they decide it will be her unluckly day not the idiot on the motorcycle that was speeding. She goes to jail, losses her job, and only had one glass of wine with dinner! eventually charges are dismissed but the damage is done, she cant get another job because she has an arrest record.
Next time you read about an arrest for a DUI- dont jump to conclusions! They could acutally be innocent!!

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